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ALERT! Gold/Silver Ratio Collapsing! BRICS Announces Global Shift! USA Ready to Pull Plug!

(Bix Weir)   8-24-2023

The End Game for the Unbacked Fiat Monetary System was ALWAYS planned for when the West started LOSING the Game and the rest of the world started Winning…


With the addition of the Saudi’s and UAE into the BRICS the announcement has been made!

Putin is smiling all the way but when the USA clicks the mouse for the Final Rigging Meltdown…the “Creative Destruction Event” will level the playing field for all humans!


Economic Firestorm Coming – U.S. Banks At Breaking Point!

Sean Foo:  8-24-2023

A firestorm is coming for Wall Street as S&P downgrades even U.S. Banks. But it gets worse. The FDIC is moving to force banks to take out long-term debts which could crush profits and trigger yet another banking crisis.

The banking fuse has been lit!

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 More Bank Downgrades!

2:29 A Banking Disaster Coming

4:26 Breaking Point Reached

6:33 FDIC To Squeeze Banks Further

9:31 Prepare For Pain