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Iraqi News Highlights Sunday Afternoon 8-6-23

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Baghdad And London Are Discussing Iraq’s Steps In Joining The International Financial System

Money  and business   Economy News – Baghdad  Finance Minister Taif Sami discussed with the British Ambassador to Baghdad, Stephen Hitch, on Sunday, the development of joint cooperation in the field of economy, the exchange of experiences, and Iraq’s steps in joining the international financial system.The Ministry of Finance said in a statement, “The Minister of Finance, Taif Sami Muhammad, received today, Sunday, the British Ambassador to Baghdad, Stephen Hitch, and his accompanying delegation.

The two parties also discussed “mechanisms of joint cooperation in the field of supporting financial and banking policies, building human capacities, discussing Iraq’s steps to engage in the international financial system, and the most prominent procedures and reforms that the government is taking in the field of the banking and financial sector, in a way that contributes to enhancing economic development in Iraq.”   Views 36  08/06/2023 –

A Partnership Between The International Islamic Bank And CR2 To Develop Banking Services In Iraq

Economy | 11:18 – 05/08/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News   The International Islamic Bank (IMTB) in Iraq announced the signing of a strategic partnership with CR2 Company, with the aim of developing banking services.

This partnership represents an important stage for the International Islamic Bank, as it will contribute to the transformation of banking services into a digital format and promote advanced digital banking solutions in the Iraqi market.

This partnership will provide secure and enhanced digital banking services to individual and corporate customers, with an excellent user experience, simple payment processes, and access to a wide range of banking services anytime and anywhere.

The partnership will also include the development of a mobile banking application for the International Islamic Bank, which is compatible with customer needs and provides simple and digital financial services such as money transfer and electronic payment.

These innovative mobile banking solutions will enable customers to manage their accounts and access a wide range of banking services directly from their smartphones.

In addition, this partnership will develop new products and services that meet the current and future needs of the Iraqi banking market.

The partnership aims to increase reliance on digital technology services among the existing customer base, and expand the new customer base by improving banking services.

This partnership comes in response to the vision of the Central Bank of Iraq for digital banking services, and aims to promote digital transformation in banking services by expanding the digital presence of the International Islamic Bank in Iraq.

Kieran Kilcullen, CEO of CR2 commented, “We are delighted to sign this partnership with the International Islamic Bank to provide innovation solutions for digital banking services.

It is an important step in meeting the needs of customers, and we are very proud of the opportunity to play the role in supporting the bank with our expertise and innovation from markets across The world The banking and payments landscape continues to change, and we see many opportunities for banks to take leadership positions with innovative, secure, and easy-to-use digital solutions that enable their customers to succeed.”

Suha Al-Kafaei, Managing Director of the International Islamic Bank commented, “It is important that we continue to develop and innovate the International Islamic Bank.

This partnership with CR2 will provide us with the development of banking products. We are very pleased with this opportunity that will provide digital banking and future banking solutions, according to what is happening around This relationship will ensure that the International Islamic Bank becomes a leading party in finding pioneering solutions for our clients, whether in the retail sector or in the business sector.

About the International Islamic Bank The

International Islamic Bank was established as an independent financial entity, offering a wide range of services that meet the needs of individuals, institutions and companies, in addition to the basic services represented in personal and commercial accounts, Islamic Murabaha, investment financing, opening letters of credit, credit operations and letters of guarantee online, in addition to electronic services multi.

We proceed according to a focused economic banking vision towards providing digital technological innovation (banking) in managing money remotely through an administrative staff specialized in the field of banking information management technology and creating an integrated digital banking environment that comes through the product of a case study of global development (governance) mixed with the need of the market and business management for advancement With a tight digital banking economy in the Iraqi market, the region and the world.

We are also proud of obtaining a 91% assessment of the quality of services from the Central Bank of Iraq, a certificate of evaluation of 4/5 for (governance) practices and institutional innovation, and some important international awards, including the award for the best bank in the diversity of services and products in Iraq in 2022 by the International Federation For Arab bankers, and other awards and posts.

Join us to shape the future of banking in Iraq.

For more information, please visit the website:

About CR2

CR2 is a pioneer in the field of banking and payments services, providing innovative digital banking solutions to more than 100 banks in 60 countries around the world. . The company is distinguished by its experience in providing digital banking services such as issuing cards and ATMs, and provides advanced solutions through its platform “Bank World”. In addition, access to financial technology solutions through its external partners and its wide global presence. The company aims to promote digital transformation

in Banking industry, improving customer experience and facilitating access to financial services through digital channels.

The Dollar Exchange Rates Rose With The Closing Of The Stock Exchange In Baghdad

Economy  Sunday, August 6, 2023 Baghdad / The National News Center,the dollar prices rose today, Sunday, in the Baghdad markets, with the closure of the main stock exchange in Al-Kifah.

The correspondent of the National News Center said, “The dollar prices rose with the closure of the Al-Kifah and Al-Harithiya stock exchanges, as prices recorded 150,500 dollars against 100 dollars, while the prices this morning were 150,000 dinars against 100 dollars.”

He added, “The selling prices in exchange shops in the local markets in Baghdad rose, as the selling price reached 151,000 Iraqi dinars, while the purchase price reached 149,500 dinars for every 100 dollars.”

The Central Bank Reveals The Total Sales Of Foreign Currency For The Day

Sunday 06 August 2023 14:09 | Economical Number of readings: 285  Baghdad / NINA / – The Central Bank of Iraq announced today, Sunday, that its total sales of foreign currency through the electronic window amounted to more than 212 million dollars.

The total amounts of transfers abroad (remittances, credits) amounted to 196,417,010 dollars, while the total amounts of cash sales amounted to 15,980,000 dollars, and the total sales amounted to 212,397,010 dollars.

The bank stated that the selling price for amounts of documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards amounted to (1305) dinars per dollar, while the selling price for amounts of transfers abroad was (1310) dinars per dollar, and the cash sale price was (1310) dinars per dollar./ End 11

Iraq Exports 7 Million Barrels Within A Month To America

Sunday 06 August 2023 | Economical Number of readings: 339  Baghdad / NINA / – The US Energy Information Administration announced today, Sunday, that the amount of Iraqi oil exports to America amounted to about 7 million barrels during the month of July.

The administration said, “The quantity of Iraq’s exports of crude oil to America during the month of July amounted to 6 million and 975 thousand barrels, with an average of 225 thousand barrels per day, down from the month of June, in which Iraqi oil exports to America amounted to 7.5 million barrels and an average of 250 thousand barrels.” Daily”.

And the US Energy Information Administration stated that “Iraq ranked fifth in its exports to America during the past month after each of: Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Colombia, and it ranked second in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, whose recent exports to America amounted to 11 million and 935 thousand barrels.”/ End

Banking Companies Resume Their Work In Mosul

Sunday 06 August 2023 11:14 | Economical Number of readings: 423 Mosul / NINA /- The local government in Nineveh announced the resumption of banking companies’ work in the city of Mosul, the center of Nineveh Governorate, after a hiatus of about (seven) years.

The governor of Nineveh, Najm al-Jubouri, told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that “more than 80 exchange companies were allowed by the national security services to resume their work after checking their security situation.”

900 Million Central Sales Dollars Over The Past Week

Economy News – Baghdad  The Central Bank of Iraq’s total hard currency sales of US dollars during the past week amounted to about $900 million.

And the Central Bank sold during the past week and for the four days in which the auction opened 874 million and 444 thousand and 673 dollars, at a daily rate of 218 million and 611 thousand and 168 dollars, down by 1.8 percent from what was recorded in the previous week, which amounted to 222 million and 685 thousand and 556 dollars.

The highest dollar sales during the past week were on Wednesday, when sales amounted to 222 million 888 thousand 377 dollars, while the lowest sales were on Monday, when sales amounted to 210 million 290 thousand 35 dollars.

Sales of foreign remittances during the past week amounted to 723,104,673 dollars, an increase of 79 percent compared to cash sales, which amounted to 151,340,000 dollars.

Sales went in the form of cash and remittances abroad to finance foreign trade, while the selling price of documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards amounted to 1,305 dinars per dollar, while the selling price of remittances abroad and the cash sale price amounted to 1,310 dinars per dollar.   Views 29   08/06/2023 –

Integrity Organizes Red Flags Against Wanted Persons, Including The Minister Of Finance Of The Previous Government

Economy News – Baghdad  On Sunday, the head of the Integrity Commission, Haider Hanoun, sent a message to those accused of stealing tax secretariat money, or as it is known as “theft of the century,” while confirming the status of “red lines” around officials in the former government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

Hanoun said in a press conference followed by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that “the issue of tax secretariats is the largest corruption case discovered to date,” considering it “a crime of corruption mixed with treason.”

He added, “The issue of theft of tax secretariats will not die,” calling on the countries whose nationalities the wanted persons hold, to “reach Iraq to them and arrest them.”

The director of the Integrity Commission pointed out that “the red lines were placed around several officials in the previous government, and they are: the director of the office of the former prime minister, the head of the intelligence service in the previous government, the private secretary of the previous government, and all of them hold American citizenship, in addition to the minister of finance in the previous government.” He holds British citizenship.

Hanoun confirmed: “The commission is continuing to advanced stages to recover the wanted persons, who are: the former director of the Commercial Bank of Iraq, Hamdiya al-Jaf, a former director general in the Ministry of Health, Nawras Abdul Razzaq, and the former director of the municipality of Hilla, Muhammad Hadi.”

And he continued his speech, saying: “The number of the accused that we reached reached 48,” expressing his thanks to “the Iraqi judiciary and the Arab Police Directorate in the Ministry of Interior.”

Hanoun stressed, “The stay of those accused of stealing the century outside the bars will not last long.”

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