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Iraqi News Highlights Tuesday Afternoon 8-22-23

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The Stability Of The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar In The Baghdad Markets

Iraq   Tuesday, August 22, 2023 Baghdad / National News Center  Today, Tuesday, the exchange rates of the dollar witnessed stability in the local markets.

The prices came as follows:  – Sale price: 154,000 dinars per 100 dollars – Purchase price: 152,000 dinars per 100 dollars

An Economist For / NINA /: Private Commercial Banks Are Contingent On The Iraqi Banking System And Have Turned Into Centers For Currency Smuggling

Tuesday 22, August 2023 | Economical Number of readings: 117  Baghdad / NINA / – The expert in the economic affairs, Raad Twij, confirmed that the private commercial banks are considered an emergency on the Iraqi banking system and a hotbed for smuggling the local currency, calling on the government and the concerned authorities (the Central Bank) to sift the private commercial banks.

Twigg said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that “private commercial banks reach large numbers, with more than 70 private banks, and a large number entered the banking arena with lenient procedures from the Central Bank of Iraq and with weak capital, and instead of providing banking activity with more effectiveness.” It has become a scourge on banking work, an emergency on the Iraqi banking system, a breeding ground for currency smuggling, and an obstacle to any banking reform.”

And he continued, “The screening of private banks by the Central Bank of Iraq is an advanced step in a new monetary policy and will contribute to reducing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.”/ End 8

The President Of The Republic Stresses The Importance Of Joint Action To Consolidate Security And Preserve Iraq’s Sovereignty

Political  | 08/22/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News, President of the Republic Abd al-Latif Jamal Rashid stressed today, Tuesday, the importance of joint action to consolidate security and preserve Iraq’s sovereignty.

A statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic, a copy of which Mawazine News received, said, “The President of the Republic received, at the Baghdad Palace, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Peshmerga, Major General Bakhtiar Muhammad Siddiq and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the security situation in the Kurdistan region and the rest of the country was reviewed. Iraqi cities, and an emphasis on continuing training and preparation to raise the combat capabilities of the Peshmerga forces and the rest of the security forces.

According to the statement, the President of the Republic stressed the importance of coordination and joint action to consolidate security and stability in a way that preserves Iraq’s sovereignty and achieves prosperity and development in other areas for citizens.

For their part, the delegation reviewed the training plans, and expressed their happiness at meeting the President of the Republic. They emphasized the importance of his valuable directives in preserving security gains and achieving stability in the country, according to the statement. Ended 29/M99

Basra Crude Prices Rise Amid Global Market Volatility

Energy   Economy News-Baghdad  Basra, “heavy and medium” crude prices rose by more than 1%, on Tuesday, with the fluctuation of international oil prices.

Basra Heavy crude prices rose 1.23 dollars, or 1.48%, to 84.10 dollars.

Basra medium crude prices rose by $1.23, or 1.43%, to $87.40.

Oil prices fluctuated with the scarcity of supply due to OPEC cuts offset by weak growth in China, the second largest consumer in the world. Views 32  08/22/2023 –

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