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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 8-24-23

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Welcome everybody to the Big call tonight. It’s Thursday, August 24th and you’re listening to the big call. Welcome everybody, wherever you’re tuned in from and we love you and we’re glad you’re here. We look forward to having a great call tonight.   And I look forward to bringing you guys the latest best intel that we have to date.

All right, let’s talk about Intel and let’s see if we can find out where we are – what’s going on and where we stand right now.

Well, we did hear from some of our bondholders today, a little later this afternoon. And it’s looking like what they’re getting from sources in Switzerland, that things are moving along where they should be getting notified tomorrow and have funds either tomorrow or Saturday.

So that’s good – good for bondholders to get their access to funds. That’s sort of something we’ve been keying off under tier four to see what happens with tier three. The last time we talked we had ourselves going before the bondholders went –

Now I’m thinking it might be a little more parallel – it might be similar in terms of when we all start.

The information that we are getting about tier four is that we should be notified Saturday, or this is another source that either Saturday or Monday at the very latest.  Meaning we get the toll free numbers either Saturday or Monday At the very latest.

Now there was something that occurred tonight, six o’clock central time, which I don’t know why we put in central because it was an East Coast thing in Atlanta for President Trump was arraigned and I heard even before the big call that that would not really amount to much.

And what I did here was that within 24 hours of that, let’s call it so arraignment – Today we will be getting the RV started. And that would be tomorrow night at seven. So there’s a possibility something could come out even tomorrow or tomorrow evening.

But we know certain people are telling me that we need the public to see the political movement, the political change that is imminent, to take place on mainstream media – for the Chinese to feel comfortable releasing everything – they’re not comfortable with the current administration.

So will this February least once something is made mainstream, very possible, and it’s very possible that happens by Saturday or by Monday – So this is really interesting time for us to witness this.

And I don’t know what else to say other than we’re either waiting for that to take place which is imminent. Or we’re not –   We have sources that are saying that’s not a factor.

It’s not this political change does not have to take place for this to be released. So some say yes, some say no —  I will say that we need to see that take place –  I believe that – I believe it is so close that it will happen by the weekend or by Monday at the very latest. Monday is the 28th and I think there’s a lot that can happen in the next couple of days.

Even President Trump said on a Tucker Carlson, Tucker Carlson interview. He would be busy that night and the next day and then we would be busy for the next three days. So I don’t know exactly how we’re going to take that. But we’ll take that and we’ll look to see what that does for us and how that comes about.

Now – I’ve been looking into what is happening over in Lahaina on Maui – And you guys know I’ve mentioned that we want to incorporate that as part of rebuild America and try to get help to those people. We know the white hats are currently delivering water and food – from helicopters – And they have food and a number of tons of water that were hopefully gently dropped in the area for the citizens or residents.

It’s a complicated situation. But I think if we get to the bottom of it, we’re already planning on how to get supplies there by barge – To the island to stage  building materials  and so on in a couple different areas .  And we’re you know, we already have a provider of steel we’re in touch with so there’s quite a bit that is sort of pre planning right now

See how quickly we can assemble a team which we’ve got some people that are interested in helping with that – assembling a team to look into and just check out what needs to be done – What the situation is – doing some research and finding out where everything stands. So that’s something I’m looking forward to being a part of and helping to execute as part of rebuild America.

I know the BRICS conference was to end today and I believe it did. We know they had seven I believe six additional countries that they absorb into the BRICS consortium – and the BRICS has put together primarily as an alternative to the Fiat US dollar and I know there are 20 or 30 some odd I believe, I don’t even know what the number is. It’s like 35 or 37 countries that are already part of the BRICS Consortium.

But we have the plan is for all of Africa, which is a lot of different nations to be part of the BRICS. And I think they’re gonna end up being a very large currency block if you will. I do not expect a BRICS currency.

But we expect each of the countries that are admitted into the BRICS to have their own asset backed currency. A lot of them are gold backed already –

And I believe they need to have asset backed currencies. They need to mint and print. They need to mint coinage, new coinage and they need to print new currency that is asset backed – just like we’re doing and what we already have, with the USN – United States Treasury note currency, the so called banknotes those have been printed for a few years now.

They are definitely in the redemption centers. And they’re probably in most if not all tier one and tier two banks in the vaults maybe in the teller drawers I don’t know, in every case, but you know, that’s something that should be brought out as part of the NESARA – the fact that we have an asset backed currency again.

And the fact that the dollar if you think it’s strong now and it was with nothing backing – Imagine having it backed by gold and other assets, and just how strong it’s going to be as the world as a world dominant currency with other BRICS nations currencies as well.

So everything in Iraq yesterday we heard had a much higher rates in Iraq on dinar – I say, much higher – And that’s really good news.

And we know that they even intend to offer those of us even who has zim – a higher dinar rate. Iraq wants us to have a high rate on the dinar – and it will be – and I’d love to tell you what I know about it, but just suffice to say that higher than we thought it would be, And that’s a good news.

And then I think the dong is going to come in with a very, very, very high rate as well. compared to what certain people have said it was coming in at. We know it’s much higher because we know what the bank screens are telling us.

But the good news is, this looks like it is imminent and it is coming in a matter of days. But one source said from Thursday all the way to Saturday. Now the source today gave me Saturday or Monday at the very latest – And then we’ll see what happens is as a result of the arraignment  –

I’m gonna say that’s what happened. Today. That’s why they were able to say 24 hours after six o’clock Central tonight  the RV could start –  So –  you’ve got that.

Now.   I appreciate what everyone has done to stay with the patient. It has really been good for our patients. It’s been an example of long suffering. I know a lot of people have counted on this for a long time. And you know we all have Look forward to it and we look at it and then we can get back inside and just give a sigh of relief that we have it and that we’re moving forward with our projects

So looking forward to it. Let’s keep an eye out for emails.

We’ll have it for future calls. If we do any more. We will be some podcast type calls. Not so many live calls. I don’t think we’ll do really any more live calls. But if we do some podcasts and you’re gonna want to hear what we’re doing, or what we’re doing about Lahaina what we’re doing about rebuild America, what we’re doing about the veterans, some good ideas. so we’re going to be putting all those together and I’ll be speaking to you guys in the form of a podcast, getting the link in the email that you can listen to.

That’s really everything I’ve got for tonight so far. So let’s see where this takes us through the weekend. Today is Thursday, and we’re looking for some action, possibly tomorrow evening. It’s not Saturday, or the word is Monday at the very latest. So let’s see how that comes about. Let’s see what happens with that.. Thank you for listening all over the globe. We appreciate you.


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