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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 8-31-23

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday August 31st and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody for tuning in tonight. We were fortunate enough to be able to get this call out tonight to 73 countries around the globe and that’s with participation and coordination with the Starlink satellite system and our satellite transmission team as a okay five high five and just did a great job getting the call out to as many countries as we could tonight. So thank you guys for doing that. And welcome everybody to the call tonight.

Let’s get into the intel segment for tonight. Now let’s start this way.  There was a call – the second tier pay masters of the bonds are looking to hear either last night or this morning.   They got the call.    But it wasn’t the call that they were looking for.

Okay, it was a call and I imagine they got something out of it, but what not the “GO” signal, the green light that they were looking for – Now, that was that was yes, earlier

Now today – At noon, they got a call and this is the way we have to look at it – there are two tears of pay masters for all the bondholders in the world.

The top tier paymasters, they deal with lower tier and second tier below, top tier pay masters about 47 of them – 47 are expecting a call. They were expecting a call tomorrow at noon, which was 24 hours after the call that was received today.  So we have that whole 24 / 48 hour thing happening.

The call that came in at noon did not bring what they wanted to hear – the call that came in that was going to come in tomorrow at about noon – 24 hours later, actually happened today. They did it sooner. They did it somewhere in the – let’s call it finished about 5:30 – 5:45 Eastern time this evening. This was the call that they were looking forward to hearing.

And the plan is now to have a green light and then let from this point on let the remaining tier one banks and the rest of the lower paymasters know by email, what the plan is for the release of their funds, which will be by email and then they will send emails to their recipients to the bondholders, giving them access to funds.

Now, the other thing that is important, this call was not just to the 47 Tier one top tier payment masters – It was also to all of the redemption centers – Key top people throughout the country. So they are up to speed having been on that second call. – And so are the top tier paymasters

Now what we believe we have is ability to move forward tomorrow with our notifications on the first of September. However, it could be that we’re notified tomorrow or Saturday, but it looks more like tomorrow with a start of exchanges to be on Saturday.  Say wait a minute, man, this is Labor Day weekend – nothing’s gonna ….  STOP !  Things can happen even over Labor Day weekend.

At least that’s what we’re hearing that we can get started. Wait, can we get numbers tomorrow? Maybe we set our appointments tomorrow. and maybe we start actually on Saturday and if that’s the case, we will power through the weekend.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc they will use this Labor Day weekend, providing we do get started on Saturday. So keep that in mind. That’s a really good thing.

Another point is in certain areas of the country where manufacturing is going on around the clock with three shifts – usually 8 hr shifts, right – morning – night time – graveyard – all those different shift workers that are building things like in Detroit, where they’re manufacturing cars up there, there’s another city too, in Michigan, I’m not sure which one it is that has shift work like that around the clock -redemption centers in those two cities. – Detroit and the second one – we don’t know yet – those will do exchanges around the clock. They will have people there that will do three shifts for eight hours each and do exchanges in the wee hours of the morning, late at night everything

Be right back because I knew I’d be getting this call – Let me take this – Sue  If you’re there talk for a couple of minutes. Okay.

It was it was it was an important piece of information. so Okay guys, we’re gonna be able to share that, of course, you know I’m not holding back. Looking forward to it. So where was i? Okay.

So we were talking about the weekend. We’re talking about powering through the weekend. And the good news is and I think this call helped to confirm it that we should be notified tomorrow after markets close.

I’m suggesting approximately five o’clock. It may be that time it may not – but around five o’clock we should get notified and that may be five in each time zone.

As I’ve said in the past I don’t know if they’re going with that still – they did agree to do that before but I don’t know where it is now. But that is likely tomorrow late afternoon. Five o’clock ish. We should get notifications -set uour appointments – and start on Saturday. That is what it appears to be – based on the information I had, And this helped to confirm it.

So what else is there that I want to bring up? We should see a political change In the next 24 to 48 hours max – that I have referred to on the last call. So if you’re there and heard that you know what that’s going to be about

Otherwise, this is  – this should be it guys. This should be your last call – Sue already called it – should probably be the last call but I think she’s right. I believe this is –

This thing is looking like we’re finally – finally reaching the end of what we’ve been waiting for – for my case, 19 years. The big call 12 years.

Well listen guys I don’t know at this point whether we’re going to have a celebration call. I’m calling this now like a pre celebration call – I really think that that you guys have everything that I wanted to bring to you tonight.

If I recall everything that we’ve brought to you over the last 12 years, and some of it’s changed – I know -some of it is different but the most of it is still good, it’s still true. Don’t worry about the rates, rates are  gonna take care of their self I thin

The main thing is to have stuff organized, get your currency organized – By you know -whether it’s zim or Dong or dinar or rupee or whatever Bolivar whatever you got – organized to keep it separated by  the currency type.

And then make sure that denominations in those currencies are lined up where they’re  all the 500 Millions are together 200 million together, whatever – the  zims are together,  the 10T are together – 100T are together – the 50 trillion together – so that you have it all together where they can easily run through the Delarue  machine and knock that out for you.

I think it’s going to be fun. Remember, they’re only planning for 40 minutes for each of us as a max number. And even if you have a ton of currency, they think they can knock it out. So we’ll see what happens on that.

If you’ve got bonds, and you haven’t done your bonds yet, bring them if you’ve got 30 Let’s call them sheet bonds, 30 bonds or less, bring them to the redemption center and they should and tell them when you send your appointment and you have bonds – to tell them when you sell it –

If you get somebody on the phone at the redemption centers you’re setting your appoint three call center using the toll free number – tell them hey, I’ve got Zim Yes. I also have sheet bonds. I’ve got some German bonds. I’ve got some Chinese bonds. I’ve got railroad bonds. I’ve got you know Peruvian gold bonds, whatever it is.

Whatever it is, let them know that you have that at the time you set your appointment, and that way they can allow a little bit extra time for that.

Because they’re going to need a little extra time – Be sure to NOT get to your appointment no more than 10 minutes early for your appointment time.

Let’s see what else you can take your phone in – but  keep it in your purse or in your briefcase and put it on like airplane mode. Okay, because you don’t want to get to disturb anybody including yourself with a phone call or text. just set that up. you can be off your phone, believe it or not for 40 minutes, you will live. And you will live.

If you have blue pens, Well that’s good too. Sue – Thank you for that. Yeah. Take some blue pens with you a couple of blue writing pens. – To show that it is original when you sign something.

And one thing I was gonna say is if you have people that are working with you on projects, and you want to be able to discuss certain aspects of eployment or certain things that the NDA would say that you’re not supposed to talk to – make sure those people – you might have up to six or eight people that you put on a list a sheet – that would be an addendum to your to your NDA or non disclosure agreement.

It’s an addendum. You’re saying okay, I’m gonna put this person who’s working on my project, this person who I’m very close to this person, all these people put their names in and make sure that they can be added as an addendum. to your NDA. Make sure it’s a tight copy. Make sure you keep a copy of yourself and have a copy to give to them.- so they can be attached to your nondisclosure agreement.

Non disclosure should have been written in layman’s terms. You should be able to read and understand that should be about a page and a half long. Once they’ve extended it. it was less than we look it’s like a page and a half.

Look guys, this is not a warm fuzzy. They want you in and out –  kind of be business like you can be pleasant. You can smile you can have a little fun with it, but it’s not trying to entertain . That’s not what its gonna be. how am I going to keep this personality down? Ha ha I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I’ll go in and I’ll be thinking about Sue and then I’ll be able to stay focused.

So Yeah, that’s really what I wanted to say.

And you the cameras, no phone cameras, nothing that there will be a little redemption centers – there will be a US Marshall –  and if you’re involved in any hanky panky – watch out because any shenanigans because you could get yanked  out of there and without an exchange. So this is straight up seriousness.  So treat it as such.

Let’s see any other things I want to mention last chance. I think like really try to keep the celebration mode even when you leave to a minimum. And guys, don’t go nuts over this Labor Day weekend and drink it up. I mean, this is like a graduation day for us.

It’s like remember kids in high school that would get all drunk after graduation? And then sure surely is at the world. Somebody would be tooling around. And all of a sudden buy a tree and boom next thing you know,  there’s somebody dead who just graduated.

You know, we’re not going to be those people. Let’s graduate. Let’s be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Let’s go ahead, enjoy it and enjoy it at home. you know, keep it on the downlow. and don’t get  to these NDA’s you’re gonna go for at least 30 days and some of it.

Some of them will judge you they will judge you When you give your presentation as to make your NDA a 30 day. If you’re good kind of a thing And if you don’t look like you’re that good – The 60 or 90 Day NDA.

So you know be straight up –  forward be honest. And if they ask you any questions when you come in about debt or anything that you need to own up on this let them know Yeah, yeah, I suppose that they’re gonna know and that’s what they’re doing. They’re testing you to see if you are telling the truth. Right off the bat. You tell them the truth about what it is you may owe or whatever, then they’ll know hey, this guy’s an upright person, or this woman is straight up. She’s, she’s honest and and forthright and she’s going to be telling the truth. And that’s what they want to hear from us. So that’s your last minute instruction for tonight. So let’s go ahead and take that information.

Be prepared for emails to come out. I don’t know Exactly – I know they’re supposed to be coming off of Wells Fargo servers. I would look for them after market closed tomorrow and  let’s see what happens. See if they come out tomorrow. See if their appointments starting Saturday. I’m hoping that’s the case. It looks good for us. Okay. So, everybody have a wonderful  – wonderful Labor Day weekend. Let’s start everything off tomorrow with a bang. Because I think that’s where we’re gonna be. All right. So let’s pray this call out. Okay.

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