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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 9-14-23

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – It is Thursday, September 14th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks everybody for tuning in tonight – Tuesday night we got out to 53 countries and 19.4 million listeners – and tonight we expect to get out to eight more countries – would be what 61 countries?  And who knows how many listeners – could be over 20 million – hopefully would be.  And special shout out to that downunder because  Australia represented our greatest amount of listeners on the call last Tuesday night.

All right, guys, we got to see where we are today. Now I have to tell you – this intel, as you guys know by now, it changes – it morphs –  You’ll get something yesterday for example, very strong from three excellent sources – Excellent sources – and the word came in where if we do not get notified today, which is Thursday, then we will be notified by Friday at the latest. That’s where there are 800 numbers as we get our notifications by email.

Well, we didn’t get notified today. And I’m not so sure we’re gonna get notified tomorrow. because subsequent to that information is coming in. it’s talking about Maybe we get notified Friday, Saturday, but most likely we’ll see something and I don’t know if this isn’t our notifications, but we should see something on Monday.

Now, it could be notifications. it could be the start of exchanges that were really close to that. And I’ll tell you, this is one reason I think certain people thought we would get it – and we could still get notified tomorrow.

We’re not saying it couldn’t go but some of the other sources  we’re taking this a little further, especially people that are talking about the bond holders, the paymasters of the bond holders are getting information from them that it looks like they’re going to be working on releasing to the bond holders or the bonds sellers really tomorrow, Saturday, and maybe – maybe Monday.

And I don’t know why they’re dropping out on Sunday. I don’t know why they’re really not mentioning Sunday. Because it is really at that level with bonds – To them Sunday is just another day.

But I know they’re doing a lot of these transactions. You know in Reno, they’re doing them in Miami. They’re doing them in Geneva and a few other international locations as well. So things are coming together.

Alright, let’s talk about SKRs.  SKRs in the United States should be done by Saturday.  So a couple more days to get the SKRs  paid out in the United States –  Internationally  SKRs will probably take about two weeks. Now I’ve checked to see whether that’s something like for example, in the United States do we have to wait until all those SKRS are paid out? And the word that I’m getting back today is no.

And I actually heard that a couple of days ago as well. That we don’t have to wait on the SKRs so safekeeping receipts of people that ponied up their currency to the banks early years and years and years ago. Some cases at 19 years are just being paid up – military did their exchanges last week.

And there I’m sure there are military bases where we have our military internationally, which probably are still going on.

But here’s I’m saying all that to say that what has happened in Iraq is Iraq, had delegation from United States, a small group that included Judy Shelton, Stephen Mnuchin, and a couple of senators from the United States that went over to Iraq to have – I’m gonna say, effect the changes that need to be needed to be made.

And they were on their way back to the United States to arrive probably in the DC area between seven and 9pm tonight, So they’re already home.

And that’s a good thing, But the question is why did they, why did they leave Iraq to come back home and at all.

My thinking is that they probably accomplished what it was they went over there to do.

And we’ve heard that everything’s  done and signed everything was signed off on We heard that Tuesday morning  at 11 o’clock, everything was signed off by our treasury – and everything was quote, unquote, good to go.

Now, with that group, that’s small delegation for some security – that came back to the US came in this evening, during  the start of the big call – Okay.

The fact that they’re back, I believe, is saying that Iraq is finally ready to go.

Now, we’ve heard everything’s ready .

I don’t know what else there might be. I don’t think the SKRs are a hold up.

So I’m not quite sure if there is anything else what it is, but we are supposed to get notified within 12 hours of the bondholders being paid out.

So they’re looking to be paid out either Friday, Saturday or Monday. I think that puts us in a position where we could get notified over the weekend, or at the latest probably Monday and go Tuesday. So that’s really where we are right now – With everything that we have been waiting for.

And I believe the idea of printing the rate for the Iraqi dinar in the Gazette it didn’t happen Wednesday, which was yesterday.

It could happen Saturday, but I don’t think if it doesn’t go in Saturday, it should go in the following Wednesday.

But even that happening shouldn’t affect us getting started. Before that happens should defer all the way to next Wednesday.  You know six days from now.

So I think they got it to the point where we are ready to go.

I believe our new USN is ready to go and ready to be brought out.

Tomorrow is the day on the 15th when the UN operational rates change. And so I was thinking it would make sense for all the new rates to come up tomorrow and be available.

I’m just not sure that’s going to happen. It could be – but right now guys, we are on any day, any hour basis. This thing has been gelling for a long time.

We’ve heard from Treasury that they’ve signed off on everything.

Everything is ready to go is what we’re getting from our key sources yesterday and there’s just a little bit of talk about the weekend, which I thought we were going to be done by tomorrow. We could get it tomorrow. But we’re also hearing it could be over the weekend. And we could start Monday and the bondholders gonna get their liquidity on access to their funds on Monday.

So we’ll track it – obviously we don’t do  another call until Tuesday night. So hopefully we have everything  – we have 800 numbers and the numbers are being sent out to you by email. If you’re signed up on the call – You’ll get an email with an 800 number in it when we receive it.

We’ll be able to be in touch with you with a further podcast. And we’ll also be in touch with you about the projects like rebuild America, rebuild International, the veterans retreat network and the pastoral retreat network. Those four projects are my big projects for the big call.

Okay Otherwise political things are happening indictments are happening impeachments happening. There’s a lot going on.

Maybe that has to conclude to some extent before this is released say that’s happening between now and the weekend. That’s what it’s like cut on it. That’s probably what it is.

And I’m glad you guys are here. All over the globe listening in. And thank you for folks down under. Appreciate you. Good on you. So let’s pray the call out and then we’ll all hopefully have a wonderful weekend this weekend –


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