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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 11-7-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight,  It is Tuesday, November 7th  and you’re listening to the big call – thanks for tuning in all over the globe, wherever you’re listening from hopefully you’re hearing me in your own language – which is an amazing software deal set up with our satellite team, or sat team for short. So we’ve had a really good time getting the call out to 182 or 184 countries and or near around 19 to 20 million listeners.

Let’s go into the Intel tonight. let’s see where we are.   Now, what’s interesting is Saturday, we had word that the NESARA had been activated.

I don’t believe it has fully been implemented, but at least it’s started. It started. It’s moving along. Have we had a major announcement about it? No, we had a few little entreatments, announcements about NESARA  – I think we’re definitely in the month to receive some benefit from NESARA.

But don’t confuse NESARA with GESARA  -The GESARA is the global economic Strategic and Recovery Act. That’s for all the countries outside of the United States, it’s an international program.

Ours is NESARA the National Economic Strategic and Recovery Act.

And it’s a real thing. And it’s gonna, we’ve talked about it for I don’t know maybe for a couple of years on the big call as far as what it includes and one of the things as part of NESARA is our new currency our new asset back primarily  gold backed currency we call the USN –  United States notes. Some call it United States Treasury note that they’re using the 3 letter designation – but on the actual money, the bills, the spendingfoldable money, it should say United States Treasury note no longer FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE – the FED is dead.

Federal Reserve has gone that was part of the old corporations  of the United States. We are now under the restored Republic of the United States under a constitutional form of government and that’s what we’re operating in now.

Seems like Johnson was was sworn in by Steve Scalise last week. That was an indicator that he was actually Speaker Number 44 – Whereas Pelosi was Speaker Number 52.

So the number the nomenclature of that has gone back to what happened after the Republic of 1873.

So that’s why the numbers are gonna seem to change when it comes to the President of the Republic, etc, because we’re no longer under the corporation of the United States.

So the USN has been out and being traded for a couple of weeks now and we’re moving forward in that direction, –  the currency – The USN currency that’s foldable – putting in your purse or money clip – whatever  – that money has been at the redemption center ready for us – for about two years now – it’s been making its way to the various banks in the last week,  it hadn’t been shuffled around and moved – and is in play – Now when will it come out ?  to everyday citizens? – to everybody – not just us going to the redemption centers – To the everyday citizens who everybody, not just us, we’re going to the redemption centers. When will it come out to the general public?

I don’t know for sure if it’s going to be this week, but you would think it should be this week –  based on the information that we’re getting, will explain that in a minute .  We know that the redemption center so when we go in to do our exchanges and redemption of Zim It will  be there – And even though they do not want us to take more than about $3,500 in new money in the cash if you will –  we can do that

They just don’t want us to be hit so to speak for too much cash or whatever – I don’t know

If you’re not gonna take any cash – That’s okay – you don’t have to – it’s going to be available. There’s probably  in 500 or 1,000  increments. So you just get it like that –

Alright, so let’s go back to the timeline. We were on a timeline that looked like we could get notified today – But no notification  not yet. I’m always looking for that trying to find out when the numbers  coming

So here’s the latest information that we got today. and even another piece  that came in tonight  -This is what it’s centering around – tomorrow night 7pm Eastern Standard Time – It’s going to be on Newsmax alternative  news sites.- right side broadcasting Breitbart etc

President Trump’s rally in Hialeah, Florida, which is sort of north and west of Miami as I remember – a cool little cuban community – don’t know what the venue is – where he will actually be speaking, but he’s gonna be speaking – because it’s hard to start those exactly on tim,e – when he appears at them. They may not be on time. There are several reasons for that.

But let’s just take it between seven and eight. That timeframe is when President Trump is supposed to be making a blockbuster announcement, and hopefully, several announcements. I hope he makes five or six announcements. In that time I can think of a few that I’d like to hear.

So we’ll see what he actually brings out. And here’s the point we’ve been told by several people, make sure you hear his speech make sure you hear the announcements that he’s gonna make. sometime between seven and eight Eastern tomorrow night Wednesday, the eighth oh, oh no, you didn’t .

The 8th  Yes, guess whose favorite day the eighth besides me.  CHINA !!!!   that’s right.

I just, you know what, I should have caught this last week. I should have caught this. Because the eighth is the day that China likes because of the number of new beginnings and financial prosperity and so on. And I think it’s very possible that what we’re going to get comes out tomorrow.

Now here’s, Here’s where we had information that said, the notifications that we’re looking for the 800 numbers that could come out right before announcements, or a few hours after his announcements are over –  the latest and I think maybe the most accurate piece that we got was that would speak in a place betyween 7 and  8 and then shortly after he speaks we would get our notifications .

To me it makes the most sense. It’s not going to come out of the morning that it may as well come out  after he speaks and I don’t know what he’s gonna say exactly. I can think of several things, but I think we just need to tune in and watch it. I’m going to watch it on Newsmax, supposedly fun Newsmax and I’ll record it and watch it on that.

But here’s the point At three o’clock this afternoon. – The 800 numbers were being  reloaded and reworked with the emails, the emails tied to us you know our emails, they know everybody’s email and everything about the email for us that have already been sent in. They know that they have a treasury and what we’re saying is that they have reorganized, reposition the email, to work alongside and part of the Starlink satellite system.

Now, in so doing, they have eliminated approximately half a million emails.

Why would you say why? Because they know who these people are. They are not worthy of this exchange. They’re bad people are on the edge and most people will not be getting the toll free numbers or email.

They may try to get it somewhere else they might go to the big call  universe and see it there. But the point is there when they get to the redemption center, they will not be allowed to exchange.

Now   what’s happening is you know this, this is ready to go and you know, I told you guys I wouldn’t call it but this is probably as close as I’ve ever been.

I like today. I like tomorrow. I like it right before right after President Trump speaks tomorrow night.

From what we understand, we’ve got USN out we’ve gotten ready, guys, there’s the only thing we were waiting for today right now is the okay by the military. To give to the Treasury they would have the green light to give to the redemption centers and banks.

So it’s military  says  okay.  Its time to go. Treasury. It said command from the military says Okay, its time to roll. They contact the banks and the redemption centers and then they are that we’re ready to roll With these 800 numbers.

If anybody thinks that there are no 800 numbers or actually it’s probably an 800 number.

Okay, if there isn’t one, or there are no redemption centers or there is no zim —  if people are thinking that a certain person that I think believes that the way – they are way out in left field  –  they just don’t know anything. They really don’t know anything – if they don’t know this.

And that’s just what is – it is so obvious so clear – our contacts are at the redemption centers we know what’s going on. We know, for example, that there was a very, very good dinar rate on the bank screens yesterday with on the back screens, and it’ll migrate to the front screen. of the banks. but realize this, our redemption center rates will be higher than the regular bank screens.

Bank screens are tied to the Forex redemption centers are not. They have their own rates and will have the very best and highest rates for us. So that’s why  we are to use  a toll free number  – we think has an 800 toll free number, and to call tt set our appointments  and then go to exchange – if Intel I gpt today  from 4 separate military sources looks  to be very good – If that occurs  and we do get notifications tomorrow, Let’s call it tomorrow night. Because that’s what it is – tomorrow night. If that goes out as we’ve been told, we would set our appointments and start exchanges on Thursday the 9th

Okay, so that’s really the long and the short of where we are on the Intel.

Like I said the email list is being trimmed down and they have the all of that email with the  starling satellite system

So I’m excited about where we are. Yeah, I would have rather had it yesterday or today. But you know what I should have known when this rally the President Trump’s gonna do I only have one great Cuban community, A lot of clothing manufacturers and so on to bring a little area  outside of Miami

For that to occur, they should have told me something – especially that its on the 8th – but I was thinking we would get it sooner – So my bad on that.

I think everything is set – that’s what I wanted to bring up tonight.

I think we’re really getting down to the water you guys. I think this is fine that I would love to make sure that you do. However you find it in such rally tomorrow. Hopefully he makes several positive announcements for us. I think he will – Alright so let’s pray the call out.


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