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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 12-26-23

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Welcome everybody to the day after Christmas – Welcome to the Big call. Welcome to boxing day as it were celebrated in the UK  we’re thrilled to be here after Christmas So welcome everybody. Today is Tuesday, December 26 are in fact listening to the big call. We’re glad you’re here. Thanks for coming in and everyone and let’s go ahead and rate the call and then

If we get into where we’re supposed to be on Intel, I can tell you this much. We thought we wou ld get our notifications  mid morning  today. This came from some pretty strong sources and we have, we did not receive it today. But I think I know why. It’s not just because of boxing day, although that might have been a little bit of a factor. But I think it’s more based on the fact that we did get rates on the bank screens that were not on the bank screens yet.

In fact, last Friday, after the last big call we did Thursday night, I found that the Iraqi dinar was on the  redemption centers, screens not on the bank screens, not on the Forex – now the forex shuts down between 5 pm Friday, all the way to 5 pm Sunday. Eastern time – and open back up Sunday – Christmas Eve at five o’clock and we got some pretty good response that that had happened.

But some of the other rates are also going to show up and be traded on the forex starting at five o’clock on Sunday. And that’s what’s happened to get us to where we are today. Because right now, today, we had screen rates at the banks. We didn’t get the rates at the redemption centers today, but we did get the rates at the bank. and of all of those currencies that are going up in value – Most of them are in a range –  Very nice range.

And they’ll settle in between four and seven. Four and seven is where they’re going to settle in. Now the dinar is much higher, and even on even on the bank screens, it’s much higher and the Dong may be maybe higher as well as some of the general currencies like the Indonesian rupiah  – the Afgahni –  the Venezuelan Bolivar  – I believe the shekel was really shackled.

And there are a number of other currencies that will fall in the four seven range because that’s populating now. – with blinking lights on the bank screens today. Not all the rates have populated –  they’re trading up for filling in the blinking. But it all shows that I believe that’s why we didn’t get started yet. I believe they’re looking for these rates to come up and trade up and settle in a little bit more

Now we heard from our bond paymasters, one of the bond paymasters,  we spoke earlier today said that he expects the bond notifications to the bond holders to give them access to their funds – would come out overnight tonight. it might show up tomorrow.

We’ve also heard from let’s call it US Treasury Marshal that we expect tomorrow to be significant. We talked to him earlier today and I lunchtime. He was indicating that we should have the. we should have this RV happening within about 24 hours – instead of today is pointing more towards tomorrow. At least for our notifications.

That’s a good thing. Because we went most of the day without knowing  quite what was happening because we had our indication was looking really good and we get notified before lunch today. And that did not happen. But tomorrow many different matter entirely. I’m hoping it is I don’t know you guys are too –

We did not get As you know we did not get this before Christmas as was the desire. It just didn’t happen. And it looks like we should be in a position to get this Any day. now. Could you tomorrow could be Thursday, I believe, tomorrow is looking very good for us.

Beyond that, everything for the shotgun start. We are hearing very good things about the start being moral for not only us but also the intermediaries, those fines interest and penalties. The adjudicated settlements  like CMK X, all of that stuff. The farm claims – Indian claims, ranch claims –  all of that stuff is supposed to come out within 12 hours of each other – meaning with us – bond holders  tier three – admirals groups –  for a US into tier 4B –  all of that it’s about within about 12 hours of each other.

So we don’t know what’s going to happen. Firstly, maybe overnight tonight, with bondholders getting emails access to funds, and that’s what I believe will take place.

The other thing is Christmas and Easter time – the Saint Germain trust they’re supposed to open and that happened  we heard about this yesterday – Christmas Day  – that the St. Germain trust would open and that funding for St. Germain would go out internationally, not to the central banks because they’re all done away with but replaced the central banks and all those international countries is their own treasuries or their own main treasury bank -. But the Federal Reserve is basically dead – the remnant  of the Fed  has been led into the US Treasury. And so, what we have coming to us was the Rodrigues trust -bottomless trust that pours out and was pouring into our US Treasury.

And so that’s a good sign. That was few days ago, that took place probably Friday, Saturday, and that may be may have occurred, those tranches from those trusts may have already heard we have those already. But now we’re looking for The green light, essentially, things that green light from the Treasury That says go to everything from the admirals’ groups – to intermediaries – to prosperity packages to us into tier 4B.

So I think that is what treasury was just waiting for all those rates wobbly – And for the blinking rates to stop blinking for everything to be a go.

Now, I think I’ve mentioned last Thursday, but you know when you need to get our new USN physical currency in the ATMs, New Year’s Eve night, or New Year’s Eve  – andis supposed to be in the ATM’s, ready to go for New Year’s Day. That’s our new currency.

And we’re supposed to have it in the banks, rich people, everyday people going into the banks. They’ll be able to pick it up on January 2.  Okay, we should be Tuesday right? To get at least one today.

So we’re not as concerned about that. Because we’re concerned about getting the actual redemption center started for us. Redemption center appointments started by the 800 number, which is going to be kicked off with the emails from the Wells Fargo servers to us.

And I know that Saturday and Sunday that was Sunday, which was Christmas Eve. The redemptions?

We were going to the servers and tested emails for them to get ready to be loaded again and released. So that has already happened.

And now as a matter of going through it, once the  Treasury gives the green light to start – then we’re underway. That’s pretty much where we stand right now.

Rates populating  up on the bank screens – We know they should be on the redemption center screens, right so the back strings are going to be good, but redemption center. rates will be better for us. President Trump set that up for that to happen. That will be pace moving forward so that’s all I had to say tonight,

Yep let’s just see if tomorrow works out to be what we were getting from the US Treasury Marshal Today.  They suggested that we would get it within 24 hours is what he anticipated and that within itself around lunchtime today. So let’s say it’s going to pray the call out and see what develops overnight, and tomorrow.

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