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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-23-24

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Welcome, everybody the big call. It is Tuesday, January 23, and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody all around the globe. Thank you sat team for getting everybody around the globe connected. Thank you big call universe for tuning in and listening to the call tonight. I got Sue and Bob and myself here with us. And we’re excited about this call tonight. We can’t say it’s our last all day looks like it could be an additional element I got today and tonight. Looking forward to getting it out there. So that further ado, let’s go ahead and pray the call in

Bob anything else before we go to intel?  okay, Bob I appreciate that very much. All right guys. Let’s get the latest information that I received over the weekend – yesterday  and today –  first of all, several of our sources have said that this week that we’re in now, this week will be the greatest week in the history of mankind.

Then didn’t say humankind,  I substituted that – in some cases, so that really encouraging – I’m thinking – ok – that’s pretty good – greatest week in the history of mankind – I can live with that.

And what’s interesting to me is that we got word from several of our sources that came in last night and also today, and what’s really interesting is, I think we’ve, we’ve gone  past the point of no return on this so that even a few people that were pretty tight lipped have been allowed to open up to my main source. They’ve been allowed to get the information from the banks –  and redemption centers – so that is really good to have that information fed down to me.

First of all, let’s talk about – let’s talk about the bondholders. Now, what’s interesting is we’ve been looking for bondholders to receive their email notifications, giving them access to funds – well starting this morning at 10am – I think we can say the green light turned on because 1400 That’s 1400 emails went out at 10am this morning, to bond sellers – So that is a first that they went out to the guys and told them in those emails when they would have access to those funds – so that’s a start.

And then those emails were to continue throughout the day and into the night – and probably to go several  days, if not longer for the bondholders to receive access to their funds. What’s interesting though  is even though they got started this morning at 10 am Eastern with 1400 emails. There are quite a few internationally to go out. I think the numbers are around 2600 continuing to go out,  but we don’t have to wait on those – and that’s okay. Those will continue to go out – those in tier 4A and 4B do not have to wait on those =   that’s tier three – was the most important  they are moving and shaking  getting those out to  the bond sellers

. Now, what’s interesting to me is that we also believe that – lets not talk about that = let’s talk about this –  we also know that  400,000 emails are ready to go out if not – starting over night – it will be tomorrow – and these 400,000 emails  that are set to go are for tier 4B.

And these are primarily are as we can tell – are  going to North America – that would include Canada – the US – and Mexico – also Australia – probably New Zealand  and some of the Caribbean islands  in that we counted messages –

And so whose emails are these, these are probably from what we can tell – from our source, primarily zim holders – that will be getting these emails tomorrow – at least starting tomorrow – and this would not surprise me  if  these came out before lunchtime tomorrow.

Now, if these are primarily zim holders  The reason that is is because of the intrinsic value of the zim and the banks want them in right away – Let’s say if not first,  but because  they need the  hydration to strengthen their account balances

Remember then, for us, obviously these funds will go into our quantum accounts, and then we’ll move funds on day one in the redemption center we’ll move a certain amount of funds into our Wells Fargo primary account  – not much time to do anything else besides that with our accounts on day one of our redemption –

Now what that means  to me is if those do come out and say between 10 and noon eastern time tomorrow – who knows what the scheduling is gonna be for these  but if  400,000 go out – more to go with it later in the day – may continue and include Thursday

Emails for tier 4B going out –  we thought they will do all of them at once –

Scheduling is going to be for these microphones. That’s one of the goals.

It makes people need to do all of them at once, all at once. And then we’ll start calling in based on the six different regional call centers that will take our calls  and we’ll get transferred to the redemption center based on our zones – zip codes – or we’ll get a phone number to call if we don’t get transferred directly – we’ll get a number to call Directly to that redemption center

That’s going to be part of our calling in with our 800 number

So, are you in the first 400,000 emails set to go out? We think is tomorrow morning? I don’t know – we’ll see –

But if you are not a zim holder and you have other currencies, just hang in there, because your email will be coming . Also, once we get the toll free number we will put up on big call universe web site landing page and bob will try to get that sent out so they can receive the toll free numbers when we when we can make it available

So that is really our starter starts this morning at 10am. Green light on – for bond sellers to receive their emails, and then we’re next with this is another thing that one of our best sources said at midnight last night.

He said we’ve been in this is Monday night  he saidwithin 24 to 36 hours. We will all be smiling from ear to ear. If you look at the clock on that, that would be from midnight tonight to noon tomorrow. We should all be smiling –

So give them a little bit of Slack for that but. We know that we had at least 400,000 emails are set to go out pronto –  beyond that   we know our banks and redemption centers   we have 4 staff members going in today –  and 6 going in at least  tomorrow – and that would be to take appointments  and set appointments   and if we get notified before noon – there is a likelihood  that we will start exchanges  tomorrow afternoon or evening – we’ll see what that looks like tomorrow

I would like for all of us to be smiling from ear  to ear  it should be a really wonderful week for it –and tomorrow is Wednesday –

Oh, by the way it is 24th of January. It take two and multiply it by four  -to four, you get 8 . maybe the Chinese get their number after all –  As far as that goes. We’ll see

But the main thing is that everybody is ready for life changing events take place this week. And even this might not be tomorrow –   it could be Thursday.

But regardless – we are expecting numbers to start coming out tomorrow for tier 4A and 4B . And I hope the admirals is coming up tomorrow as well, is that tier 4A  I don’t know what else I can add to that other than we will  expect. If this occurs – as I’ve been told – then we will Probably not have a call Thursday night –

We might do a quick celebration call – recorded – put it out as a link in an email  – so be aware of that possibility –  and I would just say,  we will be in touch with you if we have your email, if we don’t have it, we can’t reach you. So hopefully you got your email if you use it to register on big call And the thing is, that’s the way we will be in touch with you after this goes,

And we know that the first few weeks, we have our accounts to set up – a few debts to pay off – We have plans, maybe for those of a new car, maybe we’re moving whatever it is. Maybe you’re entitled to vacation whatever it is that you want to do. That’s the time to do it

I think tomorrow morning for most, this is what we’re hearing. This is what I’m hearing this afternoon. So let’s just stay with it. For this next starting point, I’m going to pray the call out everybody.


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