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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-13-24

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Welcome everyone to this evening, February 13, Tuesday 2024 And I know this a little bit unusual but a little unusual every once in a while is good for us all.

Bruce is going to be absent from the call tonight for the first time right Bob?  I think it’s like, in a very long time almost 13 years I can’t remember him never being on the call. And it’s going to be Bob and Sue his two co pilots to try to fill Bruce’s shoes and we just want to welcome everyone to this incredible opportunity to come together as a community to learn about what’s going on with the intel and we’re well positioned and how we’re positioned to take our step into the next phase of our journey and really bring our best selves through Bob’s incredible products and how he’s going to delight us with that. And of course you’re going to have access to the segment and of course the teaching that I’ve developed for you. So as Bruce always does, let’s open up the call with a word of prayer.

Sooooooo Everybody – This is the magic hour – and here’s the magic, the magic moment we’ve been waiting for. Here’s our intel.

And as I say, my own leadership call, get your pens out because I know this is the something you’re looking forward to it’s very powerful and very simple.

Number one, our – I’m going to refer to him as our number one guy. I know my people in my group are laughing because they’re so used to hearing it that way. Number one guy, huh, had been looking for some information to come to him since Sunday

So what’s today, three days he’s been waiting for this information. And this morning he received a text and it said there’s a picture and it said this “thumbs up for tomorrow.”

Now who’s  this person and why is he texting our guy?

This person is in Iraq, but he’s very connected to what is going on here as well. And, as Brett said, and he said, you know, save the way you want to Thank you Bruce for the Allowance and trust, but I’m gonna I’m gonna save the way Bruce. kind of positioned it  that he said.

I would say the three of us it’s the sky myself and Bruce.

We’re believing that what he is saying is that we could get notifications Tomorrow, and possibly go tomorrow.

Tomorrow means and is interpreted by the three of us can decode it as it were – Notifications tomorrow and possibly going tomorrow.

It could be notifications tomorrow and going Thursday, but the possibility of going tomorrow is there. So we say that so that you can design your day design your movement –  is how you would respond if that will happen and we said notification was coming out tomorrow we are going on Thursday, and then found out that you could  go tomorrow. Well what does that do to your strategy? So with that kind of put it out to possibility that you could also be exchanging tomorrow.

So I plan I’d have two different scenarios. In my scenario planning book ready to go. One, you get notification you go tomorrow, What’s in my plan  – Another  – you get notifications and you’re going on Thursday.

Our next piece is also a very interesting piece

And that is that we know a contact of ours that we’ve known for many years. This is not a random person who went into a bank location and he was our number one guy and he walked in and all of those wealth managers – this was today – were having a meeting. They were all huddled in this meeting. And they came out and they said how can we help you?

He said – I want to find out you know, if I can do an exchange today and he said  a small exchange – and they said Not today. But if you come back – write this down – If you come back after 10:30 tomorrow okay we can help you with an exchange.

So take that picture. All the wealth managers in the huddle all of them there and then kind of coming out. I mean, your wealth manager says if you come back tomorrow, we can help you –

So you have  the Iraqi saying  thumbs up for tomorrow. We also think that that means that Iraq, which is the dinar was trading on the Forex on Sunday, but everything is going to be much more visible by tomorrow. That’s how we’re reading these signs. and the Iraqi that said thumbs up for tomorrow – and the bank person saying 10:30 should be good for you to come back and do an exchange.

And the final piece that we have tonight which is also  – let me say just before I conclude –  it’s very significant. It’s not like piece after piece after piece after piece.

The fact is that these pieces that I’m giving you, not a plethora, not a lot, a lot of – one is very significant.

It means that we’re kind of at the trip it’s like the door is about to open. Why is that? Because at the end of anything if you look at any time you’ve approached any beginning or waiting, you’re going to open It’s quiet. It’s open and it’s about to be available. So this is coming and we want to give them to Ms. T.

Thank you Tricia for bringing this she saw on Bloomberg and then I think it got on telegram that Bloomberg announced or was reporting on the fact that Zimbabwe was going to have a gold back dollar.

We have a goal that star is reporting on that they didn’t give a date.

But all of us know how this sort of priming precursor pre narrative strategy works they’d like to let it out as a sign as a signal – and the fact that she found this article that Zimbabwe  was going to be releasing a gold back dollar. Today was – very – we deem that as very significant.

Say that those three pieces the way I would be looking at it right now is to be looking at your materials – being ready and ready to for me I have people that I want to text. Remember this, like let’s say you told people about the dinar, the dong – the zim –

You’ve got to contact those people first and say okay, this is going – afterwards, I’m going to be under an NDA. So I have my text already ready to go. Like all I have to do is push it – do that for yourself first because then you call and you make your 800 appointment because you’re going to be under a preliminary NDA when you make your 800 number appointment.

So get ready to get people that you have to that become aware of what’s going on get those checks built tonight tomorrow morning and get them ready. So all you have to do is push a button, they’re done.

And you get to call the 800 number and then you’re off and running. Okay? And just look at your materials try and get connected to what you created. And then just do a run through do it tonight and do it tomorrow morning. Because even if we didn’t go tomorrow, we got notifications from a good one or two days. feeling comfortable. So that it’s like you. It’s like you’ve done this so many times.

It’s not a big deal. it’s gonna be very easy, but it always helps your brain. you know what that’s like whenever you’re if anybody’s ever been in sales.

You know the first time you’re driving to a new location, our brains are just wired to be a little bit more hyper aroused. Hyper aroused when we’re doing something new. But when you show me your brain, oh, my material, I can just like I’ve done this in my mind so many times I just have to put on my clothes, or just get in the car or just walk in the door. they’re going to handle all this well. so no big deal in a transaction to transform the world.

If We do that if you do that with love and that power, not intent. When you put Christ in it – Then you’re going to be centered and you’re going to remember the day. Maybe Valentine’s Day that would be so cool.  – So cool. Maybe that day is the day that you’re gonna remember I was at the best I could be on that day. – transition humanity, a transition this planet into a new way of living.

I was my best And if you’re not at your best you gave it your best shot. Right, you gave it your best shot.

So that’s our intro for tonight. That’s our call for tonight. Bob, thank you so much for incredible, consistent and extraordinary way you’ve brought so many people to help an understanding how their health works, how it all incorporates the light.

You know the nutrition with incredible Boomer Boost products – And the way you always bring so much love to this call.

And, yeah, yeah.    go ahead Bob

I was just gonna say I think it was really, it was really good experience tonight, even though Bruce wasn’t here – I think he’ll be happy with the way that you have everything organized. Way presented. And if we were if we were high school students, I think Bruce would give you an A for your performance.

I’m always asking for feedback. Oh my god. Zero to 10 I said okay, if I ever get a 2 I might shoot myself

Thank you Bob. Thank you so much. Thank you Coach Bob. So all we have to do all we have to do all we have to do now is big shoes to fill but I think he’s gonna be happy.

After nine years I ought to know how to do it – right?

So let’s, everybody get together. And thank you for being on the call tonight. Thank you for being with us as many years as you’ve been here. Thank you for being the love that it’s going to transform the world. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your persistence and grit, and most especially, thank you for loving Christ, and bringing that light to this planet – let’s close with  prayer.

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