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Breaking News 15% Global Tax Affects IQD Investors VND Increase in Value Zimbabwe Growth is Up

People this news concerns us all and we may feel the full power of the corporate world from around the globe soon, thus I employ you to implement a legal home-based business ASAP. You only need a $20 domain name to get started because you will no longer be able to set up an offshore business and legally avoid US taxes. If you want me to talk more on this subject one day a week let me know in the comment section: But this is what happened on Friday around the world. More than 130 nations agreed on Friday to a sweeping overhaul of international tax rules, with officials backing a 15 percent global minimum tax and other changes aimed at cracking down on tax havens that have drained countries of much-needed revenue.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which has been leading the negotiations, said 136 countries and jurisdictions had signed on to the deal.

World Bank considers political instability in Iraq a threat to economic growth ( We have always believed this based on the seven factors that control any country’s foreign currency rate. Even countries with fixed rates have to play by the rules in order FOR their Central Banks to stay in compliance. Iraq’s political instability is concerning, however, it may be time to ask, concerning for who?

Mnangagwa Says Zimbabwe Set to Record 7.8% Growth This Year (
Govt to adequately fund forex auction system | The Chronicle The president of Zimbabwe said in a speech to parliament that the government will fund the forex auction system to maintain stability and growth in Zimbabwe.

USD/VND Exchange Rate
The Vietnam Dong is increasing in value against the US Dollar. Some of you may have already made a profit.

The Iraqi Dinar rate remains the same. We are hoping for an increase soon.