In Fleming

Fleming 03/09/2022 UPDATE

All the news that we’re getting out of there is saying the same thing had been saying the same thing over and over again for the last couple of weeks, when we told you about the $1.50  that’s, what was going to be the in-country rate was $1.50.

They were going to put on the Forex and then let it just go and float to see how high it’ll go. They were also supposed to be cutting off to sell of the than are at $120 a barrel. Well, that changes has been a change. And, because they have not been able to take advantage of the price per barrel of oil that they’re having to, to sell to America and to other countries as well. So they don’t because of the fact that they don’t have a rate, they’re not taking advantage. They’re not able to take advantage of that.

So, but they don’t need to have another president and they don’t need to have the prime minister in order for them to go ahead and go and do this. It’s more of a politics than anything else.

The central bank does not answer to the government and the government does not answer to the central bank.

So we’re sitting here waiting for somebody to get off the dime, somebody to step up and say, we’re going now. And the IMF has already given them permission. They’ve already got to go to go. They’re sovereign.

They don’t owe anybody, anything at the moment. And, um, you know, and they’re getting angrier by the minute because they’re losing money.

You know, we’re still importing oil from Russia, and now we’re going to do it from Venezuela. And, they’re going to try and talk the OPEC and to opening the spicket. And OPEC’s not going to do that. And they’re even buying oil from Iran. We are. So everybody’s making money except Iraq.

So anyway, keep watching for the $1.50, because it is going to be a $1. 50. We’ve told you this a couple of weeks ago. So anyway, that’s it for right now?

So have yourself a good day.