In Frank26

If you held your dinars for 1 year and you have the receipt to prove that, the date, then more than likely you’ll be somewhere in the 20% range of taxes.  If you…have no receipt, oh boy, you might be in the 40%.  Yikes.  You have 1 million, you’ll have to give Uncle Sam $400,000.  I’d rather give him $200,000 because I have a receipt where I’ve held my dinars for at least 1 year.  For those of you…that just bought your dinars last month.  Hmmm.  You may have to consider to hold on to them for another 11 more months for tax purposes.  [NOTE:  Some gurus feel the dinar will be taxed as ordinary income and not capital gains as suggested here.  Always speak with your tax advisor at the appropriate time to determine the right tax for your unique situation.]