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[Reno NV Bank Story]   FRANK:  The reason I share these with you is because the pattern is changing…  BANK STORY WOMAN:  I called the branch office…of Chase.  I could tell I was talking to a lower level employee but I decided to continue with my questioning.  I asked, the clerk if they did foreign currency exchange and she said yes, ma’am we do.  Then I asked her if the bank would be exchanging the Iraqi dinar and dong…She said not at this time ma’am…  FRANK:  ‘Not at this time’. That is a pinch of hope, no doubt.  BANK STORY WOMAN:  I asked, do you have any idea when they might be exchanging She said we never know.  Not once did she tell me it was a scam.  She was encouraging me.  She did say we would have to have an account to exchange.