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[Georgia Bank Story cont.]   I said, I don’t know I want that to happen without knowing who that might be and she said, I can’t tell you but I can answer your questions.  I said, well is Chase Bank part of thatShe said, yes.  I said, What about Bank of America…?  She said yes… FRANK:  The answers she’s given you IMO are spot on.  FRANK:  Did you ask her if they’re going to have a fee to exchange?  BANK VISITOR:  Yeah…I said, if I was to exchange here what is the fee you would charge me…?  She said…from my understanding there will not be a fee for people especially of a certain caliber.  FRANK:  Bingo!  BANK VISITOR:  She said, but we can discuss that more at an appropriate time…probably not too far in the future… [Post 2 of 2]