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[Personal Ohio Bank Story Continued] …So Chase is a bank and JP Morgan are the investors of Chase Bank rightYes…They will exchange your currency…He softened up a little bit.  He asked, What do you have? …The Iraqi dinar...How much?  I made up a number.  I have over 200 million dinars.  He said, you’re not going to be exchanging your dinars here at Chase.   We can’t handle that.  You have to go to a state bankWhere should I take my dinars to have them look at them, inspect them and then deposit them correctly He said New York [or] Chicago…You come here to my Chase office in Toledo Ohio we’ll zoom with Chicago.  You’re going to come to me?  Yes…We’ll make an appointment.  The Brinks truck will come, a representative will come.  They will verify it.  They will have all the equipment they need…  [Post 2 of 2]