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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 18 Jan. 2024

Compiled Thurs. 18 Jan. 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Mon. 15 Jan. Walkingstick:   In Dec. everything was ready in place to go. During Jan. all systems were being implemented through the monetary reform education.  As of today 15 Jan. they’re all international – from private banks like the one Aki [Iraqi bank friend] represents to international markets. It’s what we expected. There’s not more to say because everything is in print now.

Wed. 17 Jan. Evening Wolverine: “Like I said in my previous announcement D1 has commenced to release their funds and D2 it’s about to commence to release their funds and will finish within 24hrs. These platforms are the nucleus to start off the liquidity. Any day this week funds will be released. …

Wolverine cont…..In Brazil it is already taking place (Liquidity). Yesterday Tues. 16 Jan. Whales were getting travel expenses to go where they needed to go to receive their blessing. Other whales got their notifications and are to receive their blessings this week. The RV is now closer than ever. God bless you all. Wolverine

Wed. 17 Jan. TNT Tony: “All that’s waiting is Iraq passing a trade law of some kind. Iraq parliament is back in session so still curious on the holdup despite the congrats at DAVOS for Iraq being in the World Trade Organization, which it isn’t. Bankers now want Redemption Centers called Banking Alternative Centers (BAC). Everything else is done. Iraq and banks are still active with pos systems. Lower denomination and coins aren’t absolute needed in Iraq, they will be electronic. So they don’t need to make a mad rush to get lower denoms. Looking to Thurs. 18 Jan. or this weekend since it’s the end of DAVOS. The 2024 budget dollar exchange and barrel of oil price is unchanged according to the Iraqi Parliament, which has no authority on the exchange rate, only the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).”

Wed. 17 Jan. Frank26: “We’ll be posting banks that are exchanging the IQD. Iraq returns to the World Trade Organization (WTO) after 14 yrs. after its expulsion. If they’re a member of the WTO, it means they’re article 8, and that they have returned to the international market.”

Tues. 16 Jan. Bruce: “Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) were looking for notification to set appointments anywhere from now through Fri. 19 Jan. We could possibly go to our exchange/redemption appointments by Thurs. 18 Jan.”

US National Popcorn Day is Fri. 19 Jan. 2024.

On Tues. 23 Jan. all banks across the Globe not Basel 3 Compliant (have gold asset-backed monies) will automatically (allegedly) collapse, plus the Cabal owned JP Morgan, which is a shareholder in the Bank of International Settlements, was scheduled to file for bankruptcy.

The fiat US Dollar was expected to be considered useless by around 11 March 2024.

Global Financial Crisis:

More global banks caught engaging in naked short selling: https://m.pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2024&no=34836

Wed. 17 Jan. Russian Embassy in South Africa (@EmbassyofRussia) on X: Twenty countries have already joined the Financial Messaging System of the Bank of Russia (#SPFS), an alternative to #SWIFT.

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Frank26   [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  Television showing Sudani in Davos.  He’s sitting right next to JP Morgan.  A representative on the news showing they are ready to open three more branches here in Iraq with private Iraqi banks…  FRANK:  JP Morgan…knows what’s going on and they know that a new exchange rate is coming.  The employees of Chase don’t know anything but the Chief Executive Officer of Chase, Dimon obviously does know and is making an amazing statement in these articles…

Militia Man & MarkZ   [via PDK]   Militia Man:  Economic experts in Iraq are talking about using a basket of currencies. They are talking using other currencies and for the dinar to compete with the value of the dollar.  MarkZ:  When you said Iraq plans to compete with the US dollar- They cannot compete with the USD at 1 dollar buying 1310 dinar.   Militia Man:  I just read that  the basket of currencies with the Euro, the Chinese yuan, and the UAE durham will be used to value the Iraqi dinar in the way that competes with the US dollar.   That is the quote.   MarkZ:  That is telling.

There is another one… Iqd Iraq

Nader:  1-1-8-2024


The Largest US Banks Are In Trouble In 2024

The Atlantis Report:  1-18-2024

Largest US Banks Are In Trouble. The year 2024 has unfolded with negative signs for the largest banks in the United States as they grapple with a significant surge in bad loans, shedding light on the negative impacts of escalating interest rates.

The looming specter of bad debt has already cast a shadow over major banking institutions, with the aftermath of the 2023 banking crisis still reverberating.

Now, the banking industry is confronted with a perfect storm that threatens to erode profits and unleash a wave of defaults. A Massive 2024 Bank Surge In Bad Loans is here.