Clare:  Integrity announces the return of two billion dinars to the state treasury from the inflated funds of former officials


The Iraqi Integrity Commission revealed, on Sunday, the recovery of more than two billion dinars to the state treasury from senior officials, one of whom was an advisor to the former prime minister, on charges of illegal gain, as well as the “theft of the century” case.

The Authority stated in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that it had received one billion and 300 million dinars owed by the sponsored accused, the technical advisor to the former Prime Minister, which represents part of the value of inflation and illicit gain in his money.

It indicated that it was also able to return 775 million dinars, representing the value of the bribe received by the arrested accused, director of the Baghdad Governor’s Office, from a foreign company. In exchange for referring project contracts to companies, in addition to a financial sum of approximately 25 million dinars from the rental proceeds of the properties belonging to the arrested accused, the wife of the former Director General of the General Authority for Taxes.

The Commission had previously announced the launch of a campaign to increase money inflation and illicit gain in the various sectors of state institutions, starting with the tax sector, while opening two accounts in the Rafidain Bank in Iraqi dinars and US dollars. In order to deposit the recovered amounts that represent the proceeds and proceeds of corruption. LINK


Clare:  Sudanese Advisor: The government’s battle with the dollar is nearing its end

12/24/2023   Baghdad

The media advisor to the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Rikabi, confirmed today, Sunday, that the Iraqi government’s battle with speculators in the dollar exchange rates is nearing its end .

Al-Rikabi said in a blog post on the “X” platform, which Al-Ghad Press viewed, that “the will that the Sudanese government possesses to carry out reform within the financial institutions in Iraq and the insistence on correction were important factors in strengthening confidence between Baghdad and Washington, and constituted a positive step in achieving success.” inside “.

He added: “We said it before and we confirm it today. Our battle with the dollar is almost over .”

Today, Sunday, the local markets witnessed a decline in the exchange rates of the dollar in the parallel market to 150 thousand dinars .

Yesterday, Saturday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Saleh, confirmed that the dollar exchange rates in the parallel market began to approach the official price set at 1,320 dinars per dollar after the recent measures taken by the Central Bank and the Iraqi government .

Earlier today, Sunday, the United States pledged to continue providing “dollar services” to Iraq in the interest of economic stability .

The US ambassador to Baghdad, Alina Romanowski, said in a blog post seen by Al-Ghad Press that the United States “continues its cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq. Many Iraqi banks have now formed relationships with international banks for the first time, which is a positive step in making progress in reforming… The banking sector”.  LINK



Frank26   Question:   “When we go to exchange is the removal of the 3-zero notes going to affect the value of our dinar?”  If you look at the American currency…we actually have a $500…$1,000…$10,000 bill…but after World War II our country become very powerful and we got rid of the 3 zeros just what Iraq is doing but we didn’t do it physically.  We did it on our exchange rate… Those zero notes are still legal tender…

Walkingstick  Have we not been saying to you over and over again look for it in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a quarter…Iraq is on a fiscal calendar year.  January 1st to December the 31st. This is the end of a quarter.  It is all about the accounting.  It’s all about the numbers.

Lovely news thanks god merry Christmas everyone.

Nader:  12-24-2023


Insane Debt Crisis, Massive GOLD SHOCK Incoming | Alasdair Macleod

Soar Fubabcuakkt:  12-24-2023

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