Clare:  Soon…an Iraqi commercial center in Jordan

1/30/2024    Baghdad: Hussein Thaghb

There was a consensus witnessed by the Iraqi-Jordanian Economic Forum to achieve serious economic integration between the two countries in the various production and service sectors, and to work to address the problems that confuse the reality of cooperation between the two countries, based on the Iraqi government’s endeavor to open up to the regional neighborhood.

Acting Minister of Trade Atheer Al-Ghurairi read out his speech and began with a great welcome to the brotherly Jordanian delegation at a time when serious work is being done to achieve integration between the Iraqi and Jordanian economies, and in light of the Iraqi government’s efforts to open up to the regional neighborhood, pointing to the agreement to open an Iraqi commercial center in the Jordanian capital, Amman,

While I called for unifying efforts to advance the economy in Iraq and Jordan, calling for accelerating the opening of the Jordanian Trade Center at the Baghdad International Fair to be a stable platform for displaying Jordanian products.

He pointed out that the government’s directions emphasize the trend towards achieving economic development by adopting advanced work mechanisms that are of real benefit to the country, pointing out that the forum represents a real opportunity to achieve economic integration between the two brotherly countries, and we urge all parties in the public and private sectors to benefit from this forum and enhance cooperation in Various economic fields, especially in detail promoting joint investments and developing trade between the two countries.

As for the representative of the Jordanian private sector, Raed Hamada, he confirmed that the Iraqi market is the most important in the region, and today we are working to increase exports and imports between the two countries.
He pointed out that efforts will continue to contain the challenges that confuse joint action and find effective solutions for them, and that there will be real care for the economic interests of the two countries, and strengthening the role of the private sector in order to achieve sustainable economic development.

Chairman of the Federation of Chambers, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, said: The presence of the brothers from Jordan with their advanced efforts in Baghdad, with a sincere desire to achieve business integration and expand the circle of cooperation, and this represents a step that raises hope for a promising future, especially with the increasing numbers of economic delegations that have come to Iraq.

He stated that the recovery of the Iraqi economy would bring a direct benefit to the economies of the region and the world, as it is important at all levels, and this is recognized by the economic system regionally and internationally, pointing out that “our ambition for the presence of the brotherly Jordanian delegation is to be a real start for achieving the Arab customs union and the Arab free market.” And the strategic partnership.

Director General of the Bank of Jordan, Saleh Rajab Hammad, said: Iraq is considered a very broad investment environment due to political and security stability, support for the private sector and considering it a strategic partner for the development of the state, as well as improving infrastructure and enacting strong laws to combat money laundering.

Iraq has also taken a serious and strong approach to support The investment environment and the development of a flexible investment law that supports foreign and domestic investments, and the adoption of modern technologies to contribute to the development of Iraq and expand and diversify its production and service base.

He said, “Our approach at the Bank of Jordan to be present in brotherly Iraq was launched from the lofty royal visions to ensure economic growth and provide the appropriate environment for growth in its various economic, social and political dimensions.” To integrate into the global economy in general and in the Arab world in particular, the bank seeks, within its strategic vision, to expand its business model in regional expansion and expansion.

The specialist in economic affairs, Mohsen Kateh Al-Hamidawi, said: We value and appreciate the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s approach to working to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the two countries, which stems from their historical interdependence, in the hope of strengthening trade cooperation in light of the government’s directions aimed at diversifying the local economy.

He pointed out the importance of joint projects between the two countries, as well as the possibility of cooperation in many aspects of the Iraqi market, the opportunities available in the liberated areas and in general projects.

He stated that “the forum carries a lot of importance, as it enhances real cooperation between the two countries, and it is possible to create bilateral partnerships that achieve the highest levels of economic feasibility for the two neighbors.” who have important commonalities, especially since Iraq has witnessed development in a number of its economic aspects, the most important of which is the financial sector, which has begun to adopt advanced technology in many of its aspects.

In turn, the organizer of the forum, Dr. Ruaa Arabiyat, confirmed that when the content of the forum is based on “economic integration,” here we mean Strengthening economic integration between the two brotherly countries, which represent two lungs in one healthy and solid body, pointing out that our existence as one family works to arrange courses of action and improve performance in a manner commensurate with the capabilities of the two countries, as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan possesses advanced technology in many economic sectors that it can employ. In Iraq to advance the economy in production and service aspects.   LINK



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