Clare:  A deputy reveals the members of the committee set up by Al-Sudani regarding the oil and gas law


The representative of the State of Law Coalition, Firas Al-Maslamawi, revealed on Thursday the members of the committee that Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani announced yesterday, Wednesday, to form it in a meeting in the presence of the advanced cadres and the Ministry of Oil, the concerned and specialized cadres, regarding the oil and gas law.

Al-Maslamawi added, in an interview with Shafaq News agency; That “during the meeting, a decision was taken to form a committee in order to draft the oil and gas law and it was represented by the Minister of Oil and the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region and the advanced cadres in the Ministry of Oil, especially the national SOMO company concerned with exporting oil.”

And the deputy of the State of Law coalition continued; “The task of this committee is to draft the oil and gas law in order to be fair,” indicating the existence of two articles in the budget law, which include Articles 12 and 13, which regulate the work of exporting oil and gas from the region and are binding until the approval of the oil and gas law.   LINK

Clare: Exchange offices in Baghdad are closed for fear of arrest


The owners of exchange offices in the capital, Baghdad, reported, on Thursday, that they closed the doors of their offices for fear of arrest campaigns carried out by the competent authorities.

Waad Al-Dulaimi, one of the owners of these offices, told Shafaq News agency, “We had to close the office for fear of arrests and confiscation of money by selling above the official price, with charges of illegal trade being charged.”

He added, “The price of the dollar has become unknown in the markets because there is no parallel market, as it is prohibited to trade in exchange offices except at the official rate,” noting that “the exchange shops that opened their doors do not sell or buy dollars for fear of arrest.”

Al-Dulaimi believes that “the way the government deals with the dollar problem is wrong, as it confused the markets and disrupted their work,” warning that the government’s way of dealing with the problem “will increase the price of the dollar instead of decreasing it.”

It is noteworthy that the exchange rate of the dollar rose to more than 156,000 thousand dinars after US sanctions caught 14 Iraqi banks on charges of smuggling the dollar abroad, before it decreased slightly to 151,000 dinars.

The bank is seeking to increase its sale of dollars to meet the local demand for it in the parallel market by introducing banking companies that were deprived of the currency sale window, and to increase the traveler’s share of the dollar to 3000 dollars instead of 2000.  LINK



Frank26   Article quote: “304…which stipulates the punishment and the imprisonment of anyone who publicly broadcasts or fabricates the facts or allegations that would be causing a decline in the national bank note or weakening the confidence in the state’s currency and its bonds.”  That language says we’re coming out with a new exchange rate with a new currency and don’t you dare touch it Iran.  That’s what it says.  That’s what it’s for…this article is powerful.  The timing is amazing.

Mnt Goat  Article:  “DELETING ZEROS AND PRINTING A NEW CURRENCY WILL RAISE INFLATION”  We have read articles years ago that a German firm was contracted to print the newer lower denominations and a Swiss firm to stamp the coins. So we know these are in the wings awaiting.

This is the way supposed to be IQD in contrôl

Nader:  8-3-2023


Is This The Beginning Of A SUPER-MELTDOWN? The 10 Year Yield IS Spiking! Let’s See.

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