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Clare:  Touches 100 dollars. Economist expects oil prices to continue to rise

Oil expert Hamza Al-Jawahiri confirmed that the decision of Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend the oil production cut for three months will keep oil prices high until the end of this year, expecting the price of a barrel to reach $ 100 during the remainder of 2023.

Al-Jawahiri said in a press interview seen by “Taqaddam” that “the decision of Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend the oil production cut for three months will lead to a deficit in the treasury, which is reflected in raising oil prices in the global market during that period.”

“The decision to extend production cuts will keep oil prices high until the end of 2023,” he said.

Russia and Saudi Arabia recently announced the extension of the voluntary daily oil production and export cuts until the end of 2023.  LINK

Clare:  Iraq stock market. The last place to trade “fils” and its “black” market defraud the price of the dollar

2023-09-09 | 21:11

Economists said that the Iraq Stock Exchange relies on the shares of leading companies such as the Babel Hotel and Pepsi, while most other offered institutions sell their shares at a low price less than a dinar, so that the value is recorded in “fils”, a currency that has not been in circulation for many years.

Duraid Al-Enezi – Securities expert for Network 964:

The stock market in Iraq is emerging but is active.

– The market was established in the time of the former regime, but it was established with small amounts of money because Iraq was going through an economic blockade.

After 2003, the market witnessed a reactivation as it shifted from a centralized system to a market and stock system.

– The stock market suffers because it does not contain sufficient industrial and agricultural companies and depends on trade, banks and some hotels.

– The prices of the leading shares (the most popular), do not exceed 10 dinars per share, while the majority of shares are sold at “fils”.

– The market suffers from multiple problems, for example, if the manager of a joint stock company rehabilitates the company or even buys a car for the company, these expenses are deducted from the dividends of its shareholders.

– The market also suffers from limited profitability compared to stock exchanges in the countries of the region, which rely on a solid economic strategy and work in various fields.

Another controversial issue is that companies these days are not officially selling their shares, but rely on a recently emerging black market. Official direct selling is based on the official exchange rate, while the black market sells shares at the dinar rate traded in exchanges.

The issue of the dollar and its price fluctuations have significant effects on the stock market as the sudden decision to devalue the dollar by the government inflicted millions of dollars in losses on the stock exchange.

Bassem Antoine, an economist for Network 964:

– The stock market in Iraq needs significant development at the level of management and heads of companies that offer shares on the stock exchange.

– The fluctuation of the price of shares includes many companies participating in the stock exchange as some shares are sold for 150 fils.

There are more than 120 companies that offer shares on a daily basis for sale on the stock market.

Government support for this market is weak, although a boom in the market can have significant positive effects on the country’s economic reality.

– There are a few companies that maintain their market value, such as the Babylon Hotel and Pepsi, and this came against the background of the economic management of these companies.

– The fluctuation of dollar prices has significant negative effects on the market as it devalues the dinar and thus the value of companies’ shares declines.    LIN



Militia Man  2023-24-25 budget has not been opened.  They’re not spending money yet.  I don’t think anybody out there has any data to support the fact that they have.  I haven’t seen it.

Frank26   Sudanni  keeps repeating once security is stabilized and established and is firmly in place you are going to see the explosion of your currency/new exchange rate…It’s many that are helping Sudani return wealth back to [Iraq].  To do this special type of cleaning for the new exchange rate took a coordinated effort of many countries…All those countries that have helped bring back millions and trillions that were stolen by the corruption of the past decades they are all pitching in to help Sudani because they know what’s about to happen to your monetary reform…The whole world wants Iraq and the pain of waiting is coming to an end

European Union Collapse: Germany’s Gloom Deepens

Lena Petrova:  9-10-2023


UK’s Second Biggest City Just Went BANKRUPT

Sean Foo:  9-10-2023

The UK economy is facing another big financial mess with Birmingham declaring bankruptcy. This is a classic case of spending much more than you take in with a triggering event that sparked the fall of the once ‘best-managed city’ in the world. Here’s why Birmingham is in financial distress, how it is affecting Britain and how the biggest domino is actually America’s debt crisis.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Birmingham Declares Bankruptcy

2:34 Falling Into Financial Chaos

5:00 Economic Pain Is Coming

7:02 UK Recession Risks Increase

9:54 The Biggest Debt Crisis Today

12:42 It Happens Slowly, Then Suddenly!