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StehenMac63:  A question was asked by Frank in Team Chat this evening…..paraphrasing…”Why would Sudani  come to America, and what would he say?”

According to several Iraqi articles, Sudani will be in the USA on September 20, 2023. 

The event is the United Nations General Assembly Meeting. This particular meeting will run for a few days with the important subjects at the start of the meeting. This meeting will be attended by Prime Ministers, Kings, and Presidents from many nations. It’s the Whos Who of the International Arena, all in one spot.

According to the UN schedule, those speaking are allowed 15 minutes to speak, and a schedule has already been designated. I can’t find Sudani’s name on the schedule, but I saw President Saleh scheduled to talk on Thursday, the 23rd.

If by any chance there is a switchup in speakers, and it has happened before at the General Assembly Meeting, then I can only hope Sudani will speak.

Since he has only 15 minutes to speak, I bet he will choose his words carefully in advance to avoid wasting any time.

Below is a speech sample that I would have submitted to Sudani before he arrived in the USA…….

    ” I would like to thank the members of the international community for the warm welcome on this momentous day. We are gathered here to receive firsthand, from the esteemed members of this organization, the progress that has been made in our respective countries since our last meeting. I am honored and proud to report that Iraq has maintained steady progress in both categories of the Economic Policy and the Monetary Policy.

     ” As for the Economic Policy, we have extended the olive branch to many nations to submit bids and participate in rebuilding Iraq’s cities. Many contracts have been approved and are in full implementation as we speak. There is still more that’s needed, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We are a Great Nation with many possibilities.

One Nation can not do everything by itself; it takes a World.

Multiple utility companies have expanded so we can be self-reliant in the cities and remote areas of the country. Our infrastructure has been vastly improved by allowing professionals from other countries to demonstrate their expertise in their respective industries. For that, we are grateful.

We have made great strides in the Monetary Policy. Our parliament has approved a National Budget, which hasn’t been done before. Our citizens can now utilize a centralized national card worldwide. We have reduced the American Dollar’s dependency by increasing the Iraqi Dinar’s purchasing power. This has been done in multiple stages for various reasons. The ultimate goal is not to have the USD to be used by our general population. We have come a long way; the travel isn’t complete, but the end is now in sight.

Today is a special day, with great pride and privilege to speak on behalf of the World Bank and the IMF that we have achieved what most of the nations here today consider impossible. It is Today that I can formally announce _____________________________________________.

In closing, Id like to thank you for this opportunity to express the gratitude of the Iraqi People by asking, “You are a Member of KTFA, right? You’re Not? Well Ya Should Be”

Thank you and Goodnight ( big grin)


Meeting of the Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani, with a number of satellite channels

KTFA,  The Sandman



Sandy Ingram   How we know the value of the IQD will increase.  Mega banks slipped into Iraq...JP Morgan has assets of more than $2.62 trillion and is the 5th or 6th largest bank in the world…Earlier this month JP Morgan & Chase won the contract to run the Trade Bank of Iraq.  The Trade Bank of Iraq facilitates foreign trade financing operations… this is huge.  Other banks working with JP Morgan are out of the United Kingdom, Poland, France, Canada and Kuwait…Banks that influence the Forex Market are doing business in Iraq…Iraq is connected at the top.

Guru Mnt Goat  Article:  “IRAQ IS ADVANCING GLOBALLY AND SETTLING IN THE ARAB WORLD WITH THE LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD IN 2023”  Quote:  “…Iraq ranked 49th in the world’s largest economies for the year 2023, after it was ranked 52nd last year, within a list of 190 countries, according to a report by the International Monetary Fund.”

Straight from the horses mouth don’t miss this important

Nader:  9-11-2023


The History of the Dollar

Weird History:

Though the United States dollar was officially adopted in 1785, paper currency didn’t fully enter circulation until the Civil War.

The current appearance of modern US bills developed only after a long period of economic development based on commodities and coinage.

The earliest form of currency used on the North American continent includes Native American beads and coins minted in Europe. Given the choice, which form of currency would you want to revisit? Does the barter-based wampum appeal to your sensibilities, or perhaps a gold and silver system that would literally weigh you down?