MarkZ & Militia Man

  In MarkZ

Question:  What happens if they just print new notes and the dinar we hold are not good anymore?  MarkZ:  That will never be accepted in the international world. You would have to have a closed economy to do that…like N. Korea. You cannot do that to the international world though.  Militia Man:  We can clearly see the people behind this – the WTO, The IMF, The world Bank…the BIS, the Federal Reserve bank…The US, Canada, The UK…all kinds of countries hold dinar in their foreign reserves. Iraq cannot just say…”Sorry guys- we aren’t paying you” That is not going to happen. We are talking trillions. Look at the US- The US embassy in Iraq is one of the biggest in the world. One of our presidents said we are going to get paid back for this. They are planning big things over the next few months and need an exchange rate to match. Sudani has been moving on steroids to get this done.