In Pimpy

If you go to 1.32, it actually comes out to $0.76. So if I take my 5 million dinars times $0.76 oh yeah!  $3.8 million, we’ll take it!  But…if this is moving the decimal place over 3 positions coming out to 1.320 for every US dollar…they need to change their currency…That’s the deletion of the zeros.  Your 25,000 dinar becomes 25 dinar.  So if I take my 5 million and remove the three zeros and multiply $0.76 – 5,000 dinars x $.76 = $3,800.  Yeah, that’s what it comes down to…When Al-Sudani was talking about he would love to have an exchange rate of 1.32…he was talking about the deletion of the zeros.  I said that’s what we need to avoid…You do not want the deletion of the zeros but it looks now like it’s inevitable.