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Tishwash:  Central Bank: Iraq’s gold reserves amount to 132 tons

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, announced that Iraq’s gold reserves amount to 132 tons.

Al-Alaq said in a statement, followed by the information agency, that “there is a future for gold, and that Iraq possesses 132 tons,” pointing out that “there is a tendency to obtain dollars inside airports through outlets for sober companies.”

He added, “The talk about the entry of 14 foreign banks into Iraq is incorrect,” noting that “the banks that have correspondent banks have a sound, official, and easy status with foreign remittances.”

He pointed out that “the central bank is asking the government for 46 trillion dinars, including 30 in the Al-Kazemi government.  link

Tishwash:  Iraq is discussing its accession to the World Trade Organization

Today, Wednesday, Iraq discussed its accession file to the World Trade Organization.

A statement by the Ministry of Commerce, received by Earth News, stated that “Minister Atheer Al-Ghurairy met, in his office today, Wednesday, with experts from the United Nations Trade Center, the WTO organization, representatives of the World Food Program and the European Union, to discuss a formula for joint action to support the process of Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, in the presence of the economic agent, Ghassan Farhan. Hamid and Director General of the Department of Economic Relations.

Al-Ghurairy stressed, “The government’s keenness, within its program, to communicate with countries of the world and discreet international organizations to benefit from its expertise in developing the Iraqi economy, which, after 2003, turned to a market economy through support and attribution with its expertise to take practical steps in this aspect.”

He continued, “Iraq needs to diversify its economy in a flexible manner, such as the agricultural, industrial and investment sectors, and for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization to be useful as one of the tools for building a market economy within the standards of the global market and a tool to achieve reforms and decisions to implement these measures.”

The minister indicated, “His ministry is responsible for domestic and foreign economic policy and is continuing to work with steps and programs to implement this within its ministerial curriculum and at the specified times.”

The statement pointed out that “Trade Center experts reviewed their work in assisting countries with economic policies, with a focus on business and the accession of countries to the WTO organization, noting that they” have been working in Iraq for three years, with the aim of strengthening trade policy in Iraq and developing the institutional capabilities of the relevant ministries. The Ministry of Commerce is fruitful and advanced in this aspect, in addition to achieving sustainable development goals, enhancing the capabilities of the private sector and small, medium and micro projects directed to local markets, supporting youth projects and increasing their skills. This is a great challenge to be the first to adopt reform in legislation, and we are ready to provide technical support and advice to expedite the completion of many accession files.”

The statement concluded, “Views were exchanged on the possibilities of support that the center will provide to Iraq, with a diagnosis of challenges and work to support Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization by providing technical and legal advice and supporting trade policies to align with international standards.”  link


Tishwash:  An Iraqi tendency to reformulate the relationship with the international coalition

Iraq may reformulate its relationship with the international coalition following government statements that confirmed the country’s lack of need for the presence of foreign combat forces on Iraqi soil, a step that may aim to strengthen the Iraqi security establishment, according to observers.

He speaksIraqOn his lack of need for foreign combat forces on his lands, a step that may come to restore the nature of the relationship with the international coalition at some critical points, with the importance of maintaining coordination on intelligence and technical issues, according to experts.

At the level of negotiation, experts see the need for the Iraqi moves to be in the national interest, while striving to keep the military away from any external pressures.

After a recent meeting between Iraq And WashingtonThe two sides agreed to form a joint higher committee between the two parties, to start implementing the outcomes of the joint dialogue in accordance with the strategic framework agreement.  link

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