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CandyKisses:  The G20 summit begins in New Delhi

Information / Baghdad..

Today, Saturday, the G20 summit kicked off in the Indian capital, New Delhi.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the opening of the summit that “the world is suffering from a massive crisis of confidence due to the war,” pointing out that “it is possible to overcome the crisis of mutual trust.”

Modi called on the African Union to “join the G20.”

Modi said in his opening speech, “With everyone’s agreement, I ask the President of the African Union to take his place as a permanent member of the G20.”

CandyKisses:  Finance is ready to implement the budget law and grant 50% of the outlets’ revenues to Kurdistan

Shafaq News / Finance Minister Tayf Sami said on Saturday that there is no consensus between the Federal Border Ports Authority and the Kurdistan Region on the unification of the pricing of customs duties.

Sami was speaking during her hosting by the Parliamentary Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament and was attended by a correspondent of Shafaq News Agency.

Our correspondent quoted Sami as saying, “There is no consensus in customs between the federal border crossings and the Kurdistan region, considering that the customs duties in the region are lower than other ports in Iraq, and a good example of this is the entry of cigarettes through the region,” she claimed.

She stressed that “zero’ control must be restored, not only in one location, but in different locations with reduced customs duties in order to reduce smuggling operations.”

The minister expressed her readiness to apply the text of the country’s financial budget law, and that 50% of the revenues of the official border ports will be the share of the provinces in the Kurdistan region,” noting that: There are 5 unofficial border ports in the region.


Tishwash:  Concerning the dollar.. America continues to blackmail and central procedures are air in a net!

After several months have passed since the government and the central bank attempted to control the rise in dollar exchange rates, the official and parallel rate gap continues, given the schemes that Washington is pushing to pass its own interests.

As for government measures and the central bank, they are still mere notifications and decisions that do not fatten or satisfy hunger, especially since they did not stand up to the decisions of the United States of America that push to fabricate crises and not find solutions.

Washington control!

Speaking about this file, Member of Parliament Suhaila Al-Sultani accuses the United States of controlling the file of dollar exchange rates in the local markets so far, while she confirmed that the beneficiaries and speculators support the continuity of the current dollar crisis.

Al-Sultani says, in a press interview seen by Taqaddam, that “there are many parties that support destabilizing the economic situation in order to influence the workflow of the current government,” noting that “the application of the budget in the ministries and governorates will not lead to a reduction in the exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets.” “.

And she continues, “America continues to control the file of dollar exchange rates in the local markets until now,” adding that “the United States of America controls the dollar paper in order to subject the Iraqi economy to the decisions and wills that it wants to impose.”

Regarding the internal factors of the dollar crisis, Al-Sultani confirms during her speech: “The beneficiaries and speculators support the continuity of the dollar crisis and the weakening of the value of the Iraqi dinar in order to achieve their personal goal.”

* Blame war!

In addition, a member of Parliament, Thaer al-Jubouri, accuses the United States of America of waging a conspiratorial war to destroy Iraq’s economy, while he directed a request to the Iraqi government regarding methods of dealing with Washington during diplomatic meetings.

Al-Jubouri said, in a press interview seen by “Takadum”, that “the Iraqi government, when it talks with the American side within the diplomatic framework, must bear in mind the criterion of strength and try to obtain advanced and modern technological technologies that benefit Iraq.”

And he adds, “America is leading the policy of economic conspiracy during the current period; to destroy the Iraqi currency and the exchange rate,” stressing “the necessity of referring to this war and not leaving it.”

The member of the House of Representatives explains that “the government and the relevant ministries are required to deal as much as they can with America, and that the conversation be diplomatic with distinction,” pointing out that “Washington, despite its geographical distance from Baghdad, is trying to impose its full control over all joints and focus on Important files such as the economy and development.

* Technical procedures?

For his part, the researcher in economic affairs, Muhammad Al-Saadi, pledges control and control of the exchange rate of the dollar in the parallel market by taking practical technical measures without resorting to methods of arrests or the use of force.

Al-Saadi says in a press interview seen by Taqaddam, “The responsible authorities are working to pursue speculators by applying the law against those who want to harm the Iraqi economy, in addition to being a first step to ensuring the elimination of the differences between the official and parallel market.”

He adds, “The need has become urgent to take decisions related to the technical and financial aspects, which would expand the outlets for selling the currency and allow citizens to buy in limited quantities by setting restrictions or preconditions.”

And he shows that “the problem of exchange and high prices is often suffered by the citizen before the merchant, as the merchants began to go to the official platform to obtain the dollar, while the citizen is still suffering in obtaining the dollar, especially since some citizens go to car dealerships and face difficulty in buying in the dollar.” . link

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