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CandyKisses:  America’s debt exceeds $33 trillion for the first time. And the debt of every citizen registers 97 thousand dollars

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The US Treasury Department revealed in a report detailing the balance sheet that the total US national debt exceeded $ 33 trillion for the first time ever, which means that each citizen owes $ 97,340. The population of the United States is about <> million.

According to US Treasury figures, the country’s debt has reached a historic high amid budget debates in Congress. The debt increased by about $3 trillion in a three-month period, after hitting $32 trillion in June.

If current trends continue, debt will reach $34 trillion by the end of the year.

The United States reached its debt limit of $31.4 trillion on January 19, and the U.S. Treasury Department took extraordinary measures to avoid exceeding the limit and prevent potential defaults.

After negotiations over the debt limit, an agreement was reached in Congress, and President Joe Biden signed a bill in June to increase the debt limit and prevent the country from defaulting.

National debt is the total amount of borrowing owed by the U.S. federal government accumulated throughout the nation’s history.

This comes as Congress appeared to be faltering in its efforts to fund the government ahead of the Sept. 30 deadline. Unless Congress can pass dozens of appropriation bills or approve a short-term extension of federal funding at current levels, the United States will face its first government shutdown since 2019.

Over the weekend, House Republicans considered a short-term proposal that would cut spending for most federal agencies and revive Trump-era strict border initiatives to expand funding through the end of October. But the plan had little hope of breaking the deadlock on Capitol Hill, where Republicans remain divided over their demands and Democrats are unlikely to back any compromise they reach among themselves


Tishwash:  Sudanese begins his participation in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly

Today, Tuesday (September 19, 2023), Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani began the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, at its 78th session, in New York.

The Prime Minister’s Media Office stated, in a statement received by “Baghdad Today”, that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani began his participation in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, at its seventy-eighth session in New York.”

Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani arrived in New York City yesterday, Monday (September 18, 2023) .

The Prime Minister’s Media Office said in a statement received by “Baghdad Today”, “Al-Sudani arrived in New York to participate in the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, in its seventy-eighth session .”

The work of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly continues for several days, and includes high-level meetings and conferences, during which several issues that threaten human security and the world are discussed, most notably the Russian-Ukrainian war .

During its session in New York, the United Nations General Assembly will hold three high-level meetings on health  link



Angel1   Sudani has been in New York…We were told Sudani was scheduled to speak on Friday – Sudani has already spoke…Last week Sudani had a special meeting that was broadcast across the nation, 1 hour and 24 minutes.  He went off on security, stability, exchange rate, water, wheat, deals, about how incredibly well Iraq was doing.  Today in a speech we see a mirror image of that…in New York on an international stage…He has let the world leaders know exactly where Iraq is and that they are open for business and they are coming.

Frank26   Sudani is going to the United Nations.  What’s that?  The world!  Has the Prime Minister of Iraq ever been in front of the United Nations that you can remember?  …He’s going with great pride…joy, to tell the world something.  You think he’s going to tell the world, ‘Hey, we’re staying with a program rate?  Hey, we want to remain a third world country?  Hey, we want Iran to continue to abuse us…?’ He’s going to tell the world what you and I know about the monetary and economic reform of Iraq

Iraq more good coming IQD dinar revolution

Nader:  9-19-2023

Andy Schectman: Rising Oil Prices – The Latest Problem for Fed’s Inflation Battle

Arcadia Economics:  9-19-2023

The Federal Reserve has seen the government inflation metrics come down over the past year throughout its interest rate hiking campaign.

But one of the driving factors behind the decreases in the rate of increase has been lower energy prices. Which makes it concerning that even with the CPI and PCE indicators still well above the Fed’s 2% mandate, now oil prices are rising again. With WTI now over $91, while Brent crude approaches the $95 level.

So in today’s show, in addition to taking a look at the latest silver premiums, I talk with Andy Schectman about some of the economic factors that are driving the markets ahead of the Fed’s latest policy meeting this week on Wednesday.

He also comments on the increased premiums in China on gold and silver, and answers some viewer questions. And to find out more, click to watch this video now!