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CandyKisses:  Sadr calls on government and parliament to close US embassy in Iraq

Shafaq News / Sadrist movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr on Friday called on the federal government and parliament to vote on a resolution to close the United States embassy in Iraq to “in support” the Palestinians.

Al-Sadr said in a post on the sites of “X-Twitter previously”, that he “demands (the Iraqi government), and (the Iraqi parliament) in all its categories and directions, and for the first time and for public interests not private to vote on the closure of the US embassy in Iraq for the unlimited American support for terrorist Zionists against Gaza.”

He stressed the need to “protect its members (the US embassy) diplomats, and not to be exposed to them by rude militias, which want to undermine the security and safety of Iraq,” in the event of a vote on the resolution.

As Sadr said, “If the government and parliament do not respond, we have another position that we will announce later.”

The Shiite leader called on supporters of the current “to commit to obedience and not to act individually, and to avoid using weapons at all.

Tishwash:  America announces that it has been subjected to 12 attacks in Iraq and confirms: We will respond soon

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that its forces in Iraq were subjected to at least 12 attacks within a week, while confirming that it would respond to these attacks in a timely manner.

The Pentagon stated in press statements reported by media outlets that “American forces were attacked by Iranian agents in Iraq at least 12 times, and 4 times in Syria during this week.”

The US Department confirmed that 900 soldiers were sent to the Middle East from the United States, including air defense system operators.

On Thursday evening, the armed factions in Iraq claimed responsibility for bombing the American “Harir” base in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, as part of a series of operations they have been launching for days.

Earlier today, the factions attacked the Ain al-Asad base, west of Anbar Governorate, with a drone, which they said successfully hit their targets.  link


Warning that Iraqi funds remain with the US Federal Bank

Today, Thursday (October 26, 2023), economic expert Saleh Al-Sarfi warned of the consequences of Iraqi funds remaining with the US Federal Bank, noting that their presence may constitute a tool of pressure exerted by Washington on Baghdad.

The banker said in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, “All Iraqi oil funds are deposited directly in a special account in the US Federal Bank, and Baghdad is submitting a request to obtain the funds to cover operational expenses and the rest of the other obligations,” pointing out that “this procedure is not recent, but has been adopted.” During the economic blockade in the nineties of the last century after the application of the oil-for-food principle.

He added, “Washington’s excuses for keeping Iraq’s funds under its control at the Federal Reserve are due to the state of political instability and the consideration that the country is going through complex and unstable circumstances, in addition to protecting the funds from a large number of cases filed against Baghdad as a result of previous wars.”

He pointed out that “there are risks from Iraqi funds remaining in the US Federal Reserve, most notably the direct impact of any crisis that strikes the American economy, in addition to it being considered a pressure tool that Washington can exert towards Baghdad.”

On October 6, Washington rejected Iraq’s request to obtain one billion dollars in cash from the Federal Reserve Bank, under the pretext that it conflicts with their efforts to curb Baghdad’s use of the dollar and stop illicit cash flows to Iran.

The American Wall Street Journal reported that since the American invasion of Iraq two decades ago, the United States has provided $10 billion or more annually to Baghdad via bi-monthly cargo flights, and the money is derived from the proceeds of Iraqi oil sales deposited with the Federal Reserve Bank.

American officials said, “Banknotes in the hands of Iraqis have become a lucrative source of illicit dollars that go back to militias and corrupt politicians, as well as to Iran.

By applying for an additional $1 billion shipment, Iraq says it needs the money to help prop up its faltering currency. A senior Iraqi official explained that “last week, the Central Bank of Iraq submitted an official request that the Treasury Ministry is still studying, after Washington rejected the initial request submitted by Iraq last month.”

According to the newspaper, since last November, Washington has prevented 18 Iraqi banks from dealing in dollars, adopting stricter rules for electronic transfers in dollars from its banks.

Treasury officials told Iraqi central bank governors that sending a large additional shipment conflicts with Washington’s goal of limiting Iraq’s use of US banknotes, Iraqi officials said.

American officials spoke of conclusive evidence that some of the dollars that were arriving in Iraq were smuggled in cash over the years to Iran, as well as to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

A Treasury Department spokeswoman said regarding the Iraqi request, “The United States continues to support Iraq with dollar banknotes and has not restricted its access to ordinary Iraqis and businesses,” indicating continued work with the Central Bank of Iraq.


CandyKisses:  Al-Shamri: Sudani will announce next week a banking service that leads to the decline of the dollar

Al-Shamri: Sudani will announce next week a banking service that leads to the decline of the dollar

{Political: Al-Furates News} Advisor to Prime Minister Fadi Al-Shamri revealed that Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani will announce next week a new banking service for small traders that will lead to a decrease in the exchange rate and facilitate their work procedures.

“Those who manipulate the dollar are speculators and the government provides the dollar through official platforms and the government is not subject to extortion of speculators who seek to profit at the expense of citizens and at the beginning of the implementation of the platform there were problems related to time and now the delay was reduced for only three days,” Al-Shamri said in a televised statement.

He stressed that “food items have not been affected by the process of the rise of the dollar and the Prime Minister is seen on a daily basis the list of food prices in the local market and the government provides a food basket for 10 months for citizens, and 12 months for social welfare,” pointing out that “living issues certainly have not been affected by the dollar exchange rate and the government will not allow the exchange rate to affect food prices.”

He pointed out that “the services file is one of the most prominent challenges facing the government as it is continuing to implement its project and the government is working with an implementable strategic plan and the accurate daily follow-up of the Prime Minister is reflected in the great progress in work and daily follow-up of work that led to the progress of work from the scheduled schedule, and there are 190 basic and strategic projects in Baghdad alone, which is a precedent that happened for the first time and we will see a big leap in the value and quality of projects that will be launched in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces.”

Al-Shamri pointed out that “the current year the government faced serious challenges, including the budget and some budget items launched and the others are in the process of starting and in the previous budgets it usually needs 3 months with the lowest estimate to launch the budget allocations when the data is completed after its already late approval and we will get rid of the problem of delay and launching the budget allocations after the approval of the three-year budget.”

He explained that “the wisdom of the government’s dealing with various political actors and components is considered the most prominent feature of it with the realistic treatment of the solution of the files and the coordination framework is characterized by the unity of decision that was present in many of its scenes.”

Al-Shamdi revealed that “the Prime Minister is making contacts and making an exceptional effort in constructive communication with the leaders and heads of state of the region and the world, and Iraq seeks to mitigate as much as possible the escalation in the region, and what is happening in the region affects Iraq, considering that the Middle East is the heart of the world and Iraq is the heart of the Middle East.”

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