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The dinar is stronger than the dollar.” The hypothesis that is absent from reality!

Everything has become higher because of the dollar, a dangerous trade recession that the country is experiencing, amid warnings of an economic slide that may lead to a worsening of the situation in the coming days.

According to experts, merchants affiliated with influential parties and entities are the only beneficiaries of the platform affiliated with the Central Bank, and the government must come out immediately and be honest with the people about the truth of what is happening.

According to a simple calculation, the Central Bank sells an estimated two hundred thousand dollars daily, meaning that the daily profits of speculators are estimated at forty thousand dollars, bringing their monthly total to one million two hundred thousand dollars, which is equivalent to about two billion Iraqi dinars net for speculators per month.  link

CandyKisses:  Sudanese visits the Ministry of Commerce to follow up its plans in implementing the government program

{local: Al-Ferat News} Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani visited the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce and follows up the ministry’s plans and procedures within the implementation of the government program.

Al-Sudani also toured the Companies Registration Department at the Ministry of Commerce and was briefed, on the ground, on the obstacles and mechanisms followed in the registration of companies.


Tishwash:  Member of Parliamentary Finance: The dollar exchange difference is very large and it has become necessary to address it

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee stressed the need to address the high dollar exchange rates in the country.

Committee member Ali Jabbar Mu’nis told Al-Furat News Agency, “The financial difference between the official and parallel exchange rates in the markets has become very large.”

He added, “It has become necessary to resolve this matter by dealing more seriously with the US Federal Reserve, oil dues, and increasing dollar payments to Iraq, and the issue must be addressed because of the negative repercussions on the lives of citizens.”

He warned of “long-term repercussions, as the Iraqi government has large economic obligations and the budget must undertake the process of organizing the budget more closely.”   link


CandyKisses:  Source reveals main reason behind Blinken’s visit to Baghdad: 3 worrying reports

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Today, Sunday (November 5, 2023), an informed source revealed the main and direct reason behind US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Baghdad, which was not planned 72 hours ago, while indicating that there are three worrying reports.

The source said in an interview with “Baghdad Today”, that “the visit of the US Secretary of State to Baghdad was not planned 72 hours ago, meaning that it took place in exceptional circumstances, especially with the presence of 3 worrying reports prepared by the Pentagon about the attacks on US bases in Iraq and Syria by unknown Iraqi factions.”

He added, “Reports indicated beyond any doubt that the bombing is influential and that the quality of the marches poses a direct danger to the lives of soldiers and can lead to significant human and material losses, pointing out that Blinken will discuss with the Iraqi government the file of the bases being subjected to repeated bombardment in a way that may lead to escalation and tension in an area that is mainly suffering from the repercussions of the current events in Gaza.”

The source pointed out that “Blinken will send a message to Tehran about Washington’s seriousness not to expand the scope of the crisis in Gaza and not to send any fighters on the ground, while warning of the danger of supporting the factions with weapons and lethal drones.” that seemed to strain US bases due to the depletion of air defense batteries.”

The source, who preferred not to be named, said, “The US Secretary of State is aware of Iraq’s clear position on the Palestinian issue after the Cairo conference and his visit is an attempt to reduce tensions, especially with the waves of bombardment that began to take a wider range by bombing targets in Israel.”

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