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CandyKisses:  Sudani: Our new year will be the “year of achievements” and plans turning into reality

Baghdad Today – Baghdad

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani congratulated the Iraqi people on Monday (January 1, 2024) on the advent of the new year, stressing that the new year will be the “year of achievements” and turning plans into reality.

Al-Sudani said in a statement received by “Baghdad Today”, “I extend to our honorable Iraqi people the best words of congratulations, and prayers to Almighty God to preserve him in our beloved Iraq.”

He added: “We are entering a new year, in which we carry the aspirations of our people, hold hope and determination, and renew our determination to make it a year full of progress, work and giving, and to proceed with what the government has committed to in its program and its executive priorities, as a government of services, reform and achieving the requirements and needs, which meet the aspirations of citizens everywhere in this dear country.”

He continued, “Our new year will be the “year of achievements,” God willing, it will be the year of transforming plans into a reality of work, and harvesting the fruits of effort, in a way that meets the aspirations of our citizens Everywhere. May God protect Iraq, dear, strong and healthy.”

Tishwash:  Iraq forms financial intelligence to follow up on smuggling and manipulation operations

The National Security Service revealed the creation of the Financial Intelligence Directorate to follow up on the sources of funds accompanying crimes, while announcing the dismantling of a terrorist network consisting of 14 foreigners who were planning to launch suicide attacks.

The agency’s spokesman, Arshad al-Hakim, said in an annual press conference, “The National Security Agency arrested 421 people accused of currency smuggling and price speculation, and seized more than 15 million dollars and 7 billion and 250 million dinars, including counterfeit amounts, during 2023.”

He added, “The agency created the Financial Intelligence Directorate, which is a precedent for the work of the security and intelligence services. This directorate is responsible for combating financial crimes and maintaining the financial system, as it was able to conduct a parallel financial investigation of more than 15 cases affecting financial security and refer them to the judiciary.”

He explained, “The directorate’s mission is to follow up on the sources of funds accompanying crimes. These funds are considered illegal and are given the status of legitimacy through money laundering.”

Regarding the fight against drugs, the spokesman for the National Security Service confirmed, “Dismantling most of the major drug networks, striking transport lines, arresting 689 of the major dealers, distributors, and transporters, and seizing 179 crystal, marijuana, and hashish materials, seizing 14 million and 600 thousand narcotic pills, and 1,470 narcotic Datura plants.”

He pointed out, “An operation to plant narcotic plants in an apartment within a residential complex and a similar operation inside a house east of the capital, Baghdad, was thwarted. The accused were arrested in possession of the raw materials and seeds for the planting process.”

He pointed out that “the Counter-Terrorism Cell within the Counter-Terrorism Service was able to overthrow a foreign terrorist network consisting of 14 terrorists who were recruited outside Iraq and were planning suicide and terrorist attacks, but with intelligence efforts that continued for months, they were lured and arrested before implementing their plans.”  link


CandyKisses:  Among them is Iraq. Countries around the world celebrate the New Year 2024

Baghdad Today – Follow-up

The world’s population, currently numbering more than eight billion, is beginning to welcome the new year 2024 with hopes for peace, reducing the rising cost of living and resolving conflicts in the world.

New Zealanders were among the first in the world to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, with a fireworks display in Auckland and fireworks lighting up the city’s cloudy sky.

Sydney welcomed 2024 with a dazzling fireworks display, which coincides with the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the famous Sydney Opera House.

More than a million Australians have gathered along the harbor beach, while city authorities and police have indicated that all fireworks sites are occupied, despite the unusually humid weather at this time of year.

Revelers watched the Harbor Bridge and other landmarks illuminated with fires weighing up to eight tons.

Firecrackers also lit up the skies over Hong Kong, Bangkok (Thailand) and Manila (Philippines).

The UAE entered the new year in its own way, with fireworks and drones painting paintings in its sky as part of celebrations in several areas, the largest of which will last for more than 60 minutes in the Al Wathba area in the emirate of Abu Dhabi , according to the Emirates News Agency.

Iraq also entered the new year with popular celebrations in different areas.

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