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Tishwash:  Iran talks about economic transactions with Iraq: they will be carried out in riyals

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iran for International Affairs announced on Sunday that Iranian businessmen will be able to conduct their economic transactions with Iraq in riyals.

Mohsen Karimi said, according to Iranian television: “Exporters from Iran and Russia have the possibility of exporting in their national currency,” adding: “In this project, exporters and importers exchange their goods for riyals. As for the countries from which we import with riyals, it is possible to export to them with riyals as well.”

Karimi referred to the opening of a letter of credit between Iran and Russia, saying: “We have linked the correspondence network between the two countries, which means that the banks of the two countries no longer need to communicate through Switzerland. It is possible for the exporter to submit an invoice in riyals to the Russian side and receive the money from the Russian banks.” in Iran”.

Karimi added: “Iranian businessmen will be able to conduct their economic transactions with Iraq and Afghanistan in riyals during the next six months.” link

Tishwash:  Iraq surpasses Saudi Arabia in oil exports to America

The US Energy Information Administration announced on Sunday that Iraq’s oil exports to America decreased during the past week.

The administration said in a table seen by Shafaq News Agency, “The average US imports of crude oil during the past week from nine major countries amounted to 5.909 million barrels per day, an increase of 1.37 million barrels per day compared to the previous week, which amounted to 4.872 million barrels per day.”

She added, “Iraq’s oil exports to America amounted to 239,000 barrels per day last week, down by 141,000 barrels per day from the previous week, which averaged 380,000 barrels per day.”

She pointed out that “most of America’s oil revenues during the past week came from Canada at an average of 3,796 million barrels per day, followed by Mexico with an average of 952 million barrels per day, and oil revenues from Brazil amounted to an average of 305 thousand barrels per day, and then Libya at an average of 171 thousand barrels per day.”

According to the administration, “the amount of American imports of crude oil, from Saudi Arabia, is at a rate of 139,000 barrels per day, from Colombia, at a rate of 129,000 barrels per day, from Nigeria, at a rate of 95,000 barrels per day, and from Ecuador, at a rate of 83,000 barrels per day, while no quantity of oil was imported.” Russia”.   link



Militia Man The Central Bank of Iraq is giving out instructions for what they’re doing and how they’re doing it…I think you should be pretty excited because I know I am…

Frank26   Question:  “Are you looking for any major announcements from the CBI next week?”  When you say major announcement obviously that’s trying to entrap me.  I’m looking for an announcement every freaking morning that I wake up…


Greg Mannarino:  1-7-2024

Things Just Went From Bad To Worse, It’s Shocking How Bad This Is

Atlantis Report:  1-7-2024

In the unfolding narrative of America’s economic landscape, the situation has taken a distressing turn, progressing from bad to worse in ways that have left many stunned. As we delve into the intricacies of this disconcerting scenario, a cascade of alarming developments reveals a nation grappling with financial hardships, social unrest, and a deepening sense of economic precarity. Things just went from bad to worse, and it’s shocking how bad this is.