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CandyKisses:  Al-Fatlawi: Iraqi policy is continuing to remove the occupation forces from the country

Information / Baghdad.

Ali al-Fatlawi, a member of the Fatah Alliance, said that Iraq is on the way to removing the combat forces of the US occupation, while maintaining diplomatic cooperation like other countries that work on this principle.

Al-Fatlawi told Al-Maalouma that “Iraq’s policy is proceeding on the right real track to end the US presence in the country and remove the occupation forces from military bases.”

He added that “the removal of the occupation forces from Iraq opens the door to the continuation of diplomatic cooperation, as any Arab or foreign regional country does, provided that the combat presence of US forces inside Iraq is ended.”

He pointed out that “America has cards to play against countries that oppose its path and project in the region, and Iraq has taken a decision to remove the occupying forces from the country, where it works through its cards to exert pressure to ensure the achievement of its goals, but the matter cannot pass on the Iraqis as they will not obey any pressure exerted by Washington towards them.” 

Tishwash:  Russia: Baghdad informed us of Washington’s readiness to withdraw its forces from Iraq

The special envoy of the Russian President for the Syrian settlement, Alexander Lavrentiev, said that Iraq informed the Russian side of the United States’ readiness to withdraw its forces from Iraq.

In an interview with Novosti, Lavrentiev said that the question now is how long this will take and how the process of withdrawing American military personnel will take place.

He added, “Our Iraqi colleagues told us about this matter, and they informed us that the American ambassador in Baghdad announced his country’s readiness to implement this measure – to meet the request of the Iraqi side, which was confirmed by a parliamentary decision. For my part, I asked our Iraqi friends in particular whether their request had been rejected, and they answered that the United States agreed.” .

According to the Russian envoy, the Iraqi side confirmed that it is ready to maintain order throughout Iraq practically, and does not need external military support.

Regarding the American withdrawal, Lavrentiev said: “This could happen within a month or two, as happened in Afghanistan, or it could extend for years, and it could be done in a way in which military units are withdrawn and security forces from private companies are deployed in their place. Thus, it will seem that there is no “There are foreign military units, but there will be a foreign military presence.” link


CandyKisses:  Parliamentary Finance: We are close to ending the phenomenon of “parallel markets” and prices are heading down

Baghdad today – Baghdad

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed today, Wednesday (January 24, 2024), that Iraq is close to resolving the crisis of the high dollar exchange rate and ending the phenomenon of “parallel markets.”

Committee member Moeen Al-Kazemi said, in an interview with “Baghdad Today,” thatthe Iraqi government and the central bank were able to truly control the exchange rate of the dollar and prevent its rise, after taking various steps and decisions over the past months that led to the gradual decline of the dollar in the parallel markets.” .

He added, “Work is currently underway to end the so-called (parallel markets) and we are approaching that. The dollar will not be exchanged except at the rate approved by the Central Bank of Iraq, and this matter requires a short time,” pointing out that “the decline in the parallel markets “It will continue gradually over the coming days.”

Earlier, the Central Bank of Iraq announced in a statement that it had decided as of January to “limit all commercial and other transactions to Iraqi dinars instead of dollars” inside the country, in an attempt to control exchange rates in parallel markets.

Yesterday, Tuesday (January 23, 2024), a member of the Parliamentary Economy Committee, MP Periar Rashid, monitored the danger of the “parallel market” in Iraq.

Rashid said in an interview with “Baghdad Today” that “many factors contributed to the creation of the parallel market for the exchange of the dollar in Iraq, which is currently far from the official rate set by the Central Bank at about 20,000 dinars per $ 100 (the official rate is 132,000 dinars per $100).”

Rashid pointed out that “the gap between the parallel and the official puts strong pressure on the markets and increases the rate of price rise,” stressing that “his committee will hold a series of sessions with the Central Bank starting next week in order to coordinate towards supporting the markets and responding to the requirements of companies and traders in order to reduce prices as much as possible.”

He explained that “supporting banks and openness in the labor market and production is a priority during the next stage,” stressing that “increasing national production will reduce the demand for hard currency and push to reduce the parallel market, and this is what we are seeking to achieve at the present time.”

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