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Tishwash:  Chambers of Commerce: Government support attracted many countries to establish economic relations with Iraq

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce announced today, Wednesday, that the private sector witnessed a significant recovery in 2023, stressing that government support for the sector worked to attract countries to establish strong economic relations with Iraq.

The head of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce, Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The private sector in Iraq witnessed a significant recovery during the year 2023, due to government support, in addition to the financial and monetary recovery in all Iraqi banks.”

He stressed, “The great government support for the private sector has had a positive impact on the influx of many countries to Iraq, to establish strong economic relations.”

He pointed out, “The BRICS economic phenomenon has become a reality in changing the economic world in the world, as the dollar and the euro are no longer the main currencies in financial dealings   link

Tishwash:  235 ATMs to be installed in Erbil

The infrastructure is intended to enable Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) civil servants to receive their salaries electronically.

About 80 service centers will be installed in Erbil to accommodate approximately 235 ATMs from various banks.

The infrastructure is intended to enable Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) civil servants to receive their salaries electronically.

The establishment of ATM stations in banks and the redistribution of some civil servants to banks are indications of the expansion of the MyAccount Initiative.

The civil servants, who are employees of the KRG, can make withdrawals and deposits at the select ATMs.

Currently, the distribution of bank cards to employees is being carried out through 10 state-owned banks.

Marwan Ahmad, supervisor of the project, told Kurdistan24 on Monday that approximately 25,000 accounts have been successfully registered for their owners thus far.

Ahmad also mentioned that they are currently working on coordinating with banks to install the ATMs at the stations.

The pilot project is expected to be finalized in 2025 to integrate all civil servants into the digital payment system.

The government’s Department of Information Technology (DIT) designed, tested, piloted, and implemented a secure application for onboarding KRG employees into the program in line with the Central Bank of Iraq’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) needs, according to a press release previously shared with Kurdistan24.

It is believed that there are four banks offering services for the program: Ashur, BBAC, Cihan, and RT.

Erbil currently has ATMs from five private banks, namely RT Bank, Cihan Bank, Ashur International Bank, National Bank of Iraq, and BBAC Bank, all of which are synchronized with MyAccount, except for the National Bank of Iraq.  link


CandyKisses:  Sudani receives official invitation to visit Tunisia

The media office of Prime Minister Mohamed Shia al-Sudani announced on Tuesday that the latter received an official invitation to visit Tunisia, which he promised to meet as soon as possible.

This came during a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia to Iraq, Shukri Latif, according to the Sudanese Media Office.

During the meeting, they discussed the horizon of joint cooperation between the two countries and ways to strengthen relations at various levels and fields, in the interest of the Iraqi and Tunisian peoples, the statement said.

The statement added that Ambassador Shukri Al-Latif conveyed the greetings of Tunisian Prime Minister Ahmed Saleh Al-Hachani to the Sudanese and his appreciation of Iraq’s positions, and the sincere desire to expand the strategic partnership and strengthen the friendship between the two countries, which is adopted by Tunisian President Kais Saied.

The statement pointed out that the ambassador carried to the Sudanese a written message from Al-Hashanni, which included an official invitation to the Iraqi Prime Minister to visit Tunisia, in order to discuss ways to diversify areas of cooperation and raise them to the highest levels, and to confirm the trend towards constructive joint work.

The statement noted that Al-Sudani expressed his appreciation for the invitation and its response at the earliest possible opportunity, stressing the importance of mutual support in international forums and Tunisia’s position on the Palestinian cause.

Al-Sudani also renewed the call for Tunisian companies to participate in projects, investment opportunities and infrastructure construction in Iraq, and the importance of economic integration and the success of the upcoming Iraqi-Tunisian committee meetings in Baghdad.


CandyKisses:  Including Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Iran cancels visas with 28 countries

Baghdad Today – Follow-up

Today, Wednesday (January 31, 2024), the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the unilateral cancellation of entry visas for nationals of 28 countries, including Gulf countries.

The ministry said it had “decided to unilaterally cancel the entry visa through airports for nationals of 28 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.”

“The decision to unilaterally cancel visas is actually a speech to the peoples of the world, as Iran has shown that it is ready to open its doors to the people of the world and provide them with more facilities so that they can visit Iran easily and enjoy its advantages,” said Iranian Tourism Minister Ezzatollah Derghami.

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