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Tishwash:  Parliamentary Security expects that the American presence in Iraq will not continue

Today, Thursday, the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee expected the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.

Committee member Representative Waad al-Qaddo said, “The American forces in Iraq are arrogant and hostile occupation forces, as a result of which there have been martyrs and wounded. However, their presence in the country is temporary due to everyone’s desire to support the implementation of the House of Representatives’ decision to expel them.” He warned the United States against “any “An attempt to disrupt the exit of its army from Iraq, because it will collide with massive popular anger.”

He explained, “The false values promulgated by America related to human rights, freedom, democracy, liberation, and change were revealed after the events of the Al-Aqsa Flood, as America transferred more than 20,000 tons of weapons and ammunition to the Zionist entity in order to kill the Palestinian people and destroy its geography, and this is the biggest crime the world has witnessed during the era.” the talk”.

The government had actually begun to organize the removal of American forces from the country through a joint coordination committee.  lnk

CandyKisses:  Al-Badri: America covers up its corrupt to serve its interests in Iraq

Information / Baghdad…Political analyst Saeed al-Badri said Friday that America is covering up its corrupt figures and officials in order to serve its interests in Iraq, pointing out that Washington uses Baathists and loyalists as a trump card in reaching positions in order to achieve its plans and keep its forces inside Iraq.

Al-Badri told Al-Maalouma that “America embraces corrupt Iraqi officials and ministers wanted on corruption charges in order to serve its interests, and therefore violates the agreements it concluded with Baghdad.”He added that “America has worked to cover up the criminal acts and corruption cases of its agents in Iraq, whether they are direct agents or those who represent political fronts, especially since many of them are still playing this role.”

He pointed out that “it is not excluded that America will push Baathists and its loyalists inside Iraq, towards important positions in the country in order to achieve its goals, plans and projects that help maintain the presence of its forces inside Iraq as well as cover up its repeated violations and violations.”


Tishwash:   Iraq achieves more than $8 billion in financial revenues from selling oil for the month of January

The Ministry of Oil announced, on Friday, the total exports and revenues achieved last January from the sale of crude oil, which exceeded 8 billion dollars.

The ministry stated in a statement today, “According to preliminary statistics issued by the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company “SOMO,” the total amount of crude oil exports reached (103) million (508) thousand (438) barrels, with revenues amounting to (8) billion and ( 25) million and (616) thousand dollars.

The statistics indicated that the total quantities of crude oil exported for the month of January from the oil fields in central and southern Iraq amounted to (102) million and (25) thousand barrels, while the quantities exported to Jordan amounted to (464) thousand and (306) barrels. While exports from Qayyarah were one million (19) thousand and (132) barrels, according to a statement from the Ministry of Oil.

The ministry said that the average daily quantities exported amounted to (3) million (338) thousand (982) barrels per day.

The ministry continued in its statement by saying: The average price of one barrel reached $77,536.   link


Tishwash:  An economic expert recalls the fate of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi after Iraq decided to sell oil for something other than the dollar

Economist Nabil Al-Marsoumi recalled the fate of both former regime president Saddam Hussein and Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, after Iraq moved towards selling oil for prices other than the dollar.

Al-Marsoumi stated, “In 1973, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia agreed to accept the dollar as the sole currency to buy oil in exchange for America providing military protection for Saudi oil fields, and in 1975 the other OPEC countries agreed to price oil in dollars only, and America succeeded in this deal by linking the dollar to oil instead of gold.” “.

He added, “This deal forced all oil-importing countries to create a fixed supply of dollars to buy oil, and therefore these countries were forced to export goods to America, and in return, America provides them with dollars that will only cost them the cost of printing them, and from here a new system began that maintains American dominance over the financial system.” The global name is the petro-dollar. Dollars leave America and anything America needs comes to it. As a result, the United States became very rich, and this process did not lead to inflation because the countries of the world constantly need dollars to buy oil and participate in international trade. Therefore, those dollars remained outside America, after the dollar was linked. With oil, America can spend more money on its military forces, which have become the first in the world.”

Al-Marsoumi explained, “In 2000, Iraq announced the beginning of linking Iraqi oil sales to the euro instead of the dollar, which, along with other factors, prompted the United States to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime by military force. In 2011, Muammar Gaddafi tried to create a gold currency in Africa called the golden dinar, and he succeeded in creating A bloc of African countries, but the Americans overthrew the Libyan regime and killed Gaddafi, because selling the country, even a small one, for its oil for something other than the dollar will cause the dollar’s strength to destabilize. Currently, there is nothing that supports the dollar except oil, and America will not hesitate to use its military power to crush any threat to the dollar, even if it is linked. “Oil is in dollars, and preserving it for the longest time is an American priority.”

He stated that “oil pricing in dollars is not only related to the standard oil crude oils that are priced in dollars, namely Brent crude and West Texas Intermediate crude, but because oil trade is the largest in the world, as it is not limited to exchanging oil in commodity markets only, but there is a very large trade in paper barrels amounting to more than tens of times the real exchange rate, especially on the New York and London Stock Exchanges, through speculation in futures contracts.”

He explained, “Therefore, the calls to sell Iraqi oil in a currency other than the dollar lack realism and reflect a wrong understanding of the basics of oil pricing in the global market, and because it will expose Iraq to very violent American reactions, because abandoning the dollar is an American red line because it will threaten the global position of the dollar, which it currently represents.” 60% of global monetary reserves and will undermine the economic importance of the United States globally.”  link

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