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Russia announces its readiness to fill the tasks of the international coalition in Iraq

Russia announced, on Thursday, its readiness to help Iraq in strengthening the capabilities of its forces, replacing the international coalition forces, in light of the demands presented in Baghdad for the withdrawal of foreign forces.

Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Kinshak, said in a televised interview that Russia always supports the efforts made by Iraq to ensure stability, security, law and order in this friendly country.  link

Tishwash:  Parliamentarian: America is delaying its exit and is mixing up the cards to pressure and embarrass the government

Member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Representative Ali Al-Bindawi, considered today, Thursday, that the United States of America is delaying its exit from Iraq, while indicating that the recent targeting in Baghdad comes as a result of mixing the cards and putting pressure on the Iraqi government and embarrassing it.

Al-Bandawi said in his interview with the “Ola” program broadcast by Al-Sumaria TV, “The international coalition did not hesitate to commit crimes, and this is a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a disrespect for the Iraqi citizen by targeting a civilian vehicle in the middle of Baghdad’s neighborhoods,” noting that “the United States will continue these attacks and is supposed to respect them.” The sovereignty of Iraq and the government must accelerate the end of the American presence with the support of political forces for the sake of stability of the country.”

He added, “The latest targeting comes as a result of shuffling the cards and putting pressure on the Iraqi government in many directions, most notably putting the government in embarrassment with the citizens, but our people are fully aware of the wrong American policy,” indicating that “the intent of these actions is to remain in Iraq for a longer period and achieve salvation.”

Of Iraqi patriots, such as the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces, who liberated the country from the filth of the terrorist ISIS gangs, through systematic assassinations.

He continued, “The armed factions are supportive of the government and gave it a great opportunity because they have political wings within the state and representatives within the parliament, but the American side was claiming that there was an attack on its bases, so the factions suspended the attacks, and the United States quickly went to violate and violate sovereignty,” explaining that “the government Recently, I went to the UN Security Council, and there must be pressure from them on America, and we have a technical committee at a high level that resolves some matters and issues related to the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.”

Al-Bandawi pointed out that “signatures were collected from representatives to hold an emergency session and discuss the American attacks, and security leaders will be hosted to truly stop these hostile acts,” adding that “the Minister of Defense, after his return from Washington, provided a detailed explanation of the nature of the visit, the most important of which was concluding an agreement to form a technical committee.” The remaining foreign forces present in Iraq will leave with the improvement of the security situation, and this means that there is a real intention of the government to remove the international coalition forces from Iraq.”

He pointed out that “the American contradiction regarding informing the government or not when carrying out strikes is clear evidence of its procrastination in order not to withdraw, and the government will not allow the attack on civilians, soldiers, and guests inside the country. Therefore, there is no coordination regarding the attacks,” stressing the necessity of “America respecting the will of the Iraqis and fulfilling its obligations towards Iraq and not to place economic, security and political obstacles in front of the Iraqi government and either support it or remain silent.”

He stated, “Iraq does not need the presence of foreign forces, and we have approximately 2 million fighters distributed between the Ministries of Defense and Interior and other security agencies, and the government informed the American side of the necessity of ending this file and remaining as an embassy, as is the case for other countries,” adding, “The political system, in its meetings abroad, draws a line.” New paths for the government and the role of political leaders, including Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, lies in establishing balanced relations with the countries of the world and the region, contributing to calm and painting a clear picture of moderation and symbolism of the true lover of the country.”

Regarding the recent briefing of UN envoy Plasschaert in the international community, Al-Bindawi said, “It cannot be against American policy, so the attacks were not mentioned in the international community, and if the violations do not stop, the country will be dragged into other paths, including the Iraqi economic file, because everyone knows all of the oil revenues we have.”

The US Federal Reserve,” concluding by saying, “On the security level, planes are roaming the skies of Baghdad without any deterrent, and all of these are dragging the country into a new war, and the international community must maintain the security stability of Iraq.”   link


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