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Tishwash:  For the first time in Iraq.. a bank launches the “Visa Direct” real-time payment service

The first “digital” bank in Iraq announced the launch of the “Visa Direct” service, in cooperation with “Visa”, the world leader in digital payments.

In a statement received by Shafaq News agency, the bank stated that “Visa Direct” is a real-time payment service from one side to another, which will enable Iraqi customers to enjoy real-time transfers for the first time in the country.

He pointed out that “Visa Direct” is a payment service provided by “Visa” that allows real-time payments to be sent directly to the recipient’s valid debit or credit card, using the 16-digit “Visa” card number.

“We are proud to provide this pioneering service to our customers in Iraq, and we believe that this will contribute to improving responsible access to financial services in the Iraqi market,” said the founder of First Iraq Bank, Kawa Junaid, according to the statement.

He added, “By integrating financial and technological innovation with Visa’s global architecture, the First Bank of Iraq will contribute to supporting Iraq’s greater integration in global markets.”

He continued, “The First Bank of Iraq is proud of its advanced technologies in the field of combating money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), and its operations and staff specialized in this field.”

And he indicated that “First Bank of Iraq seeks to ensure exceptional efforts in the Iraqi market,” adding, “We are committed to the highest standards (AML/CFT) and compliance with laws and regulations. We have integrated technologies and efforts at work to take advantage of advanced compliance solutions, including monitoring real-time transactions, and verification of digital identity and address linking, and setting limits for transactions and deposits.”

While the Director of the “Visa” Group in the Middle East, Mario Makary, explained that “Visa is looking forward to providing first-class international money movement solutions in the Iraqi market. By using the capabilities of Visa Direct for international dealings, customers of the First Bank of Iraq will be able to access their money, move it, use it and communicate with more than three billion cards globally, while maintaining accessibility and security.

He added, “We strongly believe that this cooperation will create better user experiences by facilitating the process of accessing, moving and using the funds of First Bank of Iraq customers through a secure digital banking platform.”

According to the statement, the advantages of the “Visa Direct” money transfer service include speed in settlements, ease of use of phone banking, security and reliability of the global “Visa Direct” system, availability of the “Visa Direct” system globally, and lower costs for transferring money from one person to another.  link


Tishwash:   A proposal to adopt a unified international currency.. Iraq participates in a regional conference to “build a new civilization

Today, Wednesday (August 9, 2023), the work of the Third Regional Conference on Islamic Unity kicked off in the city of Urmia, West Azerbaijan Province, under the slogan “Islamic Cooperation to Achieve Common Values”.

And according to Iranian media, “the conference is being held under the auspices of the World Assembly for Proximity between Islamic Doctrines and hosts, for its third edition, which began this morning, a gathering of Islamic scholars and personalities from Iran, Russia, Turkey, Syria, Georgia and Iraq.”

In a related context, Hamid Shahriari, Secretary-General of the World Assembly for Proximity of Islamic Doctrines, said: “One of the goals of holding regional conferences for Islamic unity by hosting Iranian provinces is to receive a large number of Islamic personalities and cultural and intellectual elites, Sunni and Shiite, from various provinces of the country, and to involve them in the project of building civilization.” New Islamic.

Concerning the guests of the Unity Conference, which began today, Shahriari explained that 800 Muslim scholars and intellectuals were invited to participate in the conference.

He added, guests from neighboring countries, including religious scholars and cultural and university elites, will also participate in this conference, from Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Syria and the Republic of Azerbaijan; Looking forward to the availability of opportunities to benefit from the experiences of these scientists during the activities of the conference.

Shahriari also spoke about the “new Islamic civilization” and said: We carry the banner of Islamic civilization and believe that we are able to rebuild it again, but achieving this goal depends on the cooperation of Islamic countries and concerted efforts among Muslims of all their sects and intellectual bees; Referring to the words of His Eminence, Imam Khamenei, that “Islamic civilization will not be upright if it is not for the cooperation of Muslims, Sunnis and Shiites.”

The Secretary-General of the World Assembly for Proximity between Islamic Doctrines said: What is expected of the Islamic world today is that we Muslims join hands to establish the “Union of Islamic Countries” as a starting point in the context of building the “new Islamic civilization.”

And he continued, we have a graphic model for the concept of “one Islamic nation”, which we will present during the activities of the third regional conference on Islamic unity, in addition to the proposal to establish a “Union of Islamic Countries”, which contains various aspirations, including the adoption of a unified currency and the expansion of economic, cultural and social relations between Islamic countries; Stressing that the achievement of these goals depends on giving priority to the culture of dialogue and reaching a common agreement among Muslims link


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Militia Man  The World Trade Organization is waiting patiently for Iraq’s ability to get certain things stabilized and agreed to.  They have some obstacles to get over the World Organization wants them to do.  That obstacle is most likely their exchange rate – being Article VIII IMF compliant.  That’s going to be a very key component for this to happen.

Frank26   The instructions for the budget, which I say is an exchange rate, a different one, is not in the gazette that is being released…These clowns, parliament committee, they went behind Sudani’s back and they added projects to the budget for themselves…knuckleheads…We were going to do it this week but no you had to put this abuse in it.  So we’re going to hold up on the budget.   


Greg Mannarino:  8-9-2023

“Hold Your Silver Until THIS Happens…” – Alasdair Macleod | Gold Silver Price Prediction 2023

Finance Daily:  8=9=2-23

In this video Alasdair Macleod points out that foreign investors’ perception is crucial regarding the US dollar’s future value. If they anticipate the dollar’s value to decline, they will demand higher interest rates to compensate for the expected loss, potentially leading to further rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.