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Iraqi News Highlights Saturday Evening 8-12-23

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Parliamentary Finance Calls For An Inventory Of All State Real Estate And Its Classification

Saturday 12 August 2023 16:19 | Economical Number of readings: 37  Baghdad / NINA / – The Finance Committee, chaired by Representative Atwan Al-Atwani, and in the presence of a number of its members, hosted today, Saturday, the Director General of the State Real Estate Department, Nadia Rasheed, and the Assistant Director General, Alia Nizar; To discuss the state real estate file,

A statement by the House of Representatives Media Department stated that “the chairman of the committee affirmed that” there are a number of observations that constitute a great responsibility that necessitate following up the department’s procedures regarding them. ”

And he stressed the need to develop a feasibility study for investing the lands belonging to the state in order to reach results that are in the public interest,” revealing, ” Many projects have stopped due to the failure to conclude contracts for their implementation by the concerned authorities, calling for a clear vision for the institution to benefit from these real estate for the public treasury.

For her part, the Director General of the State Real Estate Department, Nadia Rasheed, confirmed, “Work is working to solve the existing problems according to steps to be taken, adding that proposals are put in place to amend the internal system of the department, revealing an inventory and preliminary inventory of real estate, while the final inventory is done in coordination with the real estate registry.”

It stated that it “is working to complete the system to solve a lot of red tape and eliminate corruption, based on the law and acting in the public interest.”

The committee stressed “finding a clear mechanism for investing state land and how to use it according to the economic vision, as well as a feasibility study to determine the rent of residential real estate, finding an economic philosophy in the rental process, and the exploitation of unoccupied lands, in addition to the importance of carrying out administrative reforms in the State Real Estate Department, in order to development of this sector.

The committee requested “an inventory and classification of all state real estate, as part of non-oil revenues, in addition to the revenues generated from renting those real estate.

Finance Minister Up To The House Of Representatives

Saturday 12 August 2023 14:54 | politicalNumber of readings: 141

Baghdad / NINA / The Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, arrived at the House of Representatives to answer the oral question asked by Representative Hadi Al-Salami about automating the customs system and collecting tax revenues./ End

A New Rise In Dollar Prices In The Local Market

Economy   Saturday, August 12, 2023 10   Baghdad / National News Center   Today, Saturday, the exchange rates of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar recorded a new high in the local market.  The selling price was 153,500 per 100 dollars, while the buying price was 153,500 per 100 dollars.

Oil Prices Are Rising, Supported By Demand Expectations

Saturday 12 August 2023 08:35 | Economical Number of readings: 199  Baghdad / NINA / Oil prices rose, after the International Energy Agency expected record global demand and shrinking supplies, which prompted oil to achieve gains for the seventh consecutive week, the longest series of gains since 2022. According to Reuters,

Brent crude futures rose 41 cents, up 0.5%. percent, to settle at $86.81 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 37 cents, or 0.5 percent, to settle at $83.19 a barrel.

Within a week, Brent and West Texas crude rose by 0.37 percent and 0.49 percent, respectively.

And the International Energy Agency said: “The global demand for oil reached a record level of 103 million barrels per day in June and could reach another peak this month.”/ End

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