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CandyKissses:  Finance announces the cancellation of thousands of bank accounts

Finance Minister Taif Sami announced on Saturday the cancellation of thousands of bank accounts.

Taif Sami, in her response to the question during the session of the House of Representatives, part of which was headed by Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, First Deputy Speaker of the Council, stressed that “the decision of the Council of Ministers and on the recommendation of the Central Bank to start working according to the automation system in banks and banks to contract with solid private companies that will prepare supplies.”

Sami pointed out, “There is a delay by two companies in carrying out work at the ministry’s headquarters and the banking services company,” adding that “thousands of bank accounts without balances have been canceled and work continues to implement the automation system in banks and ministry departments.”

“The ministry sends its employees in training courses on working in automation,” she explained.

Tishwash:  Concerning the dollar crisis.. Al-Fateh: The US treasury is “manipulating” the fate of the people

Today, Saturday, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Ali Al-Zubaidi, accused the US treasury of manipulating the fate of the people by deepening the crisis of the dollar’s high exchange rate in the local market, while stressing that Iraq needs to achieve economic independence away from US hegemony.

Al-Zubaidi said, in an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, that “there is no fairness in continuing to deposit the country’s money in the US Federal Bank,” noting that “Washington lacks a lot of credibility in the treaties and charters that are agreed upon.”

And he continued, “Iraq will end the dollar crisis if it gets rid of the hegemony imposed by the United States of America on the money for selling oil,” pointing out that “the American treasury continues to manipulate the fate of the people by deepening the crisis of the high exchange rate of the dollar in the local markets.”

Al-Zubaidi went on: “Washington verbally imposes Chapter VII restrictions on Iraq in order to achieve its own interests,” adding that “the country needs to achieve economic independence away from the American hegemony perched on Iraq’s chest in many files.”

Member of Parliament Kazem Al-Touki said, in an interview with Al-Information Agency, that “the measures taken by the Central Bank did not withstand the decisions of the US Treasury regarding the dollar, while he stressed that the sanctions that the US Treasury continues to impose will not allow the stability of the exchange rates of the dollar in the local markets. link

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Mnt Goat   the BIG, BIG news…I quote- “the technical advisor to the Prime Minister, Muhammad Sahib al-Darraji, confirmed that Iraq did not actually come out from under Chapter Seven, indicating that the Federal Bank controls the dollar.”  Actually “officially”…Iraq has been “fully” released out of Chapter VII. So why does this advisor say otherwise…the US won’t let Iraq get out their control of the billions of dollars of oil revenues flowing through the NY Chase Bank. That is really the issue...So, what situation does this put us in for getting the RV?   [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Mnt Goat  Common sense dictates that the US will have to let go eventually and allow the full impact on Iraq of getting out of Chapter VII and freeing up their oil $$ under their control once again. The mere fact that we are seeing an article like this one tells us the pressure is building to let go. This may take some actions from the UN to force the US to let go. They will also have to let go of OFAC sanctions on the dinar, which are still be imposed on it.  If the constitution is fully implemented and the Pillars of Financial Reform are completed, we may see the RV and the Reinstatement.  [post 2 of 2]

Stabilization IQD

Nader:  8-12-2023

USD Currency Lifecycle: From Controlling Money to the Monetary Collapse

Taylor Kenny:   8-12-2023

When it comes to an economic crisis, people are often devastated and shocked when the bottom falls out later stating that hindsight is 2020. But in reality, the signs were there all along. And right now there are clear indicators of a financial crisis.

But the good news is that if you can understand where we are in the life cycle of a currency, then you will be able to see what’s coming and how to protect yourself while you still have time.

Hi everyone. I’m Taylor Kenny with item trading. If you are sensing that something is off, that we’re approaching a reset, that the pieces of the puzzle just aren’t quite coming together. You are not alone.

What you’re sensing is a combination of factors that indicate that we are soon going to see the end of the current currency life cycle and a new monetary regime.


0:00 When the Bottom Falls Out

0:57 Federal Deficit

1:33 Currency Lifecycle

4:52 Self Regulation

5:44 QE

7:28 Inflation

8:05 Taking On More Debt

8:50 Monetary Collapse

9:23 Volatility