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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 8-3-23

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – It is Thursday, August 3rd and you’re listening to the big call.

Now, last Tuesday two nights ago, We actually did reach 191 countries – And we had just under 20 million live listeners. Tonight my team is saying that they’re gonna get the call out to 198 countries – so we won’t know how many that is  probably tomorrow or the next day, but that’s, that’s really I’m encouraged and I’m excited that the big call is reaching just about every country on the globe. So that’s a good thing. And Iraq, we are open to go into Iraq tonight. So that’s good.  Welcome Iraq and all these other countries out there. That’s wonderful.

All right  Let’s go into where we stand right now, from an Intel point of view on the blessing  – we’re getting information that is suggesting first of all, that they had intended to release this yesterday to us. That was the plan to let that go. It didn’t happen, because it appears that there may be three things that still are needing to be done.

And I said okay, what are the three things to our best knowledge and maybe, maybe one or more of these is already done. But the three things appear to be one, the political change that we’ve talked about –  that’s one thing because the elders want that to happen before all the funds are released for us. Number two, we need the Emergency Alert System and the Emergency Broadcast System or to be merged into one – one system EAS and EBS to get out the information that needs to be put out.

And that could be in the form of what we would call disclosure. Okay. That was number two. Number three was the announcement of NESARA and internationally for GESARA, but for us right now for what we need – we’re looking for the announcement of and a little bit of information about NESARA.

Now, we do understand that some parts of NESARA and the debt jubilee is to start really right after we get notified and set our appointments and start our exchanges. We have heard that the – remember we talked about restitution and reclamation allowance – That money that is that is ours – That was traded on our birth certificates or marriage licenses, our divorce decrees, our death certificates, all of that money our tax money since we started – really – since we started working – of the interest that we pay on credit cards on home mortgages, on bank loans, personal loans, all of that – All of that, holding about 17 different variables on that.

Those monies are to come back to us – And this is what I heard as of yesterday – Between the time we start our exchanges, and I’ll get to that in a moment – time we start the exchanges, and between that time and the middle of the month of August, which I’m calling August 15th .

So that is really going to be good. That’s going to be a lot of money for a lot of people that are not even involved in the currencies, especially people 60 years and older that can opt to take that as a one time payment, a lump sum  payment.

And I don’t know how we’re going to elect to do that yet. I’ve yet to find that out. But we know that for those that are getting Social Security, supposedly, that restitution or reclamation allowance would be paid into that account. Where you normally get your Social Security per month.

So we’ll look into that. Find out if we have another call. I’ll try to enlighten you on that. I’m not sure we will, though, based on the information that we have so far.

As far as the timing. We only track the bondholders to see when are they going to get their notifications, which comes out by email of what their liquidity and access to those funds. When will they access their funds those funds in their accounts?. The asnswer appears to be right now for the bondholders Monday or Tuesday – Monday or Tuesday.

Now, what about us? We’re sort of running like a shotgun start with two or three bondholders  when would we get notified. The latest information I have so far this afternoon is pointing toward Monday or Tuesday for notifications and Tuesday, Wednesday, or exchanges Monday or Tuesday for notifications – Tuesday or Wednesday for our exchanges and redemption of Zim to begin.

So rates are changing at the banks every day with new rates with the trading that’s going on globally.

We know that the BRICS nations have basically dumped the USD Fiat dollar that we had in this country for a long time. – and that is a good thing  – And we know that we are in control of the global financial system – okay – through the quantum financial system and a starlink satellite system.

And we also know that as a this is as of midnight two nights ago that the black hats in the military are no longer an issue, but a longer problem that all the military is under the proper leadership of our real commander in chief. And you guys should know by now that really is and we are in full control finally, of HAARP. You guys go ?? HAARP   What is that? What do you mean like a harp?

No, HAARP and I can’t tell you what it stands for exactly.

(High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)   INFO LINKS

But this is a system that was created to help control the weather and provide rain and drought stricken areas or farmers and so on to produce crops where they were losing crops, not only here in the US, but other parts of the world. Well, it got taken and taken over from its rightful use and put in the wrong hands. And that’s been many years now and that’s one reason we’ve had so many hurricanes in Florida, and back to back hurricanes like a week apart. We’ve had all these weather phenomena that needed that would manmade through the system, and it was the Cabal that was running it –

Now we are in full control of it. And hopefully now it could be used when necessary to provide rain in around stricken areas. You know, I would hope that it’s used properly and I know that it will be so that’s a really big deal. We’ve got the Quantum Financial System -. We’ve got all the military on the same page. We’ve got HAARP –

And so now we just need to get – we just need to make sure that we have – and I don’t know that we haven’t but I was supposed to find out – Obviously after the call tonight. Like a lot of things happen. I’ll get that information after the call is over. But I believe by tonight we should have the integration of the the Emergency Alert System with the Emergency Broadcast System.


And I would say our new currency needs to be announced as well as part of NESARA – our new asset backed currency. They may not call it gold backed. That’s right. The point is its the USN and it’s been trading digitally – And now physically – it needs to be in the banks.  – It has been for months, but it needs to be brought out so the public is aware. Hey, we have a new asset backed currency our new money does asset backed and that needs to come out and I believe that as part of this and our political turnover that we’re looking for, needs to be manifest and and talked about as well.

That’s what we’re looking to have happen here. And if we’re going to get started Monday, Tuesday a notification does need to happen by the need to happen. I had a call in the middle of Bob segment that led me to believe that some things that were looking to happen may happen already today. So I’ll be checking on that to see what I can learn about what actually may have transpired  in the way of those areas by just discussed.

So they want us in and out of the redemption center in 40 minutes. They want us to go in if you’re married with a spouse, if not you go in. You can go in with an attorney And you can also go in with a close family friend or advisor If necessary, but you would need to let them know that you’re through the call center using the toll free number.

And yes, we will be using toll free number I think it might just be one 800 number that we use. And we’ll be able to set an appointment based on the zip code as to what redemption center would be the one that we want to use, whether it’s a zip code where we live, where we work, or another area where we just know what the zip code is because there’s a redemption center there. All Zim goes through the Wells Fargo monitored redemption centers.

Now when the redemption centers are closed in about two weeks, when there might be some stragglers that might have zim or found that they had zim and didn’t know it. Those people would go to Wells Fargo Bank to redeem that Zim after the redemption centers are closed. So keep that in mind.

But if you’re smart, you will go ahead and use toll free number – Set your appointment. Give yourself enough time to get there. Don’t be over 10 minutes early. Do not get there more than 10 minutes before your appointment time. And that way you’ll be in good shape.

You’ll get there and you’ll be able to do your do your appointment and get in and get out of there in 40 minutes. That’s an amazing feat. This is not going to be a touchy feely, this is not going to be a warm and fuzzy. This is going to be getting this business done. This is good.

They know who you are, for the most part if you bought currency they already know – and if you bought it they have your email – they’ve got your email, your phone number, your name, your social, they’ve gotten a lot of KYC – Know Your Customer – all you have to do show ID – which use a passport or driver’s license when you don’t have to have a utility bill.

You know it shows your street address be live. And that way that way they’ll say Hey, okay, this is this person. And then boom after that. It’s going to be quick. The proofing up your currency, counting up verifying it on the Delarue Machine. You’ll be basically in front of a group of three people. Three people

If you have bonds – There’s a fourth person will be dealing with sheet bonds, like German bonds, Chinese bonds, railroad bonds, all that stuff. Most of us have currency and a lot of us have the Zimbabwe  dollar currency which is a bearer bond.

Okay. We’ll be presenting three people. And one of those people already knows everything basically that they need to know about you. And then the you’re going to basically go through and proof up your currency. They’re going to verify we’ll be setting up an account for you with Wells Fargo, and then you’ll be also setting up a quantum financial system account QFS account with what I call a quantum card, which is a way a cue card and that’s the way to take funds that are put into your quantum account and move them into your primary or secondary Wells Fargo account.

They want you to have no more than three different banks that will be connected to your quantum account. Overlook no more than three banks so you’ll be able to move funds into one two or three banks as needed. Okay, so you got five, eight minutes to do a presentation.

Make sure you have a presentation and especially for world class, the best form And then once you get on your presentation you finished that you’ll be getting your card done  – your credit debit card that you can use on your Wells Fargo primary or secondary account to get that  – and you’ll be getting a book a 55 page book unless it’s increased on who not to contribute money to send money to look at that go through that.

And then also want to they probably will give you a two or three page saying on the benefits or the perks  – the perks that the bank would give you by staying with them. And they’ll be just free deals or things that could be pretty interesting. We’ll have to see what they look like. We’ll be able to afford anything we want. But some of these might be nice. Alright, so then they’re going to kick you out.

And then when you walk out of there, you can take a deep sigh of deep breath and start smiling. Oh, don’t forget they’re gonna give you a cue phone. No, they won’t tell you anything about it. They’re just gonna send you out with it. and it also sent give you a certificate up to $1,000 that you can use to purchase a new laptop at one of eight different retails stores.

That’s a lot. I can barely say everything that’s going to happen in 40 minutes. you’re going to be doing everything that you are convey on us  or any kind of celebration, celebration, assume that we know of.

That’s a lot. I can barely say everything that’s going to happen in 40 minutes. You’re going to be doing everything that and listen guys, this happens. Hopefully it will be Monday /Tuesday, turning into Tuesday, Wednesday for exchanges – Be very diligent and careful about celebration. Remember, you’re not supposed to you know you got to keep your mouth shut on this thing.

You’re not to disclosure – you’re going to be under an NDA for at least 30 -60 days and a nondisclosure agreement. So you’re not going to discuss with anybody. You can’t talk about rates.

The only people you can exclude from your NDA are people that you let them know, on a sheet that you’ve typed out, your project partner, maybe maybe an attorney, maybe a family member, certain people that kind of know about it, that you would want to share certain aspects of the information with that are exclusions to the NDA. That’s an addendum that you would have to bring a sheet say these people might be two or three could be six, seven or eight, these people I’m excluding from my NDA, and they turn that off and get their signature on it. And then you know, they would approve that basically they’re proving that  – So that’s what we’re gonna say.

Now, it is interesting that Tuesday is the eighth of August. And as you guys know, is a big number when it comes to China. And it could very well be that that is either – either the day that the notifications go out to us, or it could be the first day of our exchange.

So it’s like Monday, Tuesday or Tuesday, Wednesday, depending on how you look at this. Alright, so that’s pretty much everything I wanted to say to everybody tonight. Thank you

So that’s really what I wanted to say to you guys.

I think things are happening and bondholders are looking forward to being paid. We’re looking forward to being notified you will get a toll free number to us to call and set your appointment. So if anybody says something different, They’re not really up to speed. All right. so let’s pray the call out. let’s stay in prayer and faith for this and let’s speak it into existence as we walk and do everything that we’re doing on a normal life,


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