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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 10-24-23

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Welcome, everybody the big call tonight – it is Tuesday, October 24th  and you’re listening to the big call.

Thanks for listening all over the globe, wherever you are. I know that Thursday’s call  we were in 182 countries with I believe it was somewhere in the vicinity of 18 or 19 million listeners.  So – Welcome, wherever you’re located around the globe, we’re happy to have you here –

What I’d like to bring to you is where are we believe we are right now –

And we heard some pretty good information yesterday and the day before, indicating several things. Let’s first start with Iraq.

Iraq, we heard today from one of our sources that came in from Iraq and is now in the US with us. He called us this morning to say that Iraq is going to put their new dinar rate in the gazette printed version tomorrow.

And they would announce that they have a new internationally tradable currency and they’re going to put that out tomorrow, not only to the Middle East, but to the whole world – tomorrow at eight o’clock in the morning – Baghdad time.  if my math is right, that would be about one in the morning, Eastern Time and 12 midnight, central time tonight.

So that is  a great advance for them to bring that out to bring it out and also their carbon law proceeds their ACL oil and gas law profits – that are shared throughout Iraq, and to Iraqi citizens who may not be living in Iraq.

And our contacts said that these people who we know who are Iraqi Americans, but living here would be getting a boatload of funds tomorrow from the oil and gas proceeds. And also, we believe we because of that, that we will also be getting our notifications.

Now another one of our sources, who happens to be with the the Space Force, the United States Space Force indicated that bondholders would be getting their emails starting at 8pm tonight to give them access to funds, which will probably end up being tomorrow.

And the same individual gave us an indication that we in tier four A and B would receive our notifications tomorrow morning.   Now, there was no time given for it.

However, we know their intention was to put out the information and notifications to the bondholders and to us in tier four A and B within around 12 hours of each other.

So it could come out as early as eight in the morning. But we don’t know that it could be anytime tomorrow morning.

And we wake up to it maybe we don’t so late to sleep and when they come in but I’m encouraged by the fact that we’re getting this information.

And this lines up with the other information that we’re getting about Iraq making their announcement at 8am Iraq time tomorrow morning, which as I said is 1am – Eastern time tonight or early early early morning tomorrow.

All right. So that was very good news to get that and that and we believe that they are using the simulator satellite system to get out the emails because the emails are targeted. They’re encrypted. And they have the other information that goes along with the people that are getting these particular emails. So this is  – this has added security for them and for us to be getting these through the starling satellite system, which is kind of cool.

Let’s see if there’s anything other than that. I wanted to bring out about that

You guys already know they intended to shorten our time at the redemption centers from 40 minutes to 30 minutes.

So you’re not going to have a ton of time to make your presentation. I would say take your five to eight minutes for your projects or presentations and try to do them in five minutes so that you can get it all out there – leave a copy of it with them.

And then of course you’re getting I mean there’s a lot to do in 30 minutes, you guys.

I don’t know how we’re gonna get it done, but I know they’re going to do it. They have three Delarue machines to be used for each person  if you come in with a lot of different currencies.

They can actually run those things simultaneously with three people operating them and knockout accounting and verification of your currency, pretty quickly, the Know Your Customer thing if you’re Zim holder they already know who you are unless you’ve been gifted. That’s when they might not know who you are

So you’re going to prove who you are. And photo ID or driver’s license, something like that. A utility bill. It shows a home address where you live – that kind of know your customer –  that won’t take very long so they’ll do that.

And then they’ll count  and verify your currency. Then you’ll go into a mode where you’ll be talking about your rates and you’ll get rates on these currencies and we think that the rates will be very high much higher than we thought they would be years ago. They’re all going higher. And you might might get surprised you might get offered the actual contract rate on dinar which is tremendous. So be prepared for that.

And then also, we’re going to be setting up your quantum account through the quantum financial system you’ll get a quantum titanium card and that card is three times thicker than a normal credit card. If that chips in it. They’ll do your biometric fingerprint or thumbprint will be part of it.

That information will be contained on a chip, and then you’ll get other information about you and your account on the other two chips. And then that’s to move your monies from your quantum account into your primary or secondary bank accounts.

Like if you had a for example, I’m gonna have a primary account with Wells and have four secondary accounts with Wells. Each account representing an LLC for my projects.

And let’s just say I’m gonna because my attorney suggested to do it that way. And I think it’s really good plan.

So we’ll have that also have a credit debit card from Wells Fargo that would allow you to have access to funds on day one.

We’re supposed to be able to move up to about $1.2 billion or LLC account that would take you for the first 90 days. And it might take you longer than that obviously. But you can move that in on day one and get access to some real money right away. They also have our USN physical currency – folding money there and they’re recommending that we if we kind of take cash that we don’t take in excess of I believe it was $3,500 they want to try to keep that so that we that they don’t want us to get hit and robbed or whatever with cash. So don’t go nuts on on the physical USN currency.

Let’s get beyond that. Also, after they set up your account, and give you their contact information for Premier bankers that you’ll follow up with later on setting up new accounts and so on. You ought to be able to get a proof of funds letter or one or two or three or four of those. If you’ve got properties in mind get a proof of funds letter for the amount of each property is really

and then also you may want to ask for a clear and clean funds certificate letter this would indicate that the bank is saying that the origin of these funds are of clear and clean origin so it so no, nothing nefarious would be suggested into why you have all this money and how you’re able to purchase something for cash.

Assuming that’s what you’re about to do, which many of us will – real estate, want to buy a boat or buy an airplane, whatever. You can do that. So beware of that clear and plain certificate of origin asked that in terms of a form letter on bank letterhead.  That would be the way to go on that one.

Now, beyond that, they should give you a 55 page booklet who not money to –  organizations that are not approved for us to try to give money to –  pay close attention to that.  Go through that very carefully and make sure that you don’t

Then the other thing is we should get a one and a half page or two page NDA should be one and a half pages, non disclosure agreement. Want to pay attention to that. And you’ll want to make sure you don’t talk about this. None of the particulars about it about the exchange where you did how much you had none of that stuff. It’s all private, private information that’s being discussed or disclosed.

The other thing is when it comes to supposed to be able to get about a two page maybe three page piece on bank perks, P E R KS – these are perks that the banks – The bank, like in this case, Wells Fargo, would be willing to give you as a customer of that bank.

And you can take that home and go through that. Decide if there’s anything in that that has interest to you maybe want to go ahead and get that supposedly all of that is free. And you’re supposed to get that at the redemption appointment.

And for Zim holders, they are going to give you a Q phone. And my understanding at this point is the cue phone, which is a satellite phone that works on the quantum financial or the quantum satellite system, the starlink  satellite system that you’ll get that cue phone and it will be not only the phone will be free to you. But the service itself is supposed to be free.

So let’s just see if that’s the case, when we get those – that’s for the zim holders and then also you should receive a certificate worth $1,000 to take to BestBuy or staples or six other retailers to pick up a new laptop  – you  can get a new laptop or or whatever else you might want to get with 1000 bucks. Okay so let’s see on that

That certificate  is supposed to be given to you at the redemption as well as the cue phone and look for that to be given to you kind of in the last stage before they kick you out the door. Okay, so that’s going to be really something else and I can I guess I can see how it might happen in 30 minutes, but it’s gonna be a challenge.  I can barely talk about it in 30 minutes. We’ll see how that goes.

But it’s supposed to be good and they’re gonna be fast. They’re very practiced. This is not a touchy feely This is not a hugging moment. This is not a fuzzy bear moments. This is get in and get out In and Out Burger in and out.

Or this is well in and out just they’re gonna be short and sweet with you. They’ll be cordial they will be nice  and we’re not to carry on these long diatribe conversations, not what you’re there for. They don’t have time. you don’t have time either. So this is going to be great.

Now let’s just believe that what we have for our information is true and reliable and that we do get our notifications  tomorrow morning –  that’s —- I’m not calling it —-  but this is what I’m getting. This is what I’m hearing from two of our sources, not just the Space Force source. say that three times real fast. Space Force Source —  Space Force source —  Facebook source Okay.

The other thing is our hearing that we’re looking at some political change taking place between now and the end of the week. So we’ll see what that looks like. We’ll see how quickly that comes into play And what it looks like. And I would not be surprised if we get some disclosure using the EAS Emergency Alert System or to see broadcast system or the emergency wireless system. The EWS that could happen as early as tomorrow.

So we’ll see. I don’t know when it’s gonna start but it could and then we’ll just tune into it and see what happens. All right, we’re looking forward to that. Otherwise, guys, I got all I have to say tonight. You got the Intel to pray for Sue. We’re looking for her to make a quick comeback on her voice. and  So let’s just do this –  let’s pray the call out.

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