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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-25-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, January 25th  and you’re listening to the big call – appreciate everybody tuning in. Thank you for a global reach with the satellite team – The set team for short, getting the signal out to as many as 200 countries – appreciate that and appreciate everybody listening and tuning in tonight. And before we go to sue what Rich will be a great teaching that we can all benefit from looking for that.

Let’s go into Intel.

Talk about what we what we had on Tuesday’s call and it seems a long time ago, more than two days ago. It really does to me is that we were hearing a toll free number Being cued up, you know, for us, and we were looking to get this thing started with releases of those emails – Well, we haven’t been able to confirm that. those 400,000 emails  are gonna be, as we understood –  Those were in groups to go out over an 18 hour period. And I’m picturing 400,000 at a time over nine groups every two hours. Well, we didn’t get confirmation that that happened.

Maybe – and this is what sources suggested is  – maybe they were queuing up – putting them in a queue to go out staging them for say, staging the emails to go out, but we know that they have a pretty good handle on the emails, they don’t know who the zim holders  are except for were gifted zim –  which I know have a lot of people that have been gifted zim already  –  And so they don’t know those people. they think they know they really don’t know,  who has been gifted currencies.

But everybody that’s purchased currencies where they have to give their email, they have a full rundown on who we are. For zim for dinar for dong rupiah – for Afghani for everything that we bought through a bonafide  currency seller / bank, or perhaps something like eBay or whatever.

So what was interesting to me is even though we couldn’t confirm that – we do have the impression that we’re very close this going. And it appears that two of our sources agreed on the timing of the release of the toll free numbers. And we thought it would be today tomorrow – Thursday / Friday –

It appears more like Saturday through Tuesday, which is Saturday is the 27th – 28  29  30  – Saturday through Tuesday but what’s interesting is one of our sources – These guys are sharp believe me – extremely talented. And one of them said through my handler, my Intel handler, then tell your partner Bruce, that to enjoy his last call tonight.

Now, he is indicating that this would be my final call, our final big call.

And have I heard that before? Yes. Have I heard it from this particular source before? No. So it’s interesting that it’s come to me that way today. We’re looking at the 27th through the 30th with emphasis on Saturday, the 27th That’s where the emphasis was.

I think if we get numbers by email Saturday morning, I think we’ll start Saturday and power right through the week and into next week. And that’s what we hope happens – I don’t know if we’ll get anything tomorrow.

I think the bond holders are supposed to get their email tomorrow. Okay, But beyond that, I just don’t know whether  we’re going to get something else or not – now what else is happening.

I got a tone on my phone and I wasn’t sure if I was still getting out to everybody – .

Yeah. The timing of this is very close – We do believe that Saturday holds the best chance for us to be notified between Saturday and Tuesday. So let’s see. We’ll see what happens. I think if we do get notified in the morning, on Saturday, there’s a good chance we’ll start Saturday afternoon slash evening.

Now, this is not me calling it because I know that’s not a wise thing to do. I’m only giving you the best information that I have from 2 different sources. and actually 3 – there’s another redemption center gender that we’re hearing from – and its sounds like  – This is the latest and best information we have.

But we’ll have to watch it. We’ll have to continue to keep an eye on our emails over the weekend, I would say and we’ll see where it goes. I know there’s more.

Because we expect to be busy setting appointments if we get the toll free numbers on Saturday.

And that’s really what we want to talk about say tonight. And we’re very close. And you guys,  – I KNOW I sound like and I feel like a broken record.

The next 36 hours and 48 hours of activity. two hours working on broken record. I’m only telling you guys the latest information that we have. When we try and confirm that we get from multiple sources. It’s difficult. It’s difficult now because lines of communication are drying up. We’re going on it and are NDAs new NDAs banks redemption centers. there’s a limited amount of information that you can get. I know that rates on the dinar And the Dong, specifically are populating on the back screen.

The Redemption center, the redemption centers screens for dinar and Dong were $4 to $5 higher on each currency just on the front screens.

So there’s more to it than that. I’ve explained that to you guys in the past. Make sure that when you get the toll free number, get the email and go for a number that you use it to call to set your appointment.

That’s really the way you’re gonna get the highest rate that way you’ll be able to only you’ll just be able to get in and get out of the redemption center in a better then that’s when they want to get it out. Okay so for more than there’s evidence before you have plenty of time to get there too early and they’ll be late late. your point will be lost and you’ll go to the back line.

I don’t want to be in the back of the line When it’s your time to go. So get in touch with Sue by email. Remember it’s integrated minds at hush mail calm, and pick up the donut wisdom bundle for only $300 Okay, over the next few days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. If you’re wise you get. Tonight, or tomorrow, right away, before the weekend. Right.

Thank you everybody for listening tonight. If you sat team for getting the call out as many countries if you did, if you for listening, everybody let’s go ahead, afraid to call look forward to a great weekend

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