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Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 1-30-24

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight.  It’s Tuesday January 30th and you’re listening to the big call.

We have been reaching quite a few people around the world and we were kind of somewhere in the neighborhood of about 200 countries. Thanks to our set team. And hopefully we’re still giving them good reach like that. Welcome, where ever you are listing from, you know. welcome to the big call – we’re going to have a great time tonight I’m in a good mood and excited about where we are, believe it or not, I’m excited. So let’s go ahead, pray the call in

So let’s get us some intel. Let’s figure this thing out. I did figure out when we did not get notified today, I thought, because I was expecting it around noon, I thought we’d get this thing around lunchtime – That’s what we were told – it didn’t happen.  And so I’ve started concentrating on that and sort of thinking in my mind, why not ?

And I came up with what seemed to be a reasonable explanation for it. So I’ll go into that in a minute –  but we’re in a very good space.

Let’s talk about what is coming – this is what made me think of the timing.  I had heard, I guess was yesterday or the day before Monday. Sunday Monday, because I get intel every day. Some days, more than others – I think Saturday would be a really good intel day – Sometimes Sunday. It just – You just never know.

So we heard over the weekend, and reiterated yesterday. that the  R & R -our restitution and reclamation allowance, which I shortened to R&R for obvious reasons. R & R is supposed to start    February 1 through the seventh – and that’s for the older folks. 61 or 62 – older and up – as a lump sum payment – Okay,

That’s coming in the first week of February. we thought it would be December we thought it would be January. it wasn’t either one. but I’m being told that it will be February 1 through the seventh

Now the increase in social security we’ve talked about has not happened. there will cost of living allowance increase a COLA, increase of 3.7 3.8%, Something like that. But we did get that in the month of January. but not the real  increase we were looking for. Okay, and what we’ve heard is that will occur in February. – on our regular Social Security days. I don’t know if the increase is going to come as a separate payment or whether it’s going to come with our normal social security payment as an increase,

But we understand ithe increase – plus what ever you are getting now – is not to exceed around  $4900  and some change – $4900 something –  not quite $5000 – which will be a big bump – that;s a big amount to receive for social security -.

So that’s Social Security increase as far as are taking place in February and the lump sum payments for R & R for seniors as long as 62 and older. I don’t even feel like a senior – 62 and older

is going to come along and it’s going to be substantial. If you’re older. If you’re in your 80s 90s There’s going to be a big even if you’re in your 70s – it’s going to be a lump sum payment  alright

We understood that the R & R start at the age of 42 – 42 to  age 61 was less than category 42 to 61 but I’m sure Might get divided further-  but what I’m hearing is when it comes to that age group, we’re hearing that the payout on that would come monthly over a 10 year period or a 15 year period monthly.

But anybody that’s in that age has to sign a document that says that they agreed to continue working at their job if they have a job and if they don’t have a job, they would agree to get a job and still receive that too in order to receive that R & R. I’m gonna say 61 Because I think 62 is where the lump sum comes in.

I think 42 to 61 is that  group and I know who you’re thinking about. So they’re gonna receive that  monthly either over a 10 year period or a 15 year period.

They may skew that so that the younger you are the longer the payout is the older you are in that group in that 42 to 61 group they may subdivide it again is what I’m trying to say, to go 10 years for the older and 15 years for the youngest. I don’t know how they do it – that’s just my own perception of what they might do.   Alright now that takes care of R&R.

And will it all happen for all age groups in the first week? I don’t know. I just know that the 62 and older lump sum is supposed to go to the bank account where we receive our Social Security.

Okay. It’s not part of social security, but it’s something that we should receive in that bank account by direct deposit. If you’re not getting  Social Security yet  they will send you a certified registered letter.

And then you would indicate –  in case they may even gonna send you to a website. I don’t know where you’re gonna go and how that can go. But if you’re not currently getting social security, you’ll have to indicate back to them the account number and information like that because many people aren’t gonna get their social till they’re 70 and a half. a lot of us got it a little earlier to know the time value of money – and we went with that Instead.

but a lot of people retired 65 They’re taking 65 I get it. I get it, but it’s gonna go up for everybody, but I’ll tell you what, we’ll see how long Social Security, as we know it, lasts, because I think they’re gonna make a change on that too   but since I don’t have details on it – I’m not gonna go there.

All right, let’s go back. We talked about February the first through the seventh, being when the R&R is going to kick in, at least for 62 and older.

Now, what’s interesting about that –  notice it starts on the first of February, which is Thursday, this Thursday, two days away.

Doesn’t mean you get it all on the first. But I think what it means is somewhere between the first and the seventh. It’s going to take place. Now, what’s interesting about that, beginning of the month, first day of the month, I started thinking, meditating on why we didn’t get notified today. And we were told by some pretty good sources it would be today — didn’t happen.

I started thinking Wait a minute, wait a minute, Today’s  the 30th – Tomorrow’s the last day of the month – they are not going to start this thing, and let us get exchanged until that first of the month. which is Thursday. The first of Feb. On that I thought you know –  I’ll bet you a dollar to a glazed doughnut – That’s what we get.

Well – sure enough — Intel came in an hour and a half before the big call start – I got the call I was looking for – it did confirm to me from Wells Fargo sources both redemption center and bank that we would be notified  tomorrow – the 31st which is Wednesday – after 1:30 PM  – if we get notified after 1:30 – We ain’t going until Thursday.

So we’ll  get our 800 numbers after 1:30 I don’t know if it’s tight on 130 or later in the day, I don’t know I just know it’s after 1:30 That’s the only thing we could get after 1:30pm That’s  Eastern time – and we should be getting that at the same time in each time zone.

So let’s just say it happens to be two o’clock. Let’s just pick a number. Let’s say it’s two o’clock Eastern it’ll be two o’clock Central. It’ll be two o’clock Mountain Time and it’ll be two o’clock Pacific and probably two o’clock Alaska two o’clock Hawaii

Now – I don’t know if it is going to be that time. I’m saying For Example, IF it were – so everybody will get it an hour apart. starting with the East Coast –  When those hit Okay, forget it. Alright so soon as Sue is an East Coast girl.  Bob is an East Coast guy – Those guys, they should they should be getting those numbers an hour before those  Midwest girls and guys get it like me

Or mid south or mid south central yet we’re mid south which is what I call it. Somebody called Well, let’s use that. It’s used occasionally  as Mid south

But here’s the beauty of it. I saw that – now wait a minute they’re gonna start this thing with notifications tomorrow, Wednesday, and allow us to set our appointments for the first of February, which is Thursday,  Charlie Ward’s day – Thursday

and I think that’s what I got  from these Wells Fargo or sources today. And I’m going with it. I think it sounds correct. They would started on the first day of the month or exchanges. So I’m going with that I’m not calling it but I’m suggesting this is where Intel is leading us.

Alright, let’s see if there’s anything else I can bring up this material to us going

Remember that 55 page book that I told you guys about? They would tell us who not to give money to after we exchanged in someone.  I am not sure we’re getting. I was told yesterday that no longer applies.

But —- Here’s the thing —-  the reason why I think it’s not good for us to get the money to their tracking.

They are tracking  every single transaction, wire –  a zelle –  whatever we do, they are tracking all of it in the quantum financial system.  Money that goes here’s just come on in and then just Can I do that? They call it a kitty on my lap. Yes I can.

So here’s the thing. By tracking all of it –  like, every transaction that goes out. What it’s telling us is they know where the money’s going.  They know and they can track and they can keep track of where we sent it. So they’re looking to keep an eye on that and you don’t want if we’re not, we’re sending funds to the wrong places.  They will know we will get a warning and they will stop a transaction from going through

So first time that happens,  you send it to the wrong place – It stops – it doesn’t go to the final destination – and you’re warned  –  second time that happens – It’s not going to go – and you would use –  I don’t know if they’re going to block this off. In other words they’re going to want to read we do and whenever we send money so you better know upfront who you’re giving to and whether they’re a reputable organization or company or person or you risk having those funds frozen –  so — you know buyer beware, wherever possible.

Beyond that, we  know that we’re going to do  – we did this a few weeks back  – where I kept saying – Wait  – Stop. Don’t forget this. Don’t forget that –   I’m not going to do that again.  That’s probably too much anyway –and late.

Really think what’s cool is that when we go in, we don’t want to get there once every second time or a few minutes early. More than 10 minutes early for your appointment time. Okay, we’re gonna get you in and get you out there in thirty minutes

Unless you’re a bond holder, bringing bonds  sheet bonds,  not talking about the zim now – but sheet bonds  or  Boxes of bonds. If you havethose, let them know when you set your appointment -that you have those and they will allot  an extra 10 minutes for you – so instead of that 30 minute appointment. We’re now looking at a 40 Minute appointment

This is all  theoretical – this is what they’re telling us they’re gonna do – I think it’s awfully tight to get all of that done in 30 or 40 minutes – but hey we’ll see – they’re  supposed to be super fast.

I remember trying to set up one account with a bank – It took probably an hour and a half (laughing)  just to set up one account –  it was ridiculous  but  these are the hoops  we are going through –

Now they’re gonna know who we are before we get there. For the most part Unless you are a zim holder that has been gifted zim

Okay, let’s talk about rates. We can’t talk about them but let’s talk around it – rates are solid on the zim just like I’ve been talking about for years.

You know what one to one means  don’t you –  know what on par means –  right?  The one on one – on par means one to one –

By the way – the USN our new dollar has been out for since about  last Thursday and it was traded on Forex and on bank screens starting Sunday evening  –  five on forex and Sunday night Internationally.

Also the dinar, the new Iraqi dinar we sometimes call it  NID or IQN  Iraqi dinar new

That international rate was out and tradable. We think it was a week ago Sunday – but not for sure but was put out  last Sunday and traded on the Forex for sure.

So I think Iraq as we understand  it that is done – I know they were celebrating –  I don’t know if –  there was some other detail that I meant to get today about what’s going on in Iraq that I do not get for this call – we will have to wait and see if that comes back –

know that they’re really moving forward on the clean up on aisle 3 /4/5 etc. It might be a little bit less to go but it’s not much. I think we’re going to be moving forward. Like I said – with notifications  tomorrow afternoon – and  then exchanges and redemption of zim should start on Thursday. All right.

If you have registered your email, big call You’re all set. We will be sending out an email to those who want to get the 800 number that will go out  in an email blast.

Everything I think I had intended to bring out tonight. Okay? Let’s look forward to getting those numbers after 1:30 In the afternoon tomorrow.  I’m only I’m only telling you what I’m getting. We have to go with that. All right. And I’m looking forward to this, just like you all right let’s pray the call out –


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