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[Franklin Tennessee Bank Story continued]  I thanked her for her time and I thought ok two strikes let’s try Chase which is 50 yards away.  I walk into Chase in Franklin, Tennessee, asked for the branch manager…I said sir do you do anything with foreign currency?  He said yes we do.  He said which currency have you got.  I said the Iraqi dinar.  He said absolutely yes.  He was very excited about it.  We were standing right there in the middle of the lobby and he didn’t try to hold back his facial expression, language or anything.  He said, yes, we would love to do business with you.  FRANK:  Did he say anything else like yeah, we know or we’re in preparation, we’re getting ready?  Bank Story Man:  I said, how are you aware of that.  He said, we’ve been waiting for this to transpire…  [Post 2 of 3….stay tuned]