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[Franklin Tennessee Bank Story continued]  I said, depending on the amount dinar our group brings in to you, can you work with us on the transaction fee or even eliminate it?  He said sorry sir we are not…The way Chase has got it established…they have it baked in.  That was his exact words, baked in transaction fee into the rate…He can’t change it.   I said so no matter what outlet…location or the amount of dinar?  He said that’s right, it will not change.  FRANK:  What was that fee did he say?  BANK STORY MAN:  He said around 4%.  FRANK:  Wow, I’ve always said a fair rate is anything like 1%, 2% or 3%.  I guess they decided to go one more percent.  That’s a lot of money.  BANK STORY MAN:  He said I also I want you to be aware of something. He said when you come in to do your exchange, he said realize we can only do $5,000 increments at a time.   [Post 3 of 3]