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Parliamentary Defense Demands The Liberation Of Iraq’s Economy From The American Grip

Economy  Information / Baghdad…  A member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Waad Al-Qaddo, called on Monday for liberating Iraq’s economy from the American grip.

Al-Qaddu said in an interview with “Al-Ma’louma” that “America sought directly after 2003 to impose restrictions on Iraq’s economy and finances in various ways, the most important of which is restricting the flow of oil sales money towards the Federal Reserve and from there it is transferred to the Central Bank in Baghdad, meaning that our financial wealth is like a hostage that is controlled by the Federal Reserve.” “at a distance.”

He added, “The American restrictions on Iraqi funds take multiple dimensions and are used from time to time as a pressure card on governments to achieve their agenda,” pointing out that “liberating our economy from the American grip is a priority that will give greater flexibility in avoiding pressure cards and prevent 5 direct risks that threaten the economy, including manipulation of the parallel market.” “It created confusion about the strength of the dinar and perpetuated the file of corruption created by the American administration.”

He pointed out that “the economy is a dangerous American card that must be paid attention to and strive to crystallize a basket of currencies that will get Baghdad out of the dollar tunnel and its effects.”

The American administration imposes a series of restrictions on the circulation of the dollar and how to deal with it in Iraq, in a blatant interference that has been taking place for many years.  LINK

Economist: Iraq Needs 4 Million Electronic Payment Devices, And What The Government Provided Does Not Exceed 25 Thousand Devices

The economic expert, Mustafa Hantoush, described the government’s steps to provide electronic payment devices as successful, indicating that the number is small and needs encouraging measures, especially for shop owners.

The Iraqi government had set June 1, 2023, as the date to activate the electronic payment process “because of its high level of protection and security, its shortening of time and effort, and its contribution to revitalizing the economy,” according to the directives of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani.

The directive stated that the Iraqi Council of Ministers approved the recommendation of the Council of Ministers for the Economy to activate the electronic payment service in the public and private sectors, including obligating all centers and shops of all kinds, restaurants, pharmacies, private medical clinics, warehouses, and all wholesale and retail marketing outlets and licensed services that require payment in their favor within the limits of the Baghdad Municipality.

And the centers of governorates and districts throughout Iraq, opening bank accounts and providing point-of-sale devices for electronic payment ( POS ) to pay by bank cards to collect money and to enable those who wish to pay with cards, while maintaining cash receipts side by side, with linking the renewal of work licenses and granting vacations. Practicing the profession through the availability of these devices.

Hantoush said in a press interview seen by “Taqaddam” that “the government has succeeded in providing POS devices currently deployed, numbering 23 thousand devices,” pointing out that “the number is very small, and we need approximately 1 million devices for this service to be available in every street.” If they are provided to all shops, we will need approximately 3 to 4 million devices throughout Iraq.”

He added, “We must give licenses to new companies that work to provide devices and cards, and there must be strategies to win over shop owners, and provide them with accounts that can be converted into dollars and operations,” pointing out “the necessity of giving the citizen free service for a period of no less than six months to a year, and There should be interest on savings that remain for a specific period.”

The economic expert called for “using a pricing policy in this process,” noting that “the government has taken a significant set of measures that require more seriousness in order to spread this very important culture that serves the state.”

Iraq Donates 10 Million Tons Of Fuel To The People Of Gaza

The first  01/08/2024  Cairo: Israa Khalifa  , Iraq is scheduled to deliver, today, Monday, 10 million tons of fuel to the Egyptian authorities to deliver it to the Palestinian side through the Rafah land crossing as relief aid to the people of Gaza.

Sattar Al-Jabri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce, told Al-Sabah: Iraq is committed to providing all types of aid, whether food, medicine or fuel, to the Palestinian people who are struggling and being exposed to the most horrific crimes by the Israeli occupation on the steadfast land of Gaza.

Al-Jabri added that the aid came from the Iraqi people and the government in addition to the great role played by the holy shrines, explaining that Iraq has so far provided 8 shipments via the air bridge that arrived from Iraq to Al-Arish Airport and then to the Palestinian people via the Rafah crossing since the Gaza crisis until now.

He stressed that Iraq continues to provide humanitarian aid, including medicine, food, and other aid to the honorable people of Gaza, noting that the Egyptian government will officially receive the fuel shipment from the Iraqi side, represented by the Ministry of Commerce and the Red Crescent, which accompanies us in the delegation.

He noted that the Commercial Attaché made a great effort to complete all logistical matters regarding the ship’s entry into the Egyptian Suez Canal port.

Edited by: Abdul Rahman Ibrahim

Planning: The Population Of Iraq In 2023 Exceeds 43 Million People

Economy News _ Baghdad  The Ministry of Planning announced today, Monday, that the population of Iraq by the end of last year 2023 was estimated at 43 million and 324 thousand people.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning, Abdul Zahra Al-Hindawi, said in a press statement seen by Al-Iqtisad News, “The population of Iraq was estimated at the end of last year 2023 at 43 million and 324 thousand people,” indicating that “the proportion of the population of urban areas reached 69.9%, and the proportion of the population of rural areas.” 30.1%”.

He explained that “the percentage of the population under the age of 15 years reached 41% of the total population,” adding that “the percentage of the population in the age group 15-64 years reached 57%.”

He continued, “The percentage of the population aged 65 years and over reached 3%,” explaining that “the rate of economic activity for the population aged 15 years and over reached 40%.”

He pointed out that “the percentage of economically active males reached 87%,” noting that “the percentage of economically active females reached 13%.”

Al-Hindawi also explained, “The inflation rate decreased to 4.4% in 2023, compared to a rate of 6.1% in 2021, and a rate of 4.9% in 2022.”

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Planning announced, yesterday, Sunday, that it had discussed with a specialized international company the mechanisms for implementing the general population census electronically, which is scheduled to be implemented before the end of the current year 2024.

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Iraq Exports More Than 5 Million Barrels To America Last Month

Economy |Baghdad today – follow-up  The US Energy Information Administration announced today, Monday (January 8, 2024), that Iraq’s oil exports to America amounted to more than 5 million barrels during the month of December.

A table published by the administration showed that Iraq exported 5.611 million barrels of crude oil to America during the month of December last year, with an average of 181 thousand barrels per day, higher than the month of November, in which Iraqi oil exports to America amounted to 5.130 million barrels and an average of 171 thousand barrels per day.

He pointed out that Iraq exported crude oil to America during the first week of January at an average of 85 thousand barrels per day, while it exported an average of 22 thousand barrels per day in the second week, and exported an average of 380 thousand barrels per day in the third week, indicating that exports in the fourth week reached an average 239 thousand barrels per day.

The US Energy Information Administration stated that “Iraq came in fifth place in its exports to America during the past month after Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. It also came in second place in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia, whose exports to America amounted to 7 million barrels, indicating that Canada came in first place.” As the country that exports the most oil to America, followed by Mexico.

Source: Agencies   LINK

An Economic Center Calling For Combating Commercial Fraud In Ovens And Bakeries In Iraq

The Iraqi Economic and Political Center issued a call to the government and security and regulatory authorities to combat commercial fraud and control the situation of ovens and bakeries in Iraq.

The center’s director, Wissam Hadmal Al-Helou, said in a statement received by Al-Mada yesterday, Sunday, that “the center recorded, through its follow-up of citizens, the presence of cases of commercial fraud, as bread and samoon are sold in some bakeries and ovens with weights of less than 90 grams per piece, not to mention that some people use Types of flour that are not suitable for consumption in terms of quality or expiration date.”

He added, “Cases of fraud do not stop at the borders of a specific region or governorate, and it is required to carry out continuous periodic inspections of bakeries and ovens to combat commercial fraud, as there is no longer an excuse or reason for some to reduce the size of bread and samoon and sell it for 6-8 pieces of samoon, for example, for a thousand dinars or 4- 5 pieces of bread for the same value, especially with the availability of government support for these ovens and bakeries.”

The statement noted that “the government sells flour and fuel to bakeries at subsidized prices and provides local and imported wheat of good quality and abundance at acceptable prices compared to its prices in neighboring countries and the world. It also provides fuel through the Iraqi Ministry of Oil at a subsidized price.”

He pointed out that “the Central Bank of Iraq also allowed merchants to buy the dollar at the official price for the purposes of supplying food supplies, which blocks the way for those who try to raise the prices of flour and other basic commodities under the pretext of the high exchange rate, as merchants who do not have illegal transactions enter the platform and buy the dollar and import.” Whatever they want without problems.”

In this context, the statement pointed out that there is a relative improvement in the quality of the food basket, and the ration card items are on the rise compared to previous years.

He called on the Ministry of Commerce and the relevant authorities in the control department of the General Grain Processing Company, which is responsible for monitoring and following up on bakeries and bakeries, to continue its periodic campaigns to monitor prices and the quality of what is produced in bakeries and ovens, as well as in commercial stores and factories, to ensure the quality of products and block those who try to… Exploiting the needs of citizens by using commercial fraud to achieve an illegal increase in profits that exhausts citizens and harms their health.” LINK

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A certain amount of opposition is a great help to a man; it is what he wants and must have to be good for anything. Hardship and opposition are the native soil of manhood and self-reliance.- John Neal

Difficulties, opposition, criticism – these things are meant to be overcome, and there is a special joy in facing them and in coming out on top. It is only when there is nothing but praise that life loses its charm and I begin to wonder what I should do about it.- Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

They sicken of calm, who know the storm.- Dorothy Parker

Without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace. The gift of grace increases as the struggles increase.- Saint Rose of Lima

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.- Frank Leahy

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