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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 25 Jan. 2024

Compiled Thurs. 25 Jan. 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset:

Intel providers appeared to be either under NDAs, or were not receiving, nor giving out Intel.

As of Tues. 23 Jan. banks across the World not Basel III compliant (had gold/asset-backed currency), were (allegedly) set to be closed – which would soon lead to a Global Financial Collapse.

The Deep State Cabal was in hopes such a financial disaster would force the World into their Great Reset to non-asset-backed digital currencies where they would have complete control over the population.

The Chinese Elders and BRICS Nations had other plans. The Elders have already(allegedly)  released funds that have liquefied gold/asset-backed currencies of sovereign nations in a Global Currency Reset.

Tues. 23 Jan. Wolverine: I hope everyone is excited I am excited! Things are definitely happening. Things I can’t say. God has heard our cry and heard our suffering. Finally, God is answering our prayers. Soon it will be our turn to celebrate. For bondholders there will be no green light it will just happen! For currencies, you will get notifications and I will release the opera. There is a lot happening in Zurich, Reno, other platforms. I have been on a lot of emotional calls and these are NOT small players, they are huge players, i.e.; St. Germaine, huge foundations. Remain in faith. Believe this is happening! We always said things would start on a Tuesday and we are seeing that already!  I have been told tomorrow is a good day!!!! Pentecostal is doing great. God Bless you. Never, ever lose hope. Love you guys. Wolverine “Huge Players” – RV/GCR Update(s) from Wolverine via Bearded_PatriotUSA 1-24-24 | Dinar Chronicles

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Global Financial Crash:

David Webb, former hedge fund manager and Wall Street insider, uncovered the “Great Takeover,” and exposed the Central Banks’ plan to take everything from everyone. He described The Great Reset to non-asset-backed digital monies as “a scheme to subjugate humanity by seizing all securities, bank deposits, and debt-financed assets.”

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Frank26    What happens when there is a demand for a specific supply It runs out quickly.  Or it goes up in value quickly.  The simplest thing, toilet paper, became so valuable when the covid hit us…If I was Sudani I’d give the lower denoms and the new exchange rate and instantly the dinar goes into a basket with other currencies around the world to float.  The definition of supply and demand is going to take that float to the REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate).  How are they going to reach the REERBy supply and demand.

Sandy Ingram   [The Development Road Project] is major, let me explain why – This is going to change ports of call and the international shipping routes…The Suez Canal route is 6,400 miles, 14 days and cost $4.5 billion per day…The Development Road Project is…only 745 miles…That means the costs drop dramatically if you put the shipment on trucks or rail…Once you get into the Mediterranean Sea you can deliver your shipment to anywhere in Europe.  That is the importance of this Development Road Project…

Your Money Amid Global Turmoil, Banking Secrets & More | Q&A with Lynette Zang


Question 1: 0:36 When the treasury/debt market implodes, what will happen to the various government money market funds which have short-term money in them? And will you be able to get your money out without a loss?

Question 2: 3:13 I recently heard George Gammon talk about the ongoing bank issues, and that the fed bailout is continuing quietly, even more than it was last summer. Do you think the bank issues are due to the fed interest rate hikes or to the change in Basel agreement with the amount of assets on hand increasing to cover risk? What is going on behind the scenes?

Question 3: 6:40 If by next December the ten-year yield hits ten plus percent, would that be enough to collapse the world financial system?

Question 4: 9:07 If at some point the price of gold or silver rises sharply and I want to sell to pay off my mortgage, will I have to pay capital gains tax first?

Question 5: 10:10 I hear from many sources to get your money out of the bank. Where is it recommended to put your money other than gold and silver? Are the Money Market accounts safer than the checking and savings accounts?