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Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers.

RV Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 12 Feb. 2024

Compiled Mon. 12 Feb. 2024 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington

Global Currency Reset (RUMORS)

Sun. 11 Feb. Chance Mcfadden: “Today Sun. 11 Feb. the Bank was told there may be an event following the Super Bowl, which would be 10:00 pm Eastern.  They are also being told there is most likely an announcement early next week. They don’t mention (or know) the specific content of both of these events. The Iraqi RV is finally posted and (allegedly) set for Sun. 11 Feb. and the Global Redemption Program (allegedly) starts Mon. 12 Feb. Buyers, Paymasters have funds just (allegedly) waiting to be liquid. Iraqi banks in the US began paying Iraqi citizens living in the US who are exchanging their old Dinar for US Dollars but rate is not known. The Federal Reserve says the rate is (allegedly) $4.81, which is the rate agreed to at Davos in January.

Chance McFadden: “Was told the paperwork was just completed. The Iraq Government will (allegedly) reveal the new ‘lower denomination’ notes this week

Sun. 11 Feb. Rod Steel: “I’ve spoken with some bond people and they have (allegedly) received funds. I was told the paperwork was just completed and the Admiral is going to release everything on Mon. 12 Feb. The Iraq Government will (allegedly) reveal the new ‘lower denomination notes to their citizens this week then the Dinar Rate to be published in the Gazette, FOREX this Monday February 12th.

Sat. 10 Feb. MarkZ: “I got some great stuff from Rod steal this morning about groups in Reno and expectations of an announcement that he thinks could happen early this week. This certainly fits with what my banking contacts are saying. I expect updates mid day on Monday 12 Feb. I will keep an ear out because there is a sudden flurry of activity on the Reno side. Geo political stuff is lining up just what we expected to see at the end. They look to be 100% following the playbook. I am still getting a lot of calls to expect something big tomorrow evening Sun. 11 Feb. And I hear sheriffs are on alert….many threats around the country…so everybody be sure to stay safe. I did not details as to the “when” Just to be prepared now for a possible emergency. Some gave reports to watch threats to the infrastructure and cyber attacks.”

Sat. 10 Feb. Mike Bara: Exchanges are (allegedly) taking place at major banks with branch managers and wealth managers. Dinar, Dong and Rupiah are (allegedly) being exchanged. Zim and Bolivar can only be exchanged at Redemption centers. The rates on Dinar are $2.93 as of today, (allegedly)  $2.21 on Dong. No rate on Rupiah. Exchange has taken place, and 10% of monies are spendable today. Currencies were set up in separate accounts. New debit card issued for new funds. No NDA. Recipient will return in “72 hours” (Monday) to finish the process. This implies rates will be public when Forex goes live or shortly thereafter. Also implies funds released on Monday will be gold backed. We are very, very close.

Sat. 10 Feb. Brazil Rubem Baz: “Because the Imperial Family of the Ancient Chinese Golden Dragon is the one that puts up all the gold necessary for the Ransom payments, they decided that the deposits for the holders. They will begin on the day they begin to celebrate the Chinese year (year 4722 for them), which is this Saturday, February 10, 2024 (in different countries in Asia there are different start dates, from early January to mid-February). This money has already been received by the main Financial Institutions and the 50 Best Banks in the World and they are passing it on to Paymasters who will contact the clients. Liquidity will be from Monday, February 12, because in the West normally people do not work on Sundays. Among the 12 different animals to which each of their years corresponds, this one corresponds to the Dragon, which for them is not an evil monster, but a just and benevolent creature that brings prosperity. Over the next two weeks, large holders who have already completed their paperwork and submitted SKRs will be paid.”

On Thurs. 15 Feb. 2024. Tier4b exchanges and bond redemption (allegedly) will wrap up.

Sat. 10 Feb. NESARA + GESARA = Military GESARA | The Enigma Called Military GESARA – Trust the Plan! – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Global Financial Crisis:

Five Months before his Assassination, President John F. Kennedy issued this executive order that would give the American currency back to the People by printing Money based on a Silver Standard, Taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking cartel. Many argue this is the Reason that JFK was assassinated.

Sun. 11 Feb. Australia’s economic future is in the balance as the $532 billion collapse of China’s mega real estate developer Evergrande takes hold. https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/devastating-impact-of-evergrandes-532-billion-collapse/news-story/eeea622b054dfa56d020cd516fba6a42

Fri. 9 Feb. The BRICS’ Plan to Redefine Global Economic Power: Commodities vs. Financial Assets – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

The Great Reset is the battle of our lifetime. If the elites that control this world succeed, we will all be living like slaves in digital concentration camps. If we win, we will FOREVER change the world for the better.

$201 Billion piled onto US Debt in one month as Black Swan Author warns America facing Financial Death Spiral: https://dailyhodl.com/2024/02/10/201000000000-piled-onto-us-national-debt-in-one-month-as-black-swan-author-warns-america-facing-financial-death-spiral/

Sat. 10 Feb. BRICS Allies Downsizing US Dollar in Central Banks: https://watcher.guru/news/brics-us-allies-are-downsizing-the-dollar-in-central-banks

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Nader From The Mid East   Here’s what I can tell you.  When the dinar changes everybody will know.  Everybody in the whole world, everybody knows about.  It will be all over the news.  When Iraq will be sovereign again, when somebody declare the end of war and everything, that’s what’s going to happen…

Sandy Ingram    Vietnam is making major financial news.  Vietnam factory activity returns to growth status after the pandemic, tourist arrivals increased by 73.6% in January and retail sales are still growing for the 26th straight month.  The inflation rate is at a five month low of 3.7%.  Overall Vietnam has green lights on all growth patterns…Vietnam knows precisely what to do to bring the value of its currency back into the line of profit

Nice article Iqd

Nader:  2-11-2024