Clare:  Instructions and standards for the circulation and exchange of banknotes and counting and sorting mechanisms

January 15, 2024

Instructions and standards for circulation and exchange of banknotes, and counting and sorting mechanisms .. For more, click here


Clare:  The House of Representatives discusses the latest requirements for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization


On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Economy, Industry and Trade Committee discussed with the Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organization the requirements for Iraq to join the World Trade Organization.

The media office of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Representative Ahmed Salim Al-Kinani, said in a statement that the committee hosted the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the World Trade Organization, His Excellency Ambassador Saqr Al-Muqbel, the Commercial Attaché at the Saudi Embassy, the Director General of Relations in the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Riyad Al-Hashemi, and the Assistant Director General of Foreign Relations in the Ministry. Trade, indicating that the committee discussed with the Saudi delegation the requirements for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, most notably the approval of the intellectual property law, which is one of the conditions for joining the organization.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Representative Ahmed Salim Al-Kanani, confirmed that Iraq has been striving hard since 2006 to join the World Trade Organization in order to raise the level of the economy in the country and make it within international standards, pointing out that Iraq has completed all the requirements for joining the World Trade Organization in 2023, and only legislation remains.

Intellectual property law in order for Iraq to take its membership in the global organization and transform trade for exports and imports within internationally approved standards and quality conditions.   LINK


Clare:  Riyadh renews its support for Baghdad’s accession to the World Trade Organization and reveals free facilities in Arar

1/16/2024   Baghdad

The Saudi commercial attaché in Baghdad, Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Hammad, renewed on Tuesday his country’s support for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, noting the provision of free facilities provided by Saudi Arabia in the trade exchange arena at the Arar port.

Al-Hammad said in a statement received by Mawazine News: “The Kingdom welcomes and supports Iraqi industries in Saudi markets and provides free facilities in the trade exchange arena at the Arar border port,” indicating “its efforts to file Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization.”

He added, “Soon the Kingdom will organize an exhibition for Iraqi industries in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade.”

Al-Hamid called on Iraqi businessmen to “visit Saudi factories and see the quality of products and choose what suits them for the Iraqi markets,” stressing that “the Kingdom welcomes Iraqi businessmen to visit the Kingdom and meet with Saudi companies to discuss purchasing products and re-exporting from the Kingdom to Iraqi markets.”

He continued, “ Saudi products top the confidence and satisfaction of the Iraqi consumer, and this is what distinguishes us,” pointing out that “Saudi products conform to international specifications and standards.”

The Saudi commercial attaché thanked the Iraqi government for their cooperation in resolving the challenges that help raise the value of trade exchange between the two brotherly countries. LINK

Paulette:  IMO…..based on the articles today, it looks to be clear that Iraq still has some work to do for full accession to the WTO but it appears the final push is on….

Game of Patience:  IMO  Iraq is waiting for their reforms to implemented to complete their accession and join!



Mnt Goat   NO, the RV did not yet happen! But we all should know the process is in motion. How can anyone deny it when we look at all the progress made in 2023 on currency reform. The dinar and dollar crisis filled the headlines every day.

Walkingstick  Movements before they release the lower denoms and new exchange rate we expected to see this… December was to have everything ready in place to go.  January all these systems are being implemented through the monetary reform education.  From private banks like the one Aki [Iraqi bank friend] represents to international markets as of today January 15, 2024 they’re all international now.  It’s what we expected…there’s not more to say…because everything now is in print…

NO SOFT LANDING: Americans Debt Distress Surpasses Great Recession Levels

Lena Petrova:  1-16-2024


Banks Are Now Dealing With An Unthinkable Liquidity Nightmare

Atlantis Report:  1-16-2024

The financial landscape is currently grappling with an unexpected and potentially alarming liquidity nightmare. Just a few days before the new year, a surprising development sent shockwaves through the financial community, raising concerns about an imminent liquidity crunch.