Clare: It has not been held since 1945.. Baghdad will host the Oil and Gas Conference in the Arab World next Saturday


It is hoped that the capital, Baghdad, will host, next Saturday, the Oil and Gas Conference in the Arab World, which will last for two days.

The Secretary-General of the Federation of Arab Engineers, Adel Al-Hadithi, said, “The conference is the first in the field of oil and gas held by the Federation of Arab Engineers in the modern era, as the last conference was held in Alexandria in 1945,” according to the government newspaper Al-Sabah.

Al-Hadithi explained, “Researchers and specialists in this field from (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Qatar, and Libya) will participate in the conference, in addition to the host country, Iraq.”

Al-Hadithi pointed out, “The conference will discuss over two days and in four sessions, topics (oil wealth in the Arab world, optimal investment of oil wealth, optimal exploitation of energy sources and environmental protection, and manufacturing of crude oil in the Arab world with the aim of maximizing its value.”)  LINK


Clare:  Three Arab countries enter the scope of the “BRICS+” group


The scope of the BRICS group expanded to include 6 new countries, including 3 Arab countries.

Economic data showed that “the contribution of the BRICS+ group to the global GDP last year amounted to 32.1%, while the contribution of the G7 group was 29.9%.”

With the official accession of Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to BRICS+, “the group’s contribution to the global economy will rise to 35%, and the oil reserves managed by the group’s countries will reach approximately 45%.”

The “BRICS+” group possesses reserves of rare earth metals that are approximately 30 times greater than those of the G7, and this puts the global renewable energy sector under the group’s full control.

Experts believe that “the efforts of the BRICS+ group to abandon the dollar in the global economy will have negative repercussions on the entire G7 group, and on the United States in particular.”

Until the end of last year, BRICS+ included Russia, Brazil, China, India, and South Africa, before Egypt, Iran, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia joined it starting in the new year.

The group is working to “formulate a multipolar international political and economic system, and break the hegemony of the West led by the United States, while the economic aspect constitutes the backbone of the group.”   LINK



Mnt Goat   Quote from Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein:  “Iraq’s endeavor to occupy its natural position in the region and the international community”.  …Part of what it means for us investors in the dinar is to realize that when they mention international community, they are talking global…liberating Iraq from the war years.  It is a FACT they cannot operate effectively in the global arena without a tradable currency on the currency exchanges, such as FOREX. Iraq is also at the sheer brink of a final announcement into the World Trade Organization (WTO), which we know they want back their dinar in the process…I believe that when you put all the FACTS together you can clearly see where they are leading Iraq and it is down a very nice road of prosperity and abundance…   

Militia Man   Revenue streams are increasing.  They’re promoting the private sector which is going to create thousands and thousands of jobs…These 10 cities they’re going to build it’s going to be a lot of construction.  They’re not going to do that at 1310.  If it costs you 1310 dinars for every dollar for every screw that might cost a buck a screw.  Try to build a country with 1310.  It’s not going to happen…

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Bank Story for Dinar and Zim

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Info about possible exchanging, thoughts double dipping and bank screens.


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