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Member:  Good Morning and welcome to a new week

Member:  Will This Be Our Week ?

MZ: Things look great this week….we need to buckle up and see what happens. Just remember- nobody knows the exact timing……

Member:  Rumor:  Air Force One (the 747) spotted at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport over the weekend?

MZ: MilitiaMan joins the stream today.   Thanks you MM for being here today.

Member:  Gm Militia Man glad to have you with us this a.m. What are you hearing?

MM:  There are a lot of things happening that are not in print. Things that are correlated to the global financial system . There are big changes coming .

MM: There are meetings in BRICS that start tomorrow through the 24thwith a variety of countries. One of the things I had to step back and think about is those countries that are in BRICS…a lot of them are really not doing all that well…but, they may start doing well in the future. One of the reasons could be because they are rich in commodities.

MM: And one of the things the world uses a lot of is that. When all this changes it suggests we are going to more of an “asset backed” system. Commodities are assets. We ccan see changes coming.

MZ: We had some reporting from Iraq over the weekend on the BRICS front…one of the ministers says “The whole world changes on or around the 22nd with BRICS” 

MZ: The original BRICS countries are 30% of the worlds GDP and over half the world’s population. This isn’t even counting the 40 or so nations trying to desperately join BRICS. Which would put them at over half of the world’s GDP. I find it interesting that many are saying the meetings in BRICS this week will change the world. This was reporting in Iraq over the weekend and I think it’s huge.

MM: I saw two different articles about that yesterday.  One of the titles were “BRICS summit-Will the world change after it? The BRICS summit starts on August 22nd and things will not remain the same after that.

MM: My understanding is they got a head start and there are people already there yesterday and today. They got started quickly but “officially” it’s going to start tomorrow on the 22nd.

MM: Also keep in mind that are sone time frames that we have been given by the Prime Minister of Iraq-Al Sudani. We have met at least one of them and will probably meet the other one. That’s the way the world rolls. We met the first one on the 15th with the service portion of the projects  and the next one is the operational side of the 2023,24 and 25 budget –the investment side of it …..coincides with the BRICS meetings finishing up on the 24th. 

MM: Whether there is a relationship between those timeframes or not…..we don’t know….but this week should be pretty powerful. Starting today through the 24th we will have our eyes open and watching to see how this all plays out.

MZ:  How are you handling this week…We don’t know the exact timing….so this week we are playing it by ear…

MM: that’s how I do things….We will see how that rolls.

Member: In the blink of an eye everything changes.

Member:  I hope BRICS isn’t a lead balloon.

Member: Is Iraq is not joining BRICS because they want to build their national currency?

MZ: I have a strong opinion on this based on what I was told by my contacts in Iraq when I asked why they havn’t jumped all over BRICS.

MM: I do know that currencies need to be stable and appropriately valued. I’m assuming because of a lot of US treasury involvement in Iraq …there is probably their influence in that respect. Romanowski is once again talking about partnerships and cooperation. My assumption is they need a stable currency and BRICS membership could take some time. That doesn’t mean they are never going to join.

MM: Even the US may be in cooperation with BRICS when everybody is on a level playing field with commodities and trade. Including the Quantum financial system and SWIFT messaging system. This all could come into play when everyone is on the same page…’s possible.

MM: I have heard rumors and scuttlebut that even the united States , Iraq and others will someday get on board with this because it will be a level playing field.

MZ: That’s my take…until Iraq removes all the tendrils from the puppet strings of the US …they cannot openly embrace anything the US frowns upon right now.

MM: At the moment we will watch things unfold…..sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong.

MM: I think as far as everything being in place where Iraq is concerned with their re-instatement timeframe…I think the writing is on the wall that they are going to go into the international financial system.

MM: I think this is fascinating that Iraq now has the first woman financial minister….and also the first woman who has the first tripartite budget….This has never been done before. She is going to get credit for that. They have made a lot of headway with womens rights over the last 10 years. She’s a very talented woman who takes her job as finance minister very seriously.

MZ: I am very much a fan of hers watching from the outside.

MM: Al Sudani has also been knocking it out of the park. My understanding is he is a non-stop go-getter whose attention to detail is phenomenal….trying to get that black market/parallel market cleaned up…..I don’t think it’s a big issue anymore…as far as I can see. And I believe if the dinar exchange rate changes to exceed the dollar…..that black market is going to go away anyway.

MM: The bottom line is it’s illegal to use the dollar for commercial and residential uses in Iraq. Grocery stores and stuff like that are supposed to only take dinar. Alaq (CBI governor) has said over the last 3 weeks that the deletion of the 3 zeros project still exists……and for that to happen the tripartite budget needs Alaq to make some changes pretty quick.

MM: These are changes we are hoping for at anytime. I believe there was an article from the courts that Iraq had 30 days from July 26th for the budget to be implemented and for them to start spending…..for them to start spending –it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to buy things to rebuild with a at least a rate of $1 then 1310.

MM: Whatever rate they come out at I believe it will have to be strong. Alaq has said he is not going to float the currency…suggesting it’s going to be a strong rate.

MZ: At one point I felt Iraq needed one more rate change but I do not believe that is now going to happen. I do not feel that is in their best interest now.

MM: My understanding is that is not going to happen. It does’nt make any sense at this time in the game.

MM: Sometimes we do not get all the information in a timely matter….In our country (US) my understanding is (I have had some pictures of new United States Currency) and it’s said to be started and out on the streets as early as October 1st. Its fascinating currency because instead of being  horizontal like our currency we no hold….the pictures are vertical. They are quite colorful and quite beautiful….I understand this is a reality and we should soon be seeing those.

MM: I think the bank /bankers….one particular one that is in the east suggested they have witnessed them. And these are a real thing.

MZ: Many bankers at this point have told me this is a real thing.

MM: I have a friend who has been studying currencies and collecting them for over 30 years. He called me the other day and said “Get ready- they are going to do it”  And I believe him-this is his forte’…..and I am excited to see this. It will be a big change in our lives…..

MZ: They are going to have to run the new bills with the old bills- side by side for awhile.

MM: Absolutely. This is going to be an interesting situation…..and this doesn’t mean the process has not already gotten started. If higher ups in the bank have already gotten educated….and seen visual pictures of the new currency…they will need to train the tellers ect…before they are released…

MM: And we also expect to see the new small category notes (lower denominations)  released in Iraq…and I am hoping this will happen in the next short period of time.  

Please listen to full MilitiaMan Interveiw for this entire chat and information….

Member:  Thank you Mark and MM. This was a very encouraging podcast……

Member: Mark and Mods and MM are all doing the best they can… and without all of you informing us as to what you are hearing we would have nothing … Thank You.

Member:  Our world is falling apart at the seams! It is time to start this RV & clean everything up!

Member: Have a. great afternoon everyone….




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